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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Hambleton

Facing addiction is daunting. Waking up each morning thinking about drugs and alcohol is not only consuming, it completely destroys a person’s life.

Many people decide that they want to quit. In order to do so, support and treatment provide the highest chances of success for people in overcoming an addiction.

Contacting one of our team at Rehab 4 Addiction means you’ll get to discuss local options.

What’s needed from you before you enter treatment?

Before you consider accessing rehab you should be open to receiving it. This means being willing to participate in the various treatments that are offered by professionals.

There will be sessions and exercises that you find uncomfortable, but for rehabilitation to take place it’s imperative you go through the process.

Quitting a substance takes a lot of hard work. People have to be determined and focused. There will be moments that feel impossible and times where everything feels helpless. 

After many years of drinking or taking drugs, the chemical balances in the brain and hormonal balances will be damaged. This creates many negative feelings and emotions which can be detrimental to mental health. 

During these moments, it’s important to remember this and to bear in mind that the longer you go without drinking or taking drugs, the easier it will get.

Slowly your bodily systems will return to functioning normally and it will be easier to get through these difficult times, especially while using the strategies you learn in therapy.

Inpatient and outpatient treatment options in Hambleton

In Hambleton, there are both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programmes. What you join will depend on you and your circumstances.

A referral through Rehab 4 Addiction will ensure you’re matched to the most suitable option.

Our team of advisors assess your situation and then find the most appropriate programme in Hambleton for you. When you speak with Rehab 4 Addiction you’ll receive a pre-assessment that takes into consideration the severity of your addiction, what your life looks like, and what your treatment goals are.

People who are able to control their substance use and who need to keep going to work will require very different options to a person who has lost a job due to spiralling substance misuse.

Inpatient treatment programmes are brilliant for those who have severe addictions. It’s an immersive option with a full team of experts around to support a person through detox and therapies.

Outpatient treatment happens while the person remains at home. Various sessions, one-to-one or group work, will be scheduled where they’re available.

What are the benefits of rehab programmes?

Rehabilitation programmes in Hambleton are essential for those wanting to quit alcohol and drugs. They’re comprehensive approaches that tackle mental and physical needs. They support a person to be able to face withdrawal.

A private rehab clinic is especially beneficial for treating the whole of a person. The staffing team will have different areas that each professional covers in order to treat various parts of you.

Along with detox and therapies for psychological health, there will also be a holistic approach to treatment. This means you get safe spaces to explore your health and wellbeing from all areas. Most importantly a total approach is the best way to face and overcome addiction.

People develop addictions for many reasons, it’s a complex experience and this is why so many treatments are necessary in order to achieve full rehabilitation.

What does a detox include?

When a person is referred to a residential rehabilitation programme it begins with a detox. This is critical for anyone to go through upon entering treatment. It can be a difficult time but is essential.

Only after detox is a person able to focus on other treatments and therapies. All toxic substances need to have left the body. 

Many find this experience very challenging and it’s often why a lot of people get trapped in the cycling of drinking and taking drugs. Withdrawal is often a negative and painful experience.

When people stay at a rehab centre in Hambleton, they’re supported by a medical team including doctors and nurses. These professionals make the detox period as smooth as possible for you to get through. They’re able to provide medications for those who experience physical dependencies. 

For those who are living with physical dependencies, a medically monitored detox is essential. This ensures a person’s health and safety is totally looked after.

Does rehab treat those with mental health problems?

Many people will wonder if they’re permitted to attend a residential clinic if they have mental health problems as well. It’s often the case that within a community setting people aren’t treated for mental health if it co-exists with addiction as a comorbid condition. This can be very frustrating.

It’s commonly recognised that addiction and mental health problems occur at the same time. Unfortunately, the health and social care system is very stretched. 

When a person attends a private rehab clinic, they receive treatment that recognises how interconnected addiction and mental health are. People are treated in both areas.

What happens after rehab?

Towards the end of a stay at rehab, residents will discuss with the staff an aftercare plan. This will identify the actions and steps a person will follow upon returning home.

It can be a very unsettling time for people returning home. This is why aftercare programmes include sessions at the clinic. This means returning for therapy and group sessions as and when appropriate. This helps to prevent relapse.

There will also be steps outlined in order to support a person to create lifestyle changes. This is essential in order to support a sober lifestyle and recovery path.

How do I access treatment?

To access treatment, you can contact Rehab 4 Addiction. One of our staff members will speak with you and decipher what it is you require and what needs you have.

With their extensive knowledge of treatment options in Hambleton, you’ll then be advised and supported towards the best rehab programme for you.

Call us on 0800 140 4690, or send us a message on our online form.

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