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Substance addiction induces many negative feelings for those suffering, from increased anxiety, depression, and feelings of unworthiness. However, feelings of isolation are most likely to stop someone from seeking professional help.

For those in the midst of Substance Use Disorder (SUD), a life of recovery can seem unattainable, and the road to sobriety out of reach.

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we’re here to assure you that long term recovery is possible, owing to the success rates of our leading treatment providers. We work closely with those in need and their families to provide bespoke referrals based on individual profiles.

With our simplified system, we aim to ease the stress of searching for a suitable drug & alcohol rehab in Horbury.

What are the causes of Substance Use Disorder?

Before the advances in medical research, substance addiction was viewed as a negative lifestyle choice or a sign of moral weakness. In recent years, specialists have confirmed that SUD is in fact caused by a combination of environmental, social, and biological influences.

One addiction counsellor, Andrew Harvey, states that “Addiction often has trauma or other related distress at its root, and it’s important to seek recovery from both the roots of the addiction and the out of control substances or behaviours that we see in addiction”.

Those with SUD often seek to self medicate feelings of anxiety or depression through the escapism offered by a substance.

There are multiple causes of chronic stress that can lead to unmanageable substance addiction. A Public Health England Review recently stipulated that there is a high correlation between high-stress work and excessive alcohol consumption.

For those working long hours to meet deadlines, or handling the emotions of others in their career, a substance dependency can seem like the only way to cope.

Other social and environmental factors leading to SUD often include a troubling home environment. Individuals may have to contend with dysfunctional relationships, financial struggles, or a loved one already battling substance overuse.

What so many potential causes show us, is that addiction doesn’t discriminate. It can affect anyone regardless of age, wealth, ethnicity, or gender.

Why should I seek professional help?

Understandably, many in the midst of addiction are in denial about its severity. They might believe that quitting a substance independently is a viable option, and this leads many individuals to attempt self-detoxification.

While commendable, Independent recovery has a far lower success rate due to the lack of medical facilities and specialist knowledge. For those who attempt to detox at home, withdrawal symptoms can become unmanageable, and they’re more likely to be exposed to triggers.

By securing a place in a drug & alcohol Rehab in Horbury, you’ll have access to an integrated inpatient programme. Completing an on-site recovery plan of around 30 days allows patients to escape relapse-inducing environments.

You’ll be able to start your recovery journey within a safe, comfortable space surrounded by those specialising in addiction recovery. Moreover, during the initial detox phase, you’ll be supported by round the clock medical care, and medication to help ease withdrawal symptoms.

Usually lasting between 7-10 days, a professionally aided detox sets the right tone for the rest of your recovery and will leave you feeling supported and motivated.

Following the detox stage, you’ll be offered a variety of treatments, tailored to your specific needs. As part of a personalised recovery programme, each individual receives targeted psychotherapy throughout their stay in a rehab clinic.

One-on-one therapy with an addiction psychiatrist allows long-term recovery by tackling the root cause of addiction. Through recognised methods such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, your counsellor may reach a dual diagnosis,

such as anxiety, depression, or another underlying mental health concern. Reaching this decision is often a vital step in achieving recovery, as it allows for integrated recuperation beyond simply abstaining from a substance.

Creating your personalised referral

If you’re considering treatment via a drug & alcohol rehab in Horbury, our experienced team will do everything in our power to help get you on the right path.

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we know that there’s no “one size fits all” approach to overcoming SUD, and have made sure to avoid this by curating a bespoke referral service. We work with over 120 drug and alcohol treatment providers in The UK, and each clinic has been vetted by The Care Quality Commision to ensure it delivers outstanding care.

To create your personalised referral, we’ll first perform a free phone consultation. You’ll chat to one of our consultant psychiatrists, who will first complete a short health assessment to check your current state of health and gauge the severity of your SUD.

They’ll ask a series of non-invasive questions concerning any relevant medical history, genetic predispositions, and how you currently feel. This information will be used to determine which treatments are necessary for your unique circumstances.

During the next part of the consultation, we’ll ask about your preferences for finding the most suitable drug & alcohol rehab in Horbury. Before covering location, size, and speciality, the first set of questions will revolve around budgetary preference and the price you’d be comfortable paying.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we recognize the cost of private care, and have done our utmost to help ease any financial burden, and ensure accessible treatment for our clients. In alignment with this, our treatment providers offer payment plans in order to break the cost into manageable chunks.

After your phone consultation, we’ll get to work creating your referral and personalising your treatment programme. In urgent cases where treatment is needed immediately, we can offer you a bed within a 48 hour period- meaning there’s no unnecessary delay in beginning recovery.

Don’t hesitate to reach out

If you seek guidance in choosing a drug & alcohol rehab in Horbury, our team is ready to take your call.

Phone us at any time on 0800 140 4690 or you can email us at Together, we can tackle the problems posed by addiction, and work to curate a life of stable recovery.


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