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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Holbeach

When it comes to your health, it is always worth the investment in your future.

If a decision you make today can result in you being able to live a much happier and healthier life, then surely that is an investment worth making.

Even if that investment is checking yourself into a rehab centre.

It’s perfectly normal to be a little bit warry of rehab in general. Even in the modern world, there is still an air of mystery surrounding what exactly happens there.

This lack of knowledge tends to breed fear, especially within those that would need their services.

Rehab 4 Addiction is here to put the false rumours surrounding rehab to rest and hopefully convince you to seek the help you need.

Disproving the rumours

First things first.

It doesn’t matter what substance you abuse, be it legal or otherwise. Like hospitals, rehab centres are protected spaces. This means that you are free to say what substance you have become dependent on without worrying about being arrested.

Rehab centres care much more about helping you overcome your drug or alcohol dependency than they do about if you broke the law or not.

There are a lot of rumours surrounding the detox.

While this makes sense, as many who have worked through the treatment have admitted, it’s the worst part. It doesn’t change the fact that the rumours are simply exaggerating what actually happens during this process.

There is a belief that the detox is long and painful. This simply isn’t true.

In most cases, it will take around ten days for all the drugs and alcohol to work their way out of your system. During this time, you will be experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

This rumour likely came from how people feel when experiencing withdrawal symptoms. They can be very uncomfortable and even dangerous if experienced alone and without medical assistance.

Within the safety of a rehab centre, the detox is made as easy on you as humanly possible. The withdrawal symptoms can be relieved through medications that are provided by fully trained medical staff.

They will be monitoring you 24 hours a day during your detox to keep you safe. They don’t just leave you to work through the process alone. You are supported at every stage so that you can come out the other side without the distraction of your cravings.

There is also the belief that detox is all there is to rehab. That once you have finished it, you are finished.

Unfortunately, the recovery process isn’t that simple.

The detox acts to combat the chemical dependency that you have developed, but substance abuse has more to it than just its physical effects.

The main goal of any rehab centre is to give you the ability to leave the centre and never need to abuse drugs or alcohol again. In order to do this, they need to understand what triggers your substance abuse and how it all started.

This is done through group therapy.

The purpose of group therapy is to get you to recognise what caused you to turn to substance abuse. The most common reasons are past trauma that a person is trying to numb and forget through drug or alcohol use.

The other common option is they are dealing with an undiagnosed mental illness such as depression or anxiety.

They are attempting to self medicate through substance abuse without realising it will ultimately worsen the symptoms.

Every therapy session is monitored by a fully licensed therapist who can help you improve your mental health and even start the process of getting a diagnosis if needed.

One of the most important parts of therapy is that it can help you replace your substance with safer and healthier coping mechanisms.

You will be taught tools to use when you leave the rehab centre to use so that you can avoid triggers for your cravings. To help you be able to step away from a stressful situation with an alternative to substance abuse.

Rehab also contains many workshops to build upon the progress you have already made in your therapy sessions and your detox.

These workshops are designed to help you readjust to life outside the rehab centre and continue improving your physical and mental health.

These workshops can range from a cooking class where you learn how to prepare a balanced diet to exercise classes.

Between them, you can learn how to begin to reverse the negative physical effects caused by prolonged substance abuse.

You may also join in with mindfulness workshops where you can learn mediation and calming techniques to combat stress and anxiety.

As you can see, the rumours of rehab being a scary place are simply born from anxiety.

Hopefully, now you understand the process better, some of this worry has been replaced with calm understanding.

Finding a rehab centre

When it comes to actually find yourself a rehab centre, there are some essential factors you must consider.

First of all, do you want to use the NHS provided rehabilitation services, or would you prefer to use a private option?

If you consider the NHS ran rehab centre, then you must understand it may be a different experience than you are expecting.

While we are fortunate to have free healthcare in this country, mental health services are criminally undervalued by those in charge.

As a result, the entire mental health sector, including the rehabilitation services, are massively understaffed.

Also, now more than ever, people are trying to seek their help leaving many unable to get the treatments they need.

The process of getting access to the NHS rehabilitation services is a long and stressful journey.

First of all, they want you to prove you are struggling enough to warrant their help. This alone can put many people off and result in them not getting the help they need.

Even if you are accepted, that help that has been proven you need as soon as possible once you have decided to seek it will be at the end of a very long waitlist.

You could end up waiting for weeks or even months for your treatments to begin.

The treatments themselves will also, unfortunately, most likely take place outside of the Holbeach area, leaving you to travel in for every outpatient session you will be offered.

This will draw out your treatment, making it take much longer than it really needs to.

In comparison, for a private rehab centre, to begin your recovery journey, all you have to do is book yourself in.

You won’t need to prove you need their help or wait months for it. Once you have decided to seek help, you will be offered it.

The well-staffed facilities within the Holbeach area will give you the one to one personalised care you need during this vulnerable time in your life.

The staff are there to keep you safe, healthy and comfortable during your residential stay so that you can focus on your treatments.

So now that you have decided what kind of rehab centre, you may wonder how you actually find a rehab centre?

What kind of facilities do you need?

What one will be able to aid in your recovery?

Well, that’s where we come in. At Rehab 4 Addiction, we can get to know you through our free initial assessment and build a profile on you.

This profile is used to refer you to a local rehab centre that has the best facilities to help you on your recovery journey.

The first step on the journey to the rest of your life starts here. All you have to do is give us a call and get ready to live a happier and healthier life.

Contact us today on 0800 140 4690

Good luck.


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