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Have you relapsed again? Are you fed up with the drink or drugs and also of trying to quit? The consequences of addiction are endless. Perhaps your health and mind are deteriorating. Maybe your family have had enough, and you don’t know where it will all end.

If you’re at this stage, considering suitable treatment options could be the thing that will change, and in some cases save your life.

What are your treatment needs?

The decision to stop using alcohol or drugs is positive. However, it can also feel scary. Drug and alcohol dependency causes people to doubt whether they can ever enjoy life without it. It also creates self-doubt about whether it’s possible to stop, especially when the addiction is both mental and physical.

To gain the best chances of recovery, it’s critical to choose the appropriate programme to suit personal needs.

For a person who can control cravings and who has a lot of positive support around them, accessing alcohol and drug services within the community can be extremely effective.

However, there can be many people who have a more complex set of circumstances in their lifestyle. When it’s as easy to get drink and drugs as it is to pop to the local shop to grab a sandwich, starting recovery can be harder.

There are other points to take into consideration. If the physical effects of withdrawal are taking over your life or the idea of not being able to get drink or drugs is worrying then this suggests that the addiction is severe.

There’s also the aspect of mental health. Mental health problems and addiction are often linked. Trained professionals can provide efficient therapies to support people who experience this.

A private clinic is ideal in these more complex personal and life situations.

If your addiction is taking over every choice, staying at a private clinic in Hampstead will suit you. It provides a fully comprehensive treatment service to enable the best chance of recovery.

Whether community services or a private clinic is for you is ultimately your choice. Rehab 4 Addiction can help out by running you through all the treatment options available in Hampstead or around London.

What you gain by attending rehab

Rehab is a place that people go to in order to start the healing process. True recovery means being able to face cravings and to be able to make the choices you want to rather than following the easy choice that physical and mental damages.

At rehab, therapists and professional workers provide residents with skills and strategies to help conquer the subconscious and conscious thought processes that drive addictive behaviours. Through goal-orientated discussion and activities, new ways of thinking are introduced. As with an addictive thought, if a person practises a positive thought regularly this can create new and positive behaviours.

The choice to give up an addiction is one that a person must make every day. It’s a long journey, but the reward is the return of control over your life. The positive impact of your recovery stretches out to your family, friends, work, overall wellbeing, and finances.

Call us at Rehab 4 Addiction to find out more about how treatments can work for you.

Detoxing from substances

Drinking alcohol and taking drugs regularly over a long time period builds tolerance. Withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to severe.

Substances affect how the brain and bodywork together. This disruption can spiral a person out of control. There comes a time when the person feels they need the substance in order to feel “normal”.

If a person goes into withdrawal when they’re alone, the symptoms of relapse can be dangerous. Alcohol and heroin dependence, in particular, need to receive medical monitoring during the withdrawal process:

  • Alcohol withdrawal: When a person drinks every day, their brain and body adapt to allow for the depressive effects. The body works harder to remain alert. This means that if the alcohol is suddenly taken away, the brain and body will still be working to keep the mind and body alert. This is when the symptoms of withdrawal kick in.
  • Heroin withdrawal: Building a tolerance to heroin can reach a point where a person isn’t able to function without it. In order to reach a high and to attempt to keep the difficult symptoms of withdrawal away, the person will require bigger doses. Overdoses can be fatal.

This physical impact of dependency requires medical attention from compassionate highly-trained professionals. During detox, doctors at a rehab clinic know exactly what medication and how much to prescribe to ease the discomfort of withdrawal.

Psychological support

To live an alcohol and drug-free life into the future, you need to learn new ways of coping and how to live in new ways.

Psychological interventions and therapies work. Just as paracetamol can help with a headache, specialist therapy can help the mind. This is essential if a person is to create ongoing change. New ways of thinking support new and healthy behaviours.

At the end of a stay in a private clinic in Hampstead, ongoing support is available. This includes everything needed to create healthy lifestyle changes going forward. Plans also include what to do in the case of relapse.

Recovery and mental health

There is a high correlation between people who suffer from both an addiction and a mental health problem. This is known as “dual diagnoses”. It’s common that people will choose to self-medicate as a way to manage a mental health issue such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc.

This is why it’s crucial that trained professionals are available to residents at clinics. With the most efficient support, the best results can occur.

After detox, learning begins. Psychological and alternative therapies enable the start of a healthy version of you. This includes learning about mental health as well as addiction. With learning comes understanding. With understanding comes the strength to make effective changes.

What happens after you leave rehab

When you leave rehab, you’ll have an aftercare package in place. This will include how to avoid returning to the previous lifestyle. It’s imperative you stay focused on the strategies you learn while to rehab and follow the aftercare guidelines. It’s possible to do. Furthermore, it will require you to stay focused and determined.

After finishing your stay, you will also be able to access ongoing support at the centre to support your new life.

At Rehab 4 Addiction every member of staff is aware of the gravity of the step you’re taking. We want to support you on the journey to make the best decisions for you.

Our staff are welcoming and professional. We know what it is you require to make that first step towards a sober life. Call us today to find out more about treatment options in Hampstead.

Call Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690 or fill in the enquiry form.

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