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Has Saturday fun turned into a problem with drugs? Has a couple of glasses of wine after work turned into a bottle every day? There comes a time in some people’s lives when they feel their alcohol or drug use has become a permanent and uncontrollable aspect of their life.

If this resonates, you may be wondering whether you have an addiction and whether real help from a rehab facility is needed.

How Can I Tell if I’m Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol?

No matter the signs and symptoms, some don’t know when they need help or may be in denial. But there is help.

If you’re wondering if you have an addiction or are worried about a loved one, there are addiction signs and symptoms to be aware of.

Addiction symptoms can vary depending on the substance, so the precise indicators of addiction are not always clear. For example, drug and alcohol addictions may result in different side effects, triggers, and cravings.

However, some signs will likely present themselves regardless of the drug or alcohol when excess consumption is in place.


Another clear indicator of an addiction is an inability to stop or reduce the consumption of drugs or alcohol. Sometimes the compulsion becomes too strong.


Watch out for a reduction in the quality of your own or a loved one’s physical and mental health, as this can be a clear sign that’s something is wrong.


Suppose you find yourself putting the consumption of alcohol, substances, or even behavioural addictions over your work, family, parenting, or other responsibilities? This is a very worrying sign of an addiction.


Negativity is one of the clear indicators that someone has an addiction or is developing an addiction. Think about a hangover; someone not addicted to alcohol will often say ‘I’m never drinking again’ when faced with a head-splitting, stomach-wrenching hangover.

Likewise, someone experiencing a bad come down from a one-off experience with cocaine will probably be put off the stuff for life.

Anyone not addicted to alcohol or a substance will go out of their way not to experience these negative consequences of drug and alcohol consumption.

However, these negative consequences are not enough to deter someone with an addiction, with their cravings and compulsion too strong.

If you notice any other adverse changes to you or a loved one’s life due to drugs and alcohol, now is the time to speak up. Even if the person in question feels you’re overreacting or doesn’t believe that you have an addiction, noticing any of these signs and symptoms means they should get help.

Do not delay in getting your addiction diagnosis today.

How Can Drug and Alcohol Rehab Help Me?

It can be challenging to separate yourself from the ill effects of your addiction. It’s not always clear how alcohol or a substance may be impacting your life and health when you’re the person with the problem.

Despite the real dangers of drugs and alcohol, perhaps the thought of having an addiction and needing rehab makes you laugh a little nervously. Surely you don’t need rehab? [1]

But seriously, if you struggle with anyone the above signs, a drug and alcohol inpatient treatment programme is a significant and positive move towards your recovery journey. Rehab can help you by instilling you with everything you need to start and continue your recovery journey.

Anyone can learn all the motivation, knowledge, and skills you’ll need to manage cravings and addiction through Rehab 4 Addiction.

However, knowing what to expect from a drug and alcohol inpatient centre is one of the best ways to beat the worries and anxieties that may be stopping you from getting the professional support you need.

Once you have decided that treatment is for you, your treatment will begin with a pre-admission assessment, helping us tailor your treatment plan.

Then, you only need five minutes of your time to call Rehab 4 Addiction to answer some basic questions about your addiction.

After that, we’ll invite you to attend a residential rehabilitation centre in Holsworthy for around 10-28 days. But, of course, how long you spend in rehab will depend on the severity of your addiction, the type of substance you are addicted to and any withdrawal symptoms.

It’s vital to embrace the complete treatment programme and any recommended aftercare treatment to get the full potential from rehab and give yourself the best chance of life-long sobriety. But ultimately, when you return home, your ownness is on you to continue your recovery journey and sobriety.

You’ll have all the tools and ongoing professional support you’ll, but the result will be in your hands. Digging deep to find the initial motivation and commitment to continue your sobriety won’t always feel easy, but we know you can do it.

Now’s The Time to Commit to a Rehab in Holsworthy

Hopefully, you can now see how drug and alcohol rehab can aid you in getting over your addiction. Addiction rehab is your best chance of getting your life back on track, but as mentioned above, the work and real success lie with you.

Before you find a rehab centre to suit you, you must fully commit to the rehab process. Preparing yourself for rehab, setting your intentions and committing to the treatment process puts you in the best physical, emotional, and psychological place to being your recovery programme.

Although recovering from your addiction will sometimes feel incredibly challenging, your chosen rehab clinic will give you the tools you need to see your recovery through.

So even though we need you to commit fully, we’re here at Rehab 4 Addiction to help you every step of the way.

Staying local to inpatient treatment plans can be essential to many who want the opportunity for family visits and the comfort of local surroundings. Luckily Rehab 4 Addiction can find a rehab centre local to Holsworthy.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Holsworthy

Hopefully, now that you have learned the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse, you’ve come to see your or a loved ones your drug and alcohol misuse as a dangerous aspect of life that needs professional support.

But, unfortunately, many struggling with addiction still refuse help or are blinded to the dangers of their addiction, feeling their drug or alcohol use is within a safe amount. But what is a safe amount?

With more relaxed views of drug and alcohol consumption standards in our modern society as one of the causes of increased consumption, there is a national danger of this misconception leading to dangerous drug and alcohol use levels.

For example, although the recommended UK consumption level of alcohol is 14 units a week, many go over this amount weekly. [2]

Understanding that addiction only brings adverse side effects is essential to feel ready to receive an addiction diagnosis. However, suppose the time is right to find an addiction rehab centre to help you get over your unhealthy relationship with drugs and alcohol? In that case, Rehab 4 Addiction will be able to help you get over the first hurdle.

We can help you find, investigate, and secure a drug and alcohol rehab facility in Holsworthy. This is a necessary step if you feel your drug and alcohol use has gotten out of control.

However, it’s best to take steps now before your consumption threatens to ruin your life in the future.

How Rehab 4 Addiction Can Help

Committing to rehab can feel almost impossible, especially when patients take these steps alone. However, we provide reassurance to all our patients through our friendly and supportive team.

Whether your addiction is drugs, alcohol, or behavioural, like gambling, our team will help you and make you feel confident that this is the right path for you. We know we are asking a lot, with a commitment to healing no easy task.

How much you want this will drive you and how your recovery goes is ultimately up to you. However, Rehab 4 Addiction pride itself on finding you the proper personalised treatment at the right centre that works for you.

Our admission process is nothing to fear, with the initial contact simply being a general admission chat so we can learn more about you to help you. So theres nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you need help, please pick up the phone today to change your life and give us a call on 0800 140 4690 to learn more or complete a quick and easy assessment.

Don’t forget that you can reach out to our friendly staff via email or our website too.



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