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Over the past few years, substance abuse rates have increased in towns such as Gosport and across Hampshire. The demand for illegal drugs has risen therefore the need for rehabilitation programmes in the local area has advanced quickly. Though this worrying, you are not alone with your addiction.

At Rehab 4 Addiction we firstly ask for you to give us a call on 0800 140 4690. By doing this we can speak to you personally and assess your behaviour helping you understand your relationship with addiction.

Our friendly staff can also provide more information concerning drug and alcohol abuse and help you find the next steps. This will usually involve finding you a place on a residential treatment programme in Gosport.

You may be feeling unsure and confused at this current moment. That’s perfectly normal and we are here to help. Perhaps you have a lot of questions that need answering or are concerned about a friend or colleague.

Our enquiry form is a great place to get started and can help ease phone call anxiety if you feel you have a lot to say. If you are after immediate treatment, we would recommend calling us today as our advisors can answer your call straight away and refer you to the next steps in your recovery.

Can rehab really help me?

If you have never visited rehab before it can be simply broken down as a process in which addiction and mental health issues can be worked through with the help of treatment.

Rehab can be seen, for those with addiction, as a second chance. It offers a lifeline to many people and has changed lives for the better.

We work with medical professionals to help you make better changes for yourself. We want to see long-term results and can offer you support even after you have finished your stay at one of our clinics.

By attending one of our clinics in Gosport you can stay within your local area but disconnect from addictive substances perhaps in a way you never have before. In order for you to succeed in recovery we ask that you remain committed and dedicated at all times as we need your effort to see you succeed.

We will recommend rehab to anyone who shows signs of alcohol and drug dependence and is in danger of placing themselves in harm or at risk. Rehab can really change your life and get you back on track. Many patients find that once they have finished treatment other aspects of their life, that they were once worried about, have fallen into place.

Addiction can change you and turn you into someone else. With your help, we can discover the old you and during your stay, we are sure you will find out more about the person you are allowing you to leave the clinic in a happy and healthy mindset.

Should I seek professional help?

Addiction is categorised as a disease with a range of harmful conditions and behaviours. Some people believe they can stop their addiction from the comfort of their own home and with no support from professionals.

This can be extremely dangerous as often people with severe addiction experience painful withdrawal symptoms that can be managed in rehab with prescription medication.

We would always recommend you seek help for your addiction as you shouldn’t have to battle it alone. Our residential rehab clinics offer quality treatments that take place in a comfortable and luxurious environment.

As addiction is an illness it can surface mental health conditions that, if not handled correctly, can make you very unwell. Many people are unaware they are struggling with multiple illnesses and this can be life-threatening.

If you are wanting to end your addiction and enter recovery you should opt for immediate support. Rehab offers excellent benefits such as detox programmes to allow you to live a substance-free life, cognitive behavioural therapy, and holistic therapy.

We also offer all meals catered for so you know you can expect nutritious and healthy food at all times as well as laundry services to ensure you focus on your recovery.

We want to minimise distractions and believe that by entering one of our clinics in Gosport you can begin to put your life back on track.

By seeking professional help, you can begin to understand the root and causes of addiction. You can discuss this with trained counsellors and mental health professionals who have years of experience in this field.

Rehab can help you break down the complexities of your addiction and help you focus on recovery. We want to help your body and mind reach their potential in a risk-free setting.

We also encourage many patients to exercise in a variety of ways as it allows the brain to release ‘feel-good’ chemicals without the need for artificial substances.

Beginning your rehab journey with Rehab 4 Addiction

Our job here at Rehab 4 Addiction is to offer you support and open up your local network to ensure your safety. We take what can often be a slow process, of finding the right clinic and offer you immediate support at a treatment clinic best suited to you.

Attending rehab is just the first step. Recovery after treatment can be hard as you find yourself back in your local surroundings, but we can help you through this.

Our care doesn’t stop as soon as you leave our clinic. We offer over twelve months of support including outpatient weekend therapy sessions and drop-ins.

You may be feeling scared and worried but after your stay at rehab you will begin to understand that you definitely possess the skills and tools to thrive in your new life.

By staying with us, you can begin to craft your long-term recovery efforts and confidence as well as learning to become more acutely aware of your triggers and temptations.

We know that if you’re committed to seeing change, it can be done. The first part is getting in touch, so call 0800 140 4690 today.


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