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Alcohol and drug rehab centres in Galloway are always looking to give patients the latest in addiction treatment. Alcohol and drug counselling is at the centre of all treatment programs, but there’s much more to it than that as there are various types of withdrawal symptom to contend with, as well as what to do in the future. Alcohol and drug rehab will provide patients with all these things and more. For treating any addiction, look no further than alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Galloway.

Admission into Rehab

If a person feels as though they have lost control of their lives due to addiction, or they have tried and failed to give up their substance abuse before, they might decide to try rehab. Rehab is open to all that want to change their lives around and be free from the troubled lifestyle that addiction brings with it.

The first step of the process is to make contact with a rehab centre. An appointment should be made to see somebody there. Alternatively, patients may choose to discuss the matter with their local GP. This second option has certain benefits such as:

  • An early assessment of the patient which will help doctors and professionals in the rehab clinic.
  • Doctors will be able to advise patients on the best rehab centre or program for them depending on their specific problems.
  • The local GP can refer patients to a clinic which may help with costs or gain quicker admission to the centre than through other channels.

What to expect once there

Once admitted to a rehab centre, patients may be there on an inpatient or outpatient basis.

Inpatients or residents will stay for a number of weeks. Each patient will be assessed at the point of admittance, usually with a psychological evaluation. From here, the staff will provide a treatment program that best suits the individual’s care needs.

Outpatients may attend groups, classes or come for appointments with their psychiatrist. They could stay for one session two or three times per week and may well have other groups to attend in the area.

Another group of patients are a mixture between the two and will come to rehab all day long taking part in groups, classes, one to one counselling and any other form of treatment that would normally be attended by an inpatient. At the end of the day though, the patient will leave rehab and go home.

Problems with a Withdrawal

Withdrawal symptoms are the bane of anybody attempting to get clean. They can come on at the most inopportune times and cause havoc. Countless people who have been undergoing alcohol and drug counselling have succumbed to them, and it’s important this is stopped. Only through alcohol and drug rehab centres can the right treatment options be provided.

These symptoms can come in a number of different forms, which is determined entirely by the type of addiction. If the addiction is mild the symptoms could only be as something as serious as some mild shaking of the hands or a dry mouth. On the other hand, if the addiction is severe the symptoms could be as serious as hallucinations and organ failure.

Treatment Options

  • Medication is given to help patients within alcohol and drug rehabilitation get off of their vices without impacting the body. These special medications can only be found in certified healthcare facilities.
  • Alcohol and drug rehab centres offer counselling for individuals to speak about the challenges most affecting them. By attacking the source of the addiction it can help the person to cope with themselves and the things running through their minds.
  • For the future, they are prepared through classes and courses which provide life skills to take into the outside world. They are often the determining factor when it comes to finding employment.
  • Aftercare. By providing direction to departing residents, the support systems they have become so used to are still in place to help them with their first few weeks of abstinence and freedom.

Differences in the Approach to Rehabilitation

Some programs rely heavily on a strong sense of religion. Addicts are asked to place faith in God to help them overcome their addiction. Others cater to a group who are less inclined to follow a religion but have similar steps.

Alternative treatment methods such as holistic treatments like acupuncture are also used to cleanse the body and mind of harmful substances.

Just as each person is unique, so is their problem and so is their path to sobriety. Choosing the correct rehab centre is vital to the success of a patient. A patient must be able to relate to what is happening in the centre and with the people around them. This is one of the reasons that group therapy is thought to be effective.

By discussing problems with a group of peers who have been through the same struggles; addicts, who are quite often very distrustful of people, are able to see that they are amongst others who understand. This can raise confidence in talking openly about such problems as well as building trusting relationships with people who have a positive impact on their life.

Relapsing Concerns

The most common concern of any individual who has entered rehab is falling to a relapse in the future. It’s no surprise since a significant number of people do relapse and require treatment to be performed again. There’s nothing wrong with this. It shouldn’t be considered a failure because even the strongest minds can have trouble defeating an addiction.

The good news is rehab clinics in Galloway are always open for business. Former residents are welcomed back into the facility with open arms. The professional healthcare staff members working in these clinics know perfectly well how difficult it can be to give something as enticing as alcohol and drugs up. Each patient is treated in the same way and will be a part of the treatment group, just as they were initially.

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