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Addiction is a health condition with many aspects which need to be addressed during treatment. Whatever a person is addicted to, psychoactive substances grip into lives and can leave devastating effects.

Many people might assume rehabilitation programmes are only for class A drugs, along with alcohol. Some might think rehab services aren’t for them.

However, addiction requires treatment regardless of the substance that is involved.

Let’s consider cannabis. Although THC strains of cannabis might not cause the physical devastation that heroin, crack, or alcohol cause, they can have hugely negative psychological effects.

This is especially the case where a user is predisposed to mental health issues. (It’s important to bear in mind that the tobacco usually smoked with cannabis can wreak havoc on the lungs.)

On the other hand, people might not immediately think of prescribed medications as a source of addiction, but this can definitely occur, especially where a person might be inclined not to follow their GP’s recommended doses.

Drug and alcohol treatment options are available for anybody who uses substances and who are ready to commit to self-management around their use and ultimately recovery.

How long do people stay as residents at rehab clinics?

A residential stay at rehab can last various lengths of time. It really depends on what’s appropriate for the individual and the level of input they require.

There are a variety of factors that influence the length of stay and this will obviously impact the cost of the stay as well.

As an example, people who are experiencing a physical dependency without a psychological addiction (which although rare can exist), might only require a physical detox.

Depending on the substance, this will last between seven to ten days. A person has to be weaned off these types of substances due to the dangerous side effects of going “cold turkey”.

The majority of people in rehabilitation centres will stay longer than a week.

This will be because addiction severely impacts the psychological lives of people and psychological treatments are necessary. These take longer to carry out.

A stay at rehab is typically no longer than twenty-eight days. Although some people might only go once, there will be some who might go again down the line if they continue to struggle and want the highest level of care and support available.

Can I keep working if I start a rehab programme?

Rehab programmes take many shapes and forms. There are both inpatient and outpatient services on offer.

Inpatient services are where a person stays overnight at a clinic for a specific length of time. This involves remaining at the rehab house and having limited contact with the outside world (usually mobile phones are handed in and used at certain parts of the day as they can be extremely distracting and triggering).

Completely programmes through inpatient services mean that the option to work isn’t possible.

If it’s imperative that you continue working as you begin your recovery journey then outpatient services provide that option. Within outpatient treatment, people live at home as usual and attend the rehab centre in order to receive treatments.

This makes it much easier for those who have daily responsibilities that they must maintain.

What will I have to do if I stay at rehab?

Rehab programmes are focused on making you well. The goal is to support you to become sober and to set you up for a life of abstinence.

There is a team of highly experienced drug and alcohol professionals in-house 24/7. This is essential in the early stages of recovery when the chances of relapse are higher.

As addiction affects both physical and mental health, treatments for both are essential. Every resident will go through a detox stage which is carried out at the start of the stay. Staff ensure this is as smooth and safe as possible.

Withdrawal symptoms can be eased with the prescription of medications where necessary. Detox means that the body is rid of the substance as well as the toxins the substances leave in the body.

After detox, people begin psychological therapies. These are critical in order to achieve a sustainable lifestyle of healing.

Psychotherapists use an integrated approach in order to support you in understanding what caused your addiction and how to control thoughts and overcome cravings.

Therapists provide techniques that last a lifetime. Many people who go to rehab, will use the strategies they learned for the rest of their lives.

Will rehab in Helmsley cure my addiction?

Addiction, unfortunately, isn’t curable in the sense that someone can wave a magic wand and the desire to drink or take drugs is gone.

The truth is, many people with addictions will admit that the problem exists their entire life.

However, addiction is a disease that is entirely manageable. This is done through abstinence.

Although the illness of the disease might still exist within you, it’s controllable through learning, self-reflecting, accessing the right support and opting for sobriety.

Recovery is possible.

What are the recovery rates?

A stay at rehab is extremely likely to be successful for you. 98% of people who leave rehab are sober. This for many is a hugely impressive feat especially after years of continually taking the substance.

It’s incredibly important that people who complete an inpatient rehab programme stick to the aftercare plan which is set in place. This is what will support you in remaining sober into the future.

What’s included in an aftercare plan?

An aftercare plan identifies ways to make staying sober easier. There will be outpatient services identified which will include peer groups to attend as well as ongoing counselling should this be necessary.

There will also be lifestyle changes identified that need to be made as well as what to do in the event of relapse.

Rehab 4 Addiction can secure you a place at a clinic in the Helmsley area

Whether you’ve decided you want to go to rehab in the Helmsley area or somewhere further away, the Rehab 4 Addiction team can support you.

We can find the most suitable rehab programme to suit your needs and then arrange your placement to make this moment as easy for you as possible.

Call us on 0800 140 4690 today.

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