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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Gedling

Perhaps you’ve had enough of the damage alcohol and drugs are doing to your life.

The destruction of an addiction ripples out and can be heartbreaking. Many people feel very overwhelmed by this by the time they want to quit. 

Going abstinent is a daunting task. With the right support, though, sober life is achievable.

When you contact Rehab 4 Addiction we can discuss all the areas of treatment you’re interested in.

What you get at a private clinic

There are many benefits from staying as a resident at a private rehabilitation clinic. When you first enter the clinic you’ll discover how comfortable it is. The environment is designed to facilitate therapies within a relaxed and welcoming space.

There are communal areas that will feel like “home away from home”. These are great places for you to spend time with other residents and to socialise. 

There are also therapeutic rooms where you’ll receive professional treatments. These will be more clinical but still aim to make you feel at ease. 

Personalised treatment packages

When you contact Rehab 4 Addiction we’ll refer you to the most suitable treatment programme in the Gedling area to suit your personal needs. 

The local rehabilitation centres will look at your situation and develop a tailored treatment plan. This means that you’ll receive physical and psychological treatments to support the addiction you have and the severity of it.

Support from a team of professionals

Entering rehabilitation programmes means that you’ll receive support and treatments from experts in the field of addiction. 

At a private clinic, this support is totally comprehensive. There are clinical staff available, such as doctors and nurses, to support your physical detox.

These staff members are essential in making sure you remain safe and well. Detox from substances like heroin and alcohol can be dangerous without medical monitoring. This is why the medical team are on-site at all times.

There is also a team of highly qualified counsellors and therapists. These staff will support you through your psychological treatments. They’ll be responsible for introducing strategies and exercises for you to use in order to face cravings more efficiently. 

In terms of a holistic and spiritual approach to healing, you’ll also have practitioners in yoga, reiki, and massage come in to provide you with treatments. This is often a very enjoyable experience for residents.

There will be drug and alcohol workers at the centre to facilitate group work. This is an excellent way for you to connect with your peers who are going through a similar experience to you.

Is there mental health support available?

Inpatient rehab clinics provide an excellent standard of care when it comes to mental health support. The team understands that addiction and mental health problems go hand in hand.

This means that when you go through treatments, any mental health issues you might have will be recognised and treated too.

It’s incredibly common that the majority of people being treated for addiction will also experience symptoms of depression and anxiety.

This can be incredibly distressing for people going about their day to day life. It can also be the reason many feel they aren’t able to quit the substance they’re using.

With the support of mental health and addiction specialists, the factors influencing your experience can begin to be unravelled and managed.

Many residents at rehab will have experienced drug and alcohol-related hallucinations and psychosis too. This can be an ongoing condition for some of the people staying at a rehab centre. Staff are trained to show people how to cope and manage these symptoms in healthy ways.

Benefits of a quick referral

A Rehab 4 Addiction referral will speed up the admission process for you. Waiting lists tend to be quite long at some centres. Luckily, private clinics tend to have shorter waiting times.

However, when you contact our team, we can make sure that you’re referred quickly. We know the importance of securing a placement at rehab as soon as possible. When a person is motivated to start their recovery, they must be supported into beginning it as soon as possible.

Our team have extensive knowledge of drug and alcohol services throughout the UK. We encourage people to remain in their local area when receiving treatment.

Going to a rehab centre close to home means you can stay in contact with the centre easily for the twelve months following your stay. This is a very effective way to support you and help to prevent relapse. It also helps to get you back on track in the event of relapse.

You’ll also benefit from being able to have family therapy sessions. This can be incredibly helpful when the addiction has damaged family relationships. It can also be helpful in providing the family with ways to support you as well as gaining support themselves.

Finding a rehab programme for you in Gedling

It can be really confusing knowing where to begin when you want to quit alcohol or drugs. Especially when so much time has been spent maintaining the habit. Switching your mindset to think from the opposite point of view can be a very daunting task.

This is why rehabilitation programmes make such a difference in people’s lives. Addiction is an incredibly complex condition.

There are many contributing factors that have created it and kept it going. It takes a lot of work to begin to understand these and change habits.

A team of professionals will provide a solid framework for you to understand it and to begin to break down the whys, hows, and most importantly what to do to become abstinent.

When you contact Rehab 4 Addiction, we’ll explain what all your rehab programme options are in Gedling.

We’ll hold a free pre-assessment with you. All this means is asking a set of questions that will explore who you are and what your circumstances are. 

This conversation will highlight to us the level of severity of your addiction and what your life responsibilities are.

We’ll also take into account whether you’re able to invest in your treatment. Finally, we’ll discuss with you what your goals for recovery are. 

With all this in hand, we’ll then tell you the most suitable treatment option for your needs. With your consent, we can then handle your referral and support you in a rehabilitation programme.

Call us on 0800 140 4690, or send us a message on our online form.

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