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If you’re struggling with addiction but have taken the decision to commit to your recovery, you’ve already taken the first step. The next step is to reach out to us here at Rehab 4 Addiction so that we can help you find the rehabilitation treatment that you need to achieve your goal.

Many people feel uncertainty at this point in the recovery process, fear of the unknown, fear of failure and a degree of overwhelm is actually promising. It shows that you are making your decision to overcome your addiction seriously. We’re here to help you manage your uncertainty and frustration, and help you realise your inner passion to recover and improve your future life.

If you’re ready to receive the guidance and support that you need to reduce your dependence on drugs and alcohol then we can provide an experienced and knowledgeable referral team to point you in the right direction. We’ll recommend those addiction treatment facilities in Ellesmere Port that offer suitable private rehab programmes that will significantly improve your chances of making a successful recovery.

Our pre-admission process can help you to secure a place on your chosen rehab programme efficiently and quickly. Using a short assessment, we are able to determine which type of treatment programme is the right option for you, as well as advancing your admission and your progress towards sobriety.

How will I find a rehab service in Ellesmere Port?

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we are ready to help you find a drug and alcohol rehab programme in the Ellesmere Port area and secure a place. There’s a wide range of private rehab treatment centres in and around Ellesmere Port, all of which are trusted partners and offer a standardised and trusted group of rehabilitation therapies.

Each centre will offer a personalised programme, designed specifically for your needs, so to ensure the best possible outcome, we will ask about your experience with drugs and any side effects that you may be experiencing.

We will also look at your long-term goals for recovery and affordability factors, before making our suggestions for the most suitable local facility.

Whilst it’s possible to manage the process independently, experienced drug and alcohol addiction recovery referral specialists will have the benefits of prior knowledge and contact details in the area. We are also here to answer any concerns that you may have about entering into a treatment programme.

You can contact our friendly and judgement-free team for a laid back chat about your options. We’ve also chosen a few of the most frequent concerns highlighted by people at the decision stage of their recovery and answered them below.

Will using a local treatment centre affect my recovery?

Rehabilitation from a drug and alcohol addiction can be a source of discomfort for some clients and a strong desire for anonymity and privacy in their recovery can dissuade them from using local rehab facilities in Ellesmere Port.

Whilst this is an understandable concern, you will usually find that many of the treatment centres are very discreet and in secluded locations. There’s also a case for local treatment centres influencing positive results for many clients.

The advantages of attending a local rehab facility range from reduced disruption to your daily routine to the ability to involve family members as part of your treatment and an easier transition back into post-rehab life.

Having said that, it’s important that you select the right rehab facility to best suit your recovery needs. One of our main goals will be to ensure you find the right treatment and receive the best opportunity to recover.

Why should I consider private rehab over cheaper or free programmes?

Whilst there are free addiction rehab treatments through a number of routes including NHS programmes and home detox kits, unfortunately, these methods often lack the funding or professional experience to achieve notable success rates.

Many of the home detox and self-help recovery fad treatments available throughout the UK are actually dangerous and can be detrimental to your long term recovery efforts.

Detox in particular is a process that should always be medically administered. It is also the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a full rehab treatment programme, with many physical and psychological symptoms that need to be addressed.

NHS treatments offer higher quality and medically supported treatment options than independent recovery treatments, however, due to being a largely underfunded sector of the system, rehab treatment is inconsistent across the country, with places being limited and difficult to obtain.

Private drug and alcohol addiction recovery treatment facilities offer greater consistency, and structure in terms of the variety of treatments used and the level of professional care available.

If you desire an effective and trusted recovery programme, with the highest probability of a successful outcome, then private rehab facilities are going to be your best option. The professional medical guidance and support allow for shorter recovery times, with more potential to maintain your sobriety in the long term.

To visit a private drug and alcohol rehab facility in Ellesmere Port; speak to us without delay and we’ll help you throughout your admission and field any of your questions.

There are services available to suit a range of budgets, so before you waste any time and effort attempting to access free services or worse, attempting an independent recovery through the use of a home detox kit, speak to us and let’s find an affordable solution that will result in you achieving those recovery aspirations before you know it.

How long does rehab usually take?

As we’ve mentioned, rehab is a highly personal experience and no two programmes or recoveries will be the same. You will need to have some flexibility in terms of your expectations for the recovery timescale, however, an average rehab programme is 28 days.

This is the minimum suggested duration to give you the opportunity to break addictive behaviours and develop a new mindset that will be more conducive to your rehabilitation.

Your personalised rehab treatment programme will consist of treatments that encourage physical and mental dissociation with addictive habits and prepare you for a healthier future. Success is also dependent on your personal commitment and drive to overcome your addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Your passion to succeed must also continue long beyond your initial rehab programme and follow through into your post-rehab life.

Following on from our initial assessment we may be able to offer a more accurate timescale for how long we would expect your treatment programme at a local Ellesmere Port centre to last, however, again, a degree of flexibility will be needed on your part.

What sort of treatments can I expect?

Once one of our Rehab 4 Addiction team has helped allocate a place for you on a private residential addiction recovery programme in one of our Ellesmere Port partner centres, your treatment programme will commence shortly afterwards on a mutually agreed date.

You will receive round the clock professional care and support, as well as access to some of the areas leading addiction treatments.

Physical dependency is often addressed first, with full medical detoxification providing your body with a fresh start. Experienced practitioners will help you to withdraw safely from drugs and alcohol, minimising any withdrawal symptoms where possible and helping your body to relinquish the physical control drugs and alcohol have had under your addiction.

This also prepares you for the next phase of recovery, which involves more focus on the psychological aspects of addiction.

Mental health treatment can include a range of different therapy sessions, from talking therapies on a one on one basis with counsellors, to support groups and in some cases family therapy. Medical professionals will make regular observations and monitor your progress, in order to adjust the treatment programme, if necessary. This will ensure that you’re always on a clear path towards long-lasting recovery.

As well as addiction education, post-rehab planning will assess your vulnerabilities and help you to manage potential triggers that could occur when you return home.

When you do complete your treatment and return home, you will have full access to a wide range of aftercare services, which will help you to maintain your sobriety. This combined approach to rehab has been proven to give the best possible opportunity to addiction problems, as it addresses all aspects of your addictive behaviour.

Call Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690 or fill in the enquiry form.  We offer help and support in Cheshire, Wirral, Merseyside and North Wales.

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