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We want you to know that we are here for you no matter where you are on your journey to recovery.

Whether you are yet to fully admit to yourself that you may have a drug and alcohol addiction or abuse problem, whether you’ve tried to quit before and have failed, or whether you have withdrawn from the substance already and are looking towards the next step, Rehab 4 Addiction can help.

We help by supporting you throughout your recovery, no matter your circumstances. We can offer moral support during this challenging time, we can advise and recommend you the best options for the healing process, and we can get you referred to a great drug and alcohol rehab in your area to begin it.

Call Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690 to start your personal journey to a drug and alcohol-free life.

Taking the first step

Acknowledgement is the first step – and sometimes even the hardest – in recovery from a drug and alcohol problem.

It takes great strength and bravery to come to terms with the possibility of an addiction being present in your life, but if you’re reading this and considering a drug and alcohol rehab in Derbyshire, you’ve successfully taken that important and courageous step and we’re glad you have.

If you are someone who may still be in denial about the seriousness of your relationship with drugs or alcohol, you are not alone. Many individuals that use drugs and alcohol somewhat recreationally believe they are far from an addiction, or that they would not benefit from a drug and alcohol rehab.

The unfortunate truth is that many of these people are suffering in silence, and are not aware of the dangers of not seeking out help at this crucial stage.

Addiction can spiral out of control quicker than you may realise, and even if you believe you don’t have a problem, things could change for the worse very soon if you continue down the path of drug and alcohol abuse.

We suggest calling Rehab 4 Addiction if this sounds like your current situation. We can guide you through the signs and symptoms of a drug and alcohol addiction or abuse problem and help you identify if you should in fact seek professional and medical assistance with us.

One call could be the difference between a recovery now, or a future addiction taking over your life.

Rehabilitation in Heanor

If you have fully determined that a drug and alcohol rehab is the best option for you, we can go ahead and get to work finding one that suits your needs.

It may be local to you in Heanor, or it may be further afield, wherever you feel comfortable is where we at Rehab 4 Addiction will strive to get you placed.

The prospect of moving away from your home environment to face the unknown is understandably rather daunting, but we can during this time answer any queries about rehab you may have, and ensure that you are less anxious about this step towards recovery.

There are many benefits to attending a local rehab, such as being able to remain in an area you are familiar with whilst still being detached from any possible triggers of your home, receiving all your treatment and attending all therapy and counselling sessions under one roof, and the constant support from our excellent team of medical staff and therapists.

Attending rehab in Heanor will also mean transitioning from rehab to back home will be much easier, and you will never too far away from the clinic if you happen to require any additional treatments or support.

Detox and therapy

To help ease any nerves you may have about attending rehab, we can offer a basic summary of some treatments you can expect.

As every treatment plan is bespoke to the patient, we cannot say with certainty what exact treatment you will receive until you have gone through our assessments, but the main forms of treatment are:

  • Detoxing. This is almost always the first phase in any patients stay in a rehab facility. Detoxing is a necessary procedure that we carry out in order to flush the toxins left over by drugs or alcohol out of your bloodstream, and helps you to begin your recovery on a ‘clean slate’.

At this time, you may experience withdrawal symptoms like sickness, headaches, or muscle pain. Because of this you may be prescribed medication to combat these symptoms and make your detox experience easier.

  • Therapy and counselling. During your stay with us, you will participate in a number of therapies and counselling sessions. What you attend is decided by the assessments you undergo at the start of the admissions process, and will depend on you, your characteristics, and your addiction.

Some examples of the types of therapies to expect are CBT, DBT, equine therapy, family therapy, group or individual therapy, art therapy, and general addiction counselling.

Begin your recovery today

To begin the journey to recovery today, call us on 0800 140 4690. We are ready and waiting to offer whatever support you may need during this time.

No matter your circumstances, we are not here to judge, we’re here to help.

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