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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Gatley

Do you believe you may be suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction, or fear that you may be on the cusp of developing an addiction to drugs and alcohol?

Maybe you’re concerned about a loved one and their relationship with toxic substances? Whatever situation you may be in, Rehab 4 Addiction can help.

By getting in touch with us today, you’ll be giving yourself the opportunity to receive the support and guidance you or your loved one not only need but truly deserve.

We are also able to point you in the right direction when it comes to seeking professional help and treatment for your or your loved one’s drug and alcohol addiction in Gatley or its surrounding area.

If you have come to the realisation that you’re dependant on drugs or alcohol, and find that you can’t go a day without abusing toxic substances, and you believe your addiction may have been caused by underlying issues or negative experiences, you could benefit from attending a rehab facility.

Even if your addiction is a mild one or seems not so severe, and you still feel in control, we would still definitely recommend that you seek professional assistance as addictions tend to become more severe in the blink of an eye.

You may not feel your drug and alcohol consumption is nothing out of the ordinary, your mind and body may feel the ramifications of the toxic substances you’re ingesting at some point in the near future.

The sooner you seek help for your addiction or potential addiction, the sooner you can begin getting a handle o the situation. Short term effects of addiction can be treated; however, the long-term effects can end up being irreversible if not treated at an appropriate time.

This is why we recommend signing yourself up for a drug and alcohol addiction rehab as soon as possible.

We can assure you; it isn’t too late to change the course you’re currently on. How do we know? Not only do we have years of experience in the field, but also because you’re reading this right now.

This means you’re already on your way to living a cleaner, happier life – and we want to help you make it all the way.

Please, call Rehab 4 Addiction today to receive assistance.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programmes in Gatley, How Does It Work? 

Chances are if you’ve already decided to seek help for your addiction, you’ve probably been searching for an appropriate drug and alcohol treatment facility for quite a while.

If this does happen to be the case, you may have also come to the realisation that rehab tends to involve a number of various types of therapy.

We understand that this can seem like a daunting prospect for many people out there, as you may have already had a few preconceived notions of what therapy entails, as well as the idea of having to face up to your potential underlying issues, or issues at hand, that have been caused by your drug and alcohol addiction.

Allow us to ease your mind. The truth is, therapy isn’t the dreadful, joyless experience that it is made out to be on TV and movie screens.

Therapy has worked wonders for many, many people all over the world, and it’s an opportunity for you to sit actually sit down with an expert in addiction in a safe, confidential space.

It also gives you the opportunity to discuss the things that may have caused you to develop an addiction in the first place, as well as ways in which you can attempt to overcome your personal struggles, helping your goal of moving forwards with your life as successful as possible.

Of course, it is an intimidating thought and would be for someone even if they weren’t in your current situation.

However, we promise you that therapy will play a significant role in your drug and alcohol addiction recovery journey. After all, there is never any smoke without there first being a fire. 

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we are partnered with a vast amount of rehab facilities across the country, all of whom offer traditional therapies as part of their addiction treatment programmes.

This includes therapies such as individual and group therapy, but there are also some cases where more holistic approaches will be required, such as exercise classes and art therapy. 

Group therapy is a great way to fully immerse yourself into the idea of positive peer pressure, as it gives you a chance to raise your efforts alongside your newfound kin, who of course, will know exactly what you’re going through and understand your journey.

They will also become a support network for you, both while attending rehab and when you eventually graduate out of your drug and alcohol addiction treatment programme. 

The Drug and Alcohol Detoxification Process

The detoxification process is possibly the most vital part of your drug and alcohol addiction treatment programme at a private rehab facility.

But why is this? Well, as part of your long-term recovery plan, you’ll be expected to completely rid yourself of any toxic substances within your body, therefore helping you to eliminate your dependency on drugs and alcohol.

As well as being a vital part of your journey, it can also, understandably be the most difficult part to get through.

However, once you do it successfully, you’ll find that there’s no looking back. 

So what happens during the drug and alcohol detoxification process? Unfortunately, it may not be pretty.

Once you begin the detoxification process, a series of withdrawal symptoms will begin to manifest themselves, and will often range from very mild symptoms, such as shakes and excessive sweating, to possibly more severe withdrawal symptoms, such as vibrant hallucinations and severe insomnia. 

As grim as this all sounds, it is an absolutely necessary step, and if you think about it, the worse it feels, the more motivated you’ll be to never have to go through it ever again. 

Many of our clients often tell us about their own attempts at a quick, DIY detox.

We do not recommend anyone ever attempting something like this, due to the potentially incredibly dangerous nature of withdrawal symptoms, and the havoc they can wreak not only on your body but on your mind too.

It can also cause you some severe setbacks to your mental and physical health due to the possibility of failure, as well as having the opposite desired effect by causing you to fuel your addiction even further. 

When you go through the detoxification process with Rehab 4 Addiction, you can be assured that you’re attempting the most optimal, safe and of course successful way of flushing those nasty drugs and alcohol completely from your system.

Yes, your body will probably protest at being deprived of the substances that have kept it going for so long, sending your cravings into a spiral and make you want to abuse substances more than ever.

However, while doing so via a residential rehab programme, you’ll have medically trained staff on hand 24/7 to monitor your progress, make sure that you are safe and if ever required, issue you with a medical prescription of medication that would help to ease your discomfort.

What Is Our Admissions Process?

Once you contact Rehab 4 Addiction, we will dive straight into getting you started on your sustainable recovery journey. Unlike the NHS, which is already stretched of its resources, our services have no waiting list whatsoever.

This means we can help you begin your drug and alcohol rehabilitation process without delay, usually within as little as 48 hours.

When you request our help, we’ll get to work on admitting you to a drug and alcohol facility closest to you – or further afield if that is your preference.

We will begin this by doing a full, initial assessment, which is where we’ll get to learn as much about your addiction history, personal circumstances and general lifestyle as possible. 

This includes substances you may be addicted to and how much and often you tend to consume them. Your assessment will allow us to thoroughly assess you and your current mental state. By carrying out this initial assessment, we’ll get a better idea of what kind of treatment programme would be best suited to your circumstances.

More often than not, we will recommend that you partake in what is known as private residential addiction treatment. This is basically a treatment programme you would progress through while staying onsite at a private residential facility.

This would allow you to fully focus on yourself and your recovery and would remove you from the temptations of the outside world.

You would also be surrounded by a wealth of knowledgeable, expert addiction specialists who will monitor you closely and keep you safe while guiding you towards your bigger and brighter future. 

Of course, we understand that the route of attending a private drug and alcohol addiction rehab programme isn’t exactly the cheapest option, but we can assure you that it is the best option when it comes to your recovery journey.

We also always take into account your personal and financial circumstances, and always strive to find you a solution that would benefit you best.

Get Started Right Away

Another part of our role here at Rehab 4 Addiction is drug and alcohol relapse prevention.

This is why we offer all our clients an aftercare plan, which means we can ensure that you are truly ready to return back to the ‘real world’, fully equipped with all the tools and skills you will need in order to avoid any potential relapses in the future.

It will also help us to ensure that you have a new, fresh mindset and a positive, confident approach to your new life. 

We understand that making the first step by getting in touch with us is possibly the hardest one to make, and we don’t take that lightly.

Admitting to yourself that you do in fact have a problem is not something that comes easy or without certain negative ramifications to your state of mind.

However, if you do get in touch with us today, we can start to help you put your best foot forward on your path to recovery without any delay and the process will only become easier to handle from that point forwards. 

Give us a call on 0800 140 4690 to speak to a member of our friendly team. Alternatively, you can also reach us through our website.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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