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If you’re struggling with addiction and are interested in taking steps towards a full recovery, you are likely to benefit from a local rehab facility in Halesowen and across Dudley.

Whether your side effects have progressed to become troublesome or family members are concerned about your drug and alcohol usage, going to rehab is the safest decision you can make towards your full and long-term recovery.

Rehabilitation centres are there to ensure that you’re safe and healthy throughout substance withdrawal and on the right path towards maintaining your sobriety, post-rehab.

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we can refer you to the most suitable drug and alcohol rehab centres that are available in Halesowen. Our specially trained team can recommend effective addiction treatment programmes for your personal needs.

In order to prepare you for what you can expect from your experience in an alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre in Halesowen, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions below.

If you have any additional queries or concerns about visiting any of the Halesowen based rehab facilities, our referral team will be happy to support and guide you through them, setting your mind at rest, however, we can.

What are the first steps towards finding a rehab treatment centre?

Our compassionate and friendly staff here at Rehab 4 Addiction are fully experienced in assisting those struggling with addiction to take their first steps towards their recovery.

We understand that this can be an overwhelming decision to make, but we’re here to support you throughout the initial stage of your journey towards effective rehab treatment.

We provide a simple pre-admission assessment,which can help you to acknowledge your need and desire to recover, as well as guiding us towards the most suitable rehab programme and facility for you in the Halesowen area.

We will then highlight your most effective treatment options and recommend local services that provide this type of treatment programme.

Our referral can offer an efficient route into your chosen treatment programme, as well as ensuring you are on the right path. Our ultimate goal is to help everyone who may be suffering from drug and alcohol addiction issues to access the most effective rehabilitation services available to them and ensure they have the best chance of comprehensive and long-term rehabilitation.

What can I expect from a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Halesowen?

A medically assisted detox is an incredibly important aspect of any drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme. In order to reduce your physical dependency, which will improve your receptiveness to the other aspects of your treatment, it’s vital to ensure the toxins are out of your system.

Detoxing from drug and alcohol dependence is a dangerous process, which will often result in withdrawal symptoms. The severity of your withdrawal symptoms will depend on your length and level of substance abuse, however, it should be done gradually and under the supervision of medical professionals in order to minimise them.

Guided therapy sessions

Therapy comes in many forms and you can expect to experience a variety of different types of therapy session as a part of your rehab programme. These help to instill new healthier behaviours and prepare you to maintain your recovery post-rehab. Therapy can be in the following formats:

  • Individual targeted therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Exposure therapy

Professional psychological intervention

Many people who struggle with addiction have a history of mental health conditions, either pre-existing issues or as a result of the physiological side effects of addiction to drugs and alcohol. A psychological assessment is a critical part of your recovery and will tie into your therapy sessions.

Some clients receive a dual diagnosis, which can be extremely beneficial to your overall success, as the management of your mental health can help you to overcome addiction triggers and addictive behaviours.

Counsellors will focus on cognitive behavioural therapy, and attempt to help you disassociate from your addictive behavioural responses to common triggers. You will be assessed on a regular basis throughout your treatment programme at your chosen rehab centre in Halesowen to monitor your progress.

This gives the opportunity for adjustments to be made if necessary to ensure that you receive suitable treatment and get maximum benefit from your stay.

Aftercare services

The rehabilitation centres in Halesowen offer free aftercare services as a part of their comprehensive rehab programme. This allows you to continue your recovery beyond the initial programme. Many people benefit from the support provided through support groups, which strive to keep those recovering from addiction on the right path.

During your personalised treatment programme, you will be prepared with coping strategies to help prevent relapse triggers, however, the knowledge that you can reach out for additional encouragement and motivation when needed can be key to maintaining long-term sobriety.

How will addiction treatment benefit me?

The amount and exactly how each individual benefits from addiction rehabilitation treatment will vary depending on the type of treatment programme you commit to, as well as your degree of addiction, motivation to succeed and any pre-existing mental health issues.

Your state of mind and personal circumstances on entering recovery can also impact your recovery efforts both positively or negatively.

For some people detox will motivate rehabilitation, however, for those struggling with side effects and longer-term drug and alcohol abuse issues, a combination of treatment options over the course of a full rehab treatment programme is recommended.

Overall, addiction treatment offers the most effective chance of recovery for those suffering from drug and alcohol abuse. Whilst the type and length of treatment will differ depending on your personal needs, taking the first steps towards finding help is the most positive step you can take towards your recovery.

Residential vs. outpatient rehab, what are the pros and cons?

Our supportive Rehab 4 Addiction team can help you to select between residential and outpatient treatment during your pre-admission. Choosing the right option for you is key to the success of your rehab.

Outpatient treatments offer a more flexible approach to rehab which will require more personal commitment and relies largely on your independent efforts.

The ability to return home between treatment sessions can increase the sense of normality and reduce impact on your daily routine. However, this approach only suits those with mild addictive symptoms and behaviours.

In some clients, not removing yourself from the routine of home life can be detrimental to your recovery. Those with less control over their addiction will require a structured and guided treatment programme to benefit from treatment, which is likely to involve a residential stay. We will always recommend the safest and most effective rehab programme available to you in the Halesowen area.

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