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If you’re considering rehab but are unsure of where to go for the best type of support or perhaps you’ve attempted to recover independently and question your ability to commit to a long-term professional rehab programme. The truth is, when you are struggling with addiction, feelings of uncertainty and a lack of faith that you can change are more than normal.

It can be a daunting task to admit that you need help and to commit to recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, but with the right knowledge and advice, you’ll be surprised what you can achieve. Finding the right medical support and entrusting the tried and tested process of drug and alcohol rehabilitation is all you need to begin your healing journey.

Our knowledgeable team here at Rehab 4 Addiction have helped a wide range of individuals to find the most effective type of rehab addiction treatment in the Ewell area. We can refer you to professional facilities that tailor personalised rehab programmes to your specific needs. We are free from judgement and want to help as many people achieve their dreams of sobriety as possible.

We understand that you may have reservations about starting a rehab programme without gaining more insight into what it may involve. Below we have tackled some of the most frequently asked questions asked by clients considering rehab as an option.

We hope this helps you to make the right choice. But if you have any more specific queries, then please contact us for additional advice.

What type of rehab facilities are available in Ewell?

The main two types of drug and alcohol rehab options are residential or outpatient programmes. The type of treatment that you experience will vary quite considerably between the two.

The success of outpatient treatment programmes depend heavily on the individual and how committed they are to their recovery. Some people struggling with addiction find this option quite challenging, particularly if they are heavily addicted to drugs or alcohol or have long term habits and exhibit some side effects of higher consumption levels. If your addictive behaviours and side effects are very mild, then this method can be effective in some cases.

Residential rehab is recommended for those who are struggling with significant drug and alcohol addiction problems. The programmes used are personalised to the individuals’ needs, but follow a standardised structure which has shown positive results for many.

There are private rehabilitation facilities available in the Ewell area, offering a full and comprehensive treatment programme that will support you throughout your residential care and beyond.

How can I find the right Ewell rehab centre for me?

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we will provide full referral support, helping you to find the right programme and facilities for your recovery. We will guide you through an initial assessment, which helps us to establish the treatment path that is most suited to your addiction problems.

Our goal is to ensure that your treatment programme provides you with long-lasting recovery and that the need for future comprehensive treatment is reduced. We know which treatment methods offer optimum recovery rates for each individual and therefore encourage you to take our advice on board when making this important decision.

How soon can I attend a professional rehab support facility?

Our referral process can help you to fast-track your admission to your chosen Ewell-based rehab facility, avoiding the waiting lists that you would otherwise expect. In order to enable this speedy entrance to the recovery programme, we will need to carry out a pre-admission assessment for you and recommend the treatment facility most suited to you.

The advantage of taking this approach is to act upon your decision to recover before you have second thoughts. Making the choice to rehabilitate yourself from drug and alcohol addiction is a bold and incredibly positive step that will infinitely benefit both yourself and your loved ones. Reach out now to get the high-quality support you deserve to get your life back on track.

Does attending rehab involve a drug and alcohol detox?

The most effective rehab treatment programmes will include a full drug and alcohol detox, as this gives you the best head start at your recovery. Detoxifying your body from the offending substances will help your body to reduce its physical dependence on them. Addiction affects both the mind and body and both elements of dependency will need to be addressed for the best chance of recovering from your addiction.

It’s important to note that detox is a dangerous process, which should not be attempted without trained medical support and monitoring. A detox programme that gradually reduces your consumption in safe steps will be administered during a residential rehab programme. This can help to minimise your experience of withdrawal symptoms, as well as promoting long-term sobriety and reducing the chance of relapse.

Are mental health issues tackled during rehab?

Mental health issues go hand in hand with addiction, whether they form the basis for the addiction itself, or are the result of long-term drug and alcohol abuse. Most of those who struggle with addiction also have mental health symptoms, which will need to be addressed in order to successfully recover.

Throughout your treatment programme, a significant part of the treatment will consist of various forms of psychological therapy, such as counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, and group therapy. In some cases a dual diagnosis will be given and support can then be sourced and provided on an ongoing basis for any mental health issues that exist outside the spectrum of your addiction.

Can family and friends provide rehab support?

It’s incredibly important that you have the support and encouragement of family and friends when you return home following your residential rehab programme in Ewell and across Surrey. Having an in-depth understanding of your addiction and its triggers can both help them to assist in your recovery, but may also offer opportunities for their own healing.

Those who care about us can often struggle when addictive behaviours are present, as they are advocates for our health and happiness. Family therapy sessions are available as a part of some treatment programmes and can be beneficial to everyone involved.

Does Everyone benefit from rehab?

Rehab gives those struggling with addiction a second chance at a life free from the controlling effects of drug and alcohol addiction. It’s important to understand that it is also a joint effort and whilst you will have an incredible support system in place throughout your recovery, your success is predominantly dependent on your commitment to change.

Recovery is a lifelong journey that continues outside your initial rehabilitation. Rehab is the best option, however, to prepare you for a successful recovery journey, leading to long-lasting sobriety. The more committed you are to succeeding, the greater impact your efforts will have.

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction are committed to helping you succeed and we hope that these answers have helped guide you in the right direction to taking that first step towards your recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Don’t forget, our team is here to help you with any additional concerns that you may have about starting a rehab programme. Take that first step today and get in touch.

Call Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690 or fill in the enquiry form.

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