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Searching for suitable addiction treatment shouldn’t have to be as confusing or stressful as it sometimes can be.

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we strive to make the whole process of enquiry and admission into a drug and alcohol rehab in Heathfield as simple and easy as possible.

We get to work straight away by assessing you and your addiction, and, by working together with a network of rehabilitation centres and outpatient clinics across the United Kingdom, we ensure that your specific needs for treatment are met to the highest standard.

We recognise that complicated procedures and long waiting lists can put individuals off seeking addiction treatment completely, so we also work hard to make sure your enquiry is dealt with quickly and efficiently – so you aren’t stuck waiting for a crucial rehab admission for too long.

To know more about what we can do for you or to begin an enquiry for yourself or a loved one, contact us today on 0800 140 4690, or fill in our online form to receive a callback.

Why opt for professional treatment?

It is probable that on your search for addiction treatment you have considered taking your own route to recovery, without the help of professional services of rehabilitation.

Whilst this can be a viable option for some individuals, it is not always the best choice for every client suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, due to the many drawbacks of a DIY recovery, and the many advantages of professional treatment.

One of the main downfalls to recovering at home by yourself is the lack of support.

Of course, some individuals may be lucky enough to have supportive friends or family members who are willing to help out – and who also have the spare time to do so – but sadly this is not the case for everyone.

Furthermore, even if you are able to employ the help of loved ones, it is not always a guarantee that you will succeed in your recovery.

Though friends and family may be able to offer moral support or a helping hand to keep you away from the many temptations of your home, they will most likely lack the experience and medical knowledge needed for a full recovery.

If drug and alcohol detoxes are done improperly, for example, they could be fatal for the individual battling the addiction.

Another drawback stems from the absence of adequate care for both aspects of a drug or alcohol addiction.

It is possible for an individual to succeed in a DIY detox, but then relapse not long after due to the remaining mental symptoms of their addiction that have not been factored into treatment.

Without suitable treatment for both the physical and psychological aspects of a drug and alcohol addiction, a full and long-lasting recovery is almost impossible.

Recovering at home also means having much easier access to further substances like drugs and alcohol.

It is now possible to even get these delivered straight to your front door, making temptations and cravings that much harder to ignore when you’re fighting addiction on your own.

With professional treatment – especially through a rehabilitation programme in a drug and alcohol rehab in Heathfield – these many downfalls of recovering at home without professional help are negated.

You receive full support, guidance and encouragement from the highly trained team of medical experts and therapists in your chosen rehab, you are treated for all aspects of your addiction with effective and tried-and-tested treatments, and you have no access to further substances meaning you can focus more on yourself and your recovery than your cravings.

For these and many more reasons, such as:

  • All your treatment taking place under one roof,
  • Constant monitoring of your progress,
  • Multiple forms of therapy and counselling,
  • A bespoke treatment plan
  • And a friendly and welcoming environment to heal in

Professional treatment is the best option for those looking to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction.

The benefits of a local rehab

Rehabilitation alone has many advantages – as mentioned above – but local rehab in Heathfield brings with it even more benefits for those looking to recover.

Having your chosen rehab be local to you means there is less of a shift when moving into and moving out of care.

Rehab can be daunting enough without having to move across the country to attend one, so keeping it local means you have the chance to still feel comfortable and familiar with where you are healing, but also still away from any possible triggers of your home environment.

Staying local to you and your loved ones also means it is easier for friends and family members to visit you – and even take part in family therapy sessions – if they wish to do so.

It is important to keep your connection to the people you love back home and to have them waiting for your return.

We’ve been there before

It is common to hear people say they understand or empathise with you whilst you are in pain or enduring something difficult.

This can be frustrating and isolating, especially if you know that they don’t actually understand.

This is why a great deal of our team is made up of people who have experienced addiction themselves in the past, who are now living in recovery.

Our team here at Rehab 4 Addiction is living proof that recovery is possible, and that life beyond substance use can be achievable for everyone.

Having these members on board means that we do actually understand what it is you are going through, as we have been in similar situations before and have felt the same emotions you are no doubt experiencing right now.

This not only makes us the best equipped to help those battling drug or alcohol addictions, but also the most qualified to offer support and advice to loved ones of affected individuals.

So get in touch with us today to discuss your situation with someone who gets it, by calling 0800 140 4690, or filling in our online form.


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