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Many people wake up one morning determined that “today is a new day”. This might be a day where people put the past behind them and focus on new goals.

Starting over is really helpful and can introduce an optimistic future.

However, if you’re living with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it’s not as easy to start fresh. Addictive behaviours aren’t something you can just put behind you.

This is why accessing treatment is essential. Creating a life of meaning and purpose where healthy decision-making is prioritised needs to be supported.

A referral through Rehab 4 Addiction will become the first step you make towards giving your life a fresh start.

What medications, treatments, and therapies are available in Hoylake for substance misuse?

There are various treatment options in Hoylake and the surrounding areas. When entering a rehab programme there are both outpatient and inpatient options.

This means a person can stay at a clinic for up to twenty-eight days to start treatment. Alternatively, they can remain at home and access treatment around their usual commitments.

Medically supervised detoxes are available and are essential for people who have physical dependencies. This is often the case for people addicted to alcohol, opioids, and alprazolam.

A detox overseen by medical staff means that withdrawal will be managed with medications such as Subutex and Librium. Medications are used in order to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal and to make the experience smoother.

There are many therapies available to treat those with substance misuse problems. The psychological impact of addiction has to be treated.

Discovering where an addiction came from and learning how and why it is continuing supports a person in beginning to understand how to recover.

12 Step groups are highly beneficial for people living with addictions. The network of support provides friendships and mentors as well as a space to share thoughts and problems every week.

Many people find 12 Step groups essential in supporting long-term recovery goals.

Will it take long to recover from drug or alcohol misuse?

You might want to quit the drug or alcohol as quickly as possible. Perhaps you’ve reached a point where you’ve just had enough and want control of your life.

Deep down you’ll understand that the nature of addiction means that recovery is a life-long experience. Even for those who have been abstinent for twenty years, they are still in recovery.

Time dedicated to healing will completely change your life and make it worthwhile. It’s likely to be the most challenging situation you’ll ever face.

Throughout the UK, though, people are choosing to go to rehab and to start on the road without drugs and alcohol.

Overall, the length of time it will take you to be able to control your cravings and manage triggers effectively is difficult to predict.

Factors that influence this include:

1. How you participate in treatment

Those who are totally open to treatment and are completely honest tend to find the process easier.

2. The substance

Physical dependencies, for instance, have to be approached differently from psychological dependence and the detox period will usually last longer.

3. Your attitude

Being determined, committed, and self-compassionate helps.

4. Your health

If your physical health has deteriorated, it can take longer to heal the body.

5. The psychological impact

Some people will need more and longer-lasting therapeutic input than others.

Treatment tailored to your individual needs

Treatment in Hoylake will differ between individuals. This is because each person comes with their own body, mind, life, and experiences.

In order for Rehab 4 Addiction to identify what type of rehabilitation programme would be most suitable, we carry out a pre-assessment over the phone.

On this call, we ask a series of questions to understand the severity of the addiction, what your preferences are, and what your life is currently like.

We explain your options in the Hoylake area. With your permission, we then make a referral to the rehab centre you’re most interested in.

The medical team at the clinic will use our assessment to consider the type of treatment you need, along with the psychiatric assessment they carry out with you at the start of your programme.

What is it like to stay in rehab?

Firstly, a stay at a private rehab clinic can come about quickly. The reduced waiting lists means people are usually able to enter rehab soon after a referral from Rehab 4 Addiction.

This is really beneficial. When people make the decision to enter rehab, it can be difficult staying focused and motivated to go if there is a six-week waiting list.

A referral through Rehab 4 Addiction means that you could enter rehab within days. It really depends on your circumstances and what’s appropriate.

A private clinic has to make patients feel welcomed and comfortable. This is highly important in creating the right atmosphere to start the healing journey.

Delicious home-cooked meals are available every day. Nutrition is highly important after the damage that the body has been through.

The vital organs will need the vitamins and minerals gained from a well-balanced nutritional meal.

There are private rooms and relaxed communal areas where you can socialise with others. Along with this side of clinics, there is the clinical side.

You’ll enjoy communication and connection with peers in similar situations, as well as having access to 24/7 support from a team of highly experienced professionals.

The step to recovery

Beginning a new lifestyle takes work. As well as participating in treatment, you’ll have to make lifestyle changes that support you to stay sober.

This will mean losing certain friends and developing new interests and hobbies.

This can seem daunting. However, choosing to be rehabilitated means that you’ll be guided through how to construct a new and healthy life.

Recovery is much easier to face when you’re supported with top-quality treatment.

To take the first step towards healing, contact Rehab 4 Addiction. All you need to do is explain that you’re interested in treatment and we’ll lead you through the rest.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Call us on 0800 140 4690.

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