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It can sometimes be difficult to recognise abusive or addictive behaviours in ourselves, particularly when it comes to substances such as drugs and alcohol.

In this article, we will look into some of the ways you can identify this type of issue in yourself, however, regardless of the severity of your behaviours, if you’re concerned about your substance use, it’s more than likely time to seek professional advice.

If you’re concerned about your drug and alcohol use and you are living in Garforth or the surrounding area, here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we can help you. We are an addiction recovery advocacy and advice service, able to make referrals to high-quality drug and alcohol rehab centres across the UK.

As many of our own staff are in recovery, we understand how difficult it can be to reach out for help, however, we can assure you that the call will be entirely confidential, we will not judge you or your circumstances and you are under no obligation to accept our help.

In fact, in order to get the best from rehab, you need to be committed to your own recovery, so nobody can force your hand.

Call us today on 0800 140 4690, or ask for a callback via our web contact page, and we will be happy to help, whether you need advice or would like help in finding a rehab facility.

How to source the most suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Garforth

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we use a simple assessment to establish what your current usage behaviours are. We can identify whether you are in the midst of addiction or are at risk of developing one, as well as how severe any currently present addictions are.

This, therefore, allows us to recommend the most appropriate type of drug and alcohol addiction treatment that’s available to you in Garforth, or the local area. We can even find you a suitable partner rehab centre further afield, should you prefer to recover away from your hometown.

We have partner facilities that provide both outpatient and residential rehab programmes in the local area and UK-wide. All of the facilities that we partner with are CQC (Care Quality Commission) approved and offer a high minimum standard of care.

How to recognise a developing drug or alcohol addiction?

As mentioned, recognising addictive behaviours in yourself can be very difficult, even if they are obvious to others. It’s very important that you are honest with yourself when considering the following.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do you use drugs and alcohol every day and has your usage increased over time?
  • When you don’t have substances available, do you feel anxious and spend time figuring out how to obtain some?
  • Are there noticeable physical or mental changes (withdrawal symptoms) when you are sober?
  • Have people close to you commented or shown concern about the nature of your drug and/or alcohol use?
  • Is your usage connected to mental or physical pain, i.e you use drugs or alcohol to cope or relieve suffering?
  • Have you noticed an increase in mood changes? Perhaps your moods are erratic or you have been more paranoid than usual about situations and comments people make

Honestly answering yes to some or all of the above questions is a strong suggestion that you are developing or are already in the throes of a drug or alcohol addiction problem. Reach out to Rehab 4 Addiction now, the sooner this problem is addressed, the simpler it is to resolve.

What sort of treatments can I expect to receive from an addiction treatment facility?

If it’s discovered that you have a moderate to mild drug and/or alcohol addiction problem present, the chances are we will recommend that you attend a residential rehab programme with one of our partner treatment facilities.

Leading medical professionals that specialise in addiction will develop a tailored recovery programme for you, which will include a medically assisted detox and a range of modern psychotherapy treatments.

This will help you to address your addiction from a holistic standpoint, which means that both physical and psychological connections will need to be diminished.

You will develop coping mechanisms to help you to prevent relapses and manage your triggers, once you leave rehab and return home to Garforth.

All rehab programmes will also include an extensive aftercare period, where you will continue to have access to the addiction specialists and will be introduced to abstinence groups in your area, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

How long is a typical drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme?

Addiction treatment is tailored to your individual experience of addiction and therefore, it’s difficult to accurately estimate how long your stay will be beforehand, however, a typical residential stay is around 28 days.

Your discharge date will also be flexible, depending on your progress speed, so it’s also important to be open-minded about this. Your doctors will be able to give you a more realistic timescale when you are admitted to the programme.

Attending residential rehab for drug or alcohol addiction is widely agreed to be the most successful form of addiction treatment, which offers you the best possible opportunity to recover and maintain your sobriety.

We can help you to start this important journey today, simply give us a call at Rehab 4 Addiction on 0800 140 4690.



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