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Defeating addiction isn’t easy. In fact, most people won’t win their battle against addiction. Those who do manage to enter recovery are often forced to live with the long-term health consequences of their former addiction, and this includes both physical and mental health consequences.

It’s also likely that those who manage a period of abstinence often see their hard work rolled back by relapse. At Rehab 4 Addiction, we know the pain that’s caused by relapse. For this reason, we only advocate drug and alcohol rehab in Hastings that includes an intensive aftercare element.

To ensure you are not included in this vast group of people who do not seek out addiction treatment in Hastings, contact Rehab 4 Addiction to discover which particular rehabs in Hastings are ideally suited to your needs.

Addiction is truly an illness. If you suffer from addiction, you must understand that it’s not your fault. Contrary to popular opinion, addiction is not a choice. Getting the right sort of help to overcome your addiction is key, and this is where Rehab 4 Addiction may help.

Whilst there exists no ‘cure’ for addiction, you can arrest both drug and alcohol addiction with the correct treatment. This treatment involves spending around 28-days in a drug and alcohol rehab clinic in Lincoln.

During this 28-days, you will be clinically detoxed, and following this, you will benefit from a variety of therapy sessions that aim to determine the root causes of your addiction.

When you suffer from addiction, your issues go much deeper than an uncontrollable urge to drink alcohol or use drugs. Co-occurring issues often include anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Specialist drug and alcohol rehabs exist in Hastings to help you treat these issues. Without treating these underlying issues, it’s highly likely your drug and alcohol use will continue once you have left treatment.

Drug and alcohol rehabs offer a range of therapies to tackle the emotional causes of addiction. The specific therapies you will tackle will be determined during the admission stages of rehab. These therapies include traditional talking therapies and a number of complementary and holistic therapies.

The fact that Hastings is home to some of the UK’s finest drug and alcohol rehab clinics is excellent news for people suffering from addiction in the local area. However, it may be difficult to choose one particular rehab centre over another. This is where Rehab 4 Addiction may help.

We offer you a free telephone assessment so that we may better judge your needs, and our advisors will then be able to recommend rehabs in Hastings that serve these needs. We shall explain in depth all possible alcohol and drug addiction treatment options to you, and we also offer a fast track booking service that allows same-day and next-day admissions into a Hastings drug and alcohol rehab clinic.

Why I should consider going to drug and alcohol rehab in Hastings?

The simple answer is that overcoming drug and alcohol addiction is never easy. In fact, due to withdrawal symptoms, detoxing yourself without proper medical assistance in place is reckless.

Thousands of people suffer fatal or near-fatal withdrawal symptoms because they are pressured into detoxing by loved ones. However, their loved ones are rarely aware that their pressure tactics could unwittingly harm rather than heal.

Undergoing a detox from a drug and alcohol rehab clinic in Hastings eliminates the risk of withdrawal symptoms because you will be given medication that’s engineered to reduce withdrawal symptoms. You will also be surrounded by medical professionals throughout your treatment programme.

Once you are admitted to a drug and alcohol rehab, you will not return home for around four weeks. Some rehabs offer a shorter programme, but the standard programme length is around four weeks.

Because you will not return home, you will be shielded from distractions and temptations that could otherwise cause you to return to drug and alcohol abuse.

The benefits of a supportive and stable environment in which to undergo drug and alcohol treatment must never be underestimated.

Aftercare and extended care

All rehab clinics we recommend allow you to return to their clinic for weekly aftercare sessions. Merely because you have completed a four-week rehab programme does not mean you are 100% ready for life in recovery.

You will still require care and encouragement. Aftercare sessions are designed to offer this level of care and encouragement so that your recovery is sustained up to a period where relapse is less likely to occur.

How to access drug and alcohol rehab in Hastings?

To locate rehabs in Hastings, you can contact Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690. Once you have located 2-3 suitable rehabs, you will then need to factor in when you can begin your rehab. If you select a private rehab, you will also need to pay for treatment costs.

Once the necessary paperwork is complete, you will then be given a date to begin your treatment.

In reality, all of the above admissions steps may be completed in less than 24-hours. This is particularly important given the serious physical and mental health implications caused by drug and alcohol addiction.

Rehab 4 Addiction officers a range of addiction treatments in Sussex, including Hastings, Eastbourne and Brighton.

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