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Whilst it can be difficult to admit you are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, it’s important to consider the long term impact that not acknowledging your issue could have on your physical and psychological well-being. Addiction can also negatively affect other areas of your life, such as work, relationships and financial security.

If you have become tired of suffering from the side effects and emotional impact of addiction, then the best decision you can make for yourself and your loved ones is to seek rehabilitative support.

It’s not an easy step, however, it is the choice that provides you with the most likelihood of making a recovery from your addiction and living a healthier, happier life.

There are a number of professional drug and alcohol rehab treatment facilities in and around Hucknall and across Nottinghamshire. This type of treatment centre has been proven as the most effective route out of addiction for those with serious addiction issues.

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we can offer a friendly referral service that can help source a place for you with one of our trusted partner rehab facilities in the local area.

How to find a suitable rehab facility in Hucknall

Once you’ve taken that first step and made the positive decision to begin your recovery from addiction, we’re ready to help you source the right type of treatment at the most appropriate rehab centre for you.

Our initial assessment will help us to determine which types of treatment would benefit you based on your own personal experience with drug or alcohol addiction.

We will review the costs and payment plans available with you and explain all that you need to know about your personalised treatment programme, as well as helping you choose the exact location in Hucknall to attend.

Our pre-admission process can help you to obtain a place more easily, and we can even help arrange a mutually agreeable admission date with your chosen rehab facility.

In the meantime, we understand that you are likely to have lots of questions about what you can expect from professional rehab and why you should consider it.

We’ve tried to anticipate and answer some of these below, but feel free to get in touch to ask us about any other concerns you may have. Our service is non-judgmental and all calls are handled with tact and in the strictest confidence.

Why should I consider a rehab treatment centre?

Congratulations on taking the first step towards your recovery, which is simply, admitting that you need help. The next step is to consider what type of help is right for you and moreover, why a rehab treatment centre gives you a higher chance of success with your long-term sobriety.

Many people struggling with addiction are unaware of how significant their problem is and will therefore feel able to rehabilitate by themselves.

Whilst their intentions are positive, self-recovery is rarely successful as it fails to address the root causes of your addiction. Unfortunately, this inevitably leads to a cycle of relapsing and recovery.

The other thing to note is that home detox kits, which may seem like a low cost and convenient option, can actually be incredibly dangerous. Detoxification is a risky process that should be done under professional medical supervision.

Whilst withdrawal symptoms will vary depending on the substance(s) you are withdrawing from and how long you’ve used it for, some can be life-threatening and require immediate medical care.

Community-based rehab support programmes, such as those offered by the NHS can be successful for some people, but unfortunately, they are reliant on your own recovery management.

In the midst of an addiction, remembering outpatient treatment appointments and finding the continued motivation to attend can be difficult.

Another factor to consider when trying to recover from home is that you are not going to be removing yourself from the environment, social triggers and temptations that lead to and perpetuate your addiction.

If you are seriously considering a residential drug and alcohol treatment facility for your recovery, then you are going to be giving yourself the best possible chance to succeed.

Rehab treatment centres are built to promote an environment conducive to recovery. You will benefit from seclusion, removal from your daily life and habits and a calm atmosphere where you can really focus on your recovery.

You will have access to continuous professional support and medical care, as well as a structured and personally tailored recovery plan. You will also have access to some of the country’s leading addiction treatments and most experienced counsellors.

What sort of treatments will be offered at a private rehab facility?

Hucknall-based private rehab facilities will offer a variety of options to suit a range of budgets. Whilst those at the more affordable end of the spectrum offer less in the way of luxury accommodation, they offer a safe, calm and non-judgemental setting from which to focus on your rehabilitation.

All of our partner treatment facilities in Hucknall and the surrounding areas have expert staff, who are experienced in treating people with a wide range of addiction problems. Some people also take comfort in being surrounded by those who are in a similar situation.

Whether through group therapy sessions or socialising in personal time, you have the opportunity to form a support network that will help you stay motivated throughout your stay and beyond.

The first treatment is usually a total detox in order to reduce your physical dependence on drugs and alcohol. It is also possible to attend rehab treatment facilities having already detoxed, to support your further recovery.

Detox is a difficult process for anyone struggling with addiction, but at a dedicated detox facility, you will have round the clock medical care and support, making this not only your safest place to be throughout detox but the most comfortable, with withdrawal symptoms managed and reduced wherever possible.

Following detox, a range of psychological treatments will focus on treating the cause and any mental health-related side effects of your addiction, as well as pre-existing mental health conditions, where applicable.

This holistic approach to rehabilitation, offered through a structured programme, gives you the chance to properly identify your triggers and learn coping mechanisms so that you can avoid them once you return to your home life.

Professional and experienced addiction counsellors will offer you one to one support, but you will also have access to a range of therapies, including group therapy, addiction education sessions, alternative therapies that explore music and art and cognitive behavioural therapy or (CBT).

CBT has been used effectively in addiction recovery to help change the mindset and learn new, healthy behaviours. Family therapy is also offered in some cases, as it is found to be beneficial to create an understanding support network in your home environment, for when you return from residential treatment.

All rehab facilities also offer access to aftercare services, which can help to encourage and motivate you to retain your sobriety in the long term.

Call us today on 0800 140 4690, and take the first steps into your new life.

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