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If you’ve chosen to take the first steps towards rehabilitation from drug and alcohol abuse, congratulations, you’ll never regret a decision that results in improving your quality of life. Of course, your exact recovery goals will determine which path towards sobriety is the right one for you.

Whether you are considering home detox, NHS based treatment programmes or private Filton based residential rehab centres, our helpful team, here at Rehab 4 Addiction can ensure you pick the right treatment to match your recovery goals.

Our initial assessment will help to determine the degree of addiction and it’s associated side effects you are experiencing. Each treatment programme is completely personalised for your requirements and it’s important to ensure that your chosen facility can support the level of recovery programme you need.

This assessment process will allow us to recommend the treatment type and Filton-based addiction treatment centre that will offer you the greatest chance of success.

Taking the decision to seek help and support for your recovery journey is a positive step towards your long-term goals, so reach out today and find the professional support that will help you to achieve them.

Pre-admission assessment for Filton based treatment centres

To help advance your recovery efforts, we can complete your pre-admission assessment today in order to determine the most suitable private drug and rehab clinic in Filton to suit your needs. Getting this stage out of the way means that once you’re ready to fully commit to a timescale for your rehab, our referral can fast-track you to your treatment programme.

What types of drug and alcohol rehab services are there in Filton?

It’s fairly common for those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction to make their own attempts to recover, through the use of home detox kits. Whilst this might seem like an appealing and certainly not officially documented method of recovery, unfortunately, it very rarely has a positive outcome.

The process of physical detoxification is innately dangerous, and without the correct medical supervision, can not only leave withdrawal symptoms unmanaged but will inevitably end in relapse, often with an increase in dependency.

Independent recovery will also fail to address the psychological aspects of addiction, which often means that both the underlying triggers of addictive behaviour will remain.

The NHS provide a free addiction treatment programme, which, whilst favourable to independent recovery, unfortunately, suffers from inconsistencies in treatment on a regional basis. Those localities that experience greater pressure on their NHS services are likely to have a reduction in both availability and quality of addiction recovery services available.

Popular for its success rate, the last treatment option involves visiting private drug and alcohol rehabilitation services in the Filton area. Private centres offer both residential and outpatient treatment options, with personalised recovery programmes tailored to each individual. At Rehab 4 Addiction, we recommend this method of treatment as a result of the safety, continuity and effectiveness.

If your long-term goal is achieving comprehensive recovery, get in touch today to speak to our referrals team and find the right drug and alcohol rehab in Filton or across Gloucestershire.

Why private rehab is a worthwhile investment in your recovery

In order to effectively treat your addiction, professional guidance and continuity of service will always prevail over price and convenience. What might feel like an unnecessary expense can actually be an essential investment in the overall outcome of your rehabilitation.

Private rehab centres and their personalised treatment programmes are often seen as unattainable by many, however, there are a variety of treatment options available to cater to different budgets. With this in mind, private treatment may not be out of reach, and given that this offers your optimum chance for successful recovery, is certainly worthy of very careful consideration.

If privacy is an important factor in your recovery, private rehab has clear benefits over other treatment types, with confidential locations, away from public foot traffic commonly favoured.

A secluded location not only offers the benefits of privacy, however, and many clients feel that this increases the detachment from their previous life and daily routines. This improves the focus on recovery and in many cases helps advance your efforts to retrain your addictive behaviours.

Private rehab centres also benefit from leading addiction treatments and experienced medical professionals. Our private rehab facility partners offer a range of both the more traditional addiction treatment methods, as well as newly advancing methods.

A personal structured treatment programme, based on your personal needs will be created using a wide range of these methods, in order to best tackle issues from each angle available.

You will receive esteemed psychological support and therapy services alongside your treatment, which extends beyond your residential stay and ensuring local Filton based aftercare services are accessible to you, for as long as you need them.

The importance of a personalised treatment programme

As each rehab experience is entirely personal, it’s essential that you have a programme tailored to your exact needs. This will be determined by your level of addiction and how severe the associated side effects are, as well as your current mental health circumstances and any previous diagnoses.

A large part of your recovery will be a complete drug and alcohol detox, in order to reduce your physical dependency, but again, this will need to be managed in line with your current consumption.

You can also expect to have access to cognitive behavioural therapy, exposure therapy, support groups and wellbeing sessions. The mental health issues surrounding addiction will be specific to your own circumstances and therefore it’s important that you experience one to one therapy to explore these.

It’s also important that your individual treatment programme includes strategies to improve your readiness for your return home to Filton. Your triggers and causes will be personal to you and it’s important that they are addressed as such, with relapse prevention ensuring that you are able to let go of physical and emotional triggers on a long-term basis.

What type of post-rehab support is available?

It’s perfectly normal to experience some fear and feelings of vulnerability post-rehab. Rehab is not a cure, it’s part of a lifelong effort to maintain your sobriety and therefore needing support to prevent future relapses is perfectly understandable.

Your personalised programme will have armed you with the tools and newfound strength to remove yourself from high risk or triggering scenarios. However, it’s important not to feel that tendencies towards relapse are a sign of weakness or failure. Recognising this need for additional support to strengthen your addiction recovery shows that you are on the right path.

Filton aftercare services are available throughout the local and surrounding areas and you will always have access to encouragement, guidance and motivation from trained specialists. Whatever you need to feel reassured that you can maintain your sobriety in the years to come, you’ll find within the post-rehab services available.

Call Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690 or fill in the enquiry form.

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