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The start of your journey can often be the most challenging part.

It is the point in your life when you have to accept everything has to change. Where you have to be prepared for the work and commitment that lies ahead of you.

The journey to long term recovery won’t be an easy one. It is something even the best of us struggle with and need help to complete.

There is no shame in admitting you are struggling and that you need help to move forwards with your life.

Asking your help is much better than just pushing yourself and hoping you can simply will yourself to get over your drug or alcohol dependency.

Unfortunately, dependency is much more complicated than a simple habit that needs breaking. It has had a serious effect on both your mind and body, both of which require treatment in order for you to live a sober life.

Even if you manage to achieve sobriety alone, you would have only just scratched the surface of your drug or alcohol dependency.

In order to fully understand what you need and how to be healthier, you will need the help of a rehab centre.

How rehab helps with recovery

Rehab centres are simply medical centres that specialise in treating people for drug or alcohol dependencies.

They do this through specialised facilities that cater to the different elements associated with the effects of prolonged substance abuse.

Their treatments are each designed to tackle different areas of drug or alcohol dependency. Some are to combat chemical dependency so that you can be safely weaned away from your substance of choice.

Others are designed to improve your mental health and teach you ways to avoid triggers and replace your substance abuse with healthier coping mechanisms.

Some are put in place for after you leave the rehab centre so that you can continue in your journey to long term recovery.

The best way to feel safe and secure in your treatments is to gain a greater understanding of what these exactly are.

The Detox:

The detox will likely be the first treatment you receive upon your arrival at the rehab centre. It is designed to give you a fresh start so that you can focus on the rest of your treatments without the distraction of constantly thinking about your cravings.

The process involves you working through the withdrawal symptoms in a safe environment that can be controlled and monitored by medical professionals.

The detox won’t be an easy period of time.

This is due to the withdrawal symptoms you will be experiencing. They result in:

  • Chills
  • Vomiting
  • Muscle pain
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhoea
  • Mood swings
  • Seizures
  • And hallucinations.

While not exactly an enjoyable experience, it is a necessary one, as if you experience these symptoms alone, they can be possibly fatal. You need medical assistance for the detox to be done safely.

The process is perfectly safe in the rehab centre. You will be monitored night and day to ensure you are doing ok.

Suppose you are struggling and the symptoms are proving too much for your body to handle. In that case, the supervising medical staff will administer medication to relieve the withdrawal symptoms.

Once the detox is finished, usually after about 10 days, you won’t need to worry about experiencing withdrawal symptoms again.

The withdrawal symptoms are experienced because your brain has developed a dependency on substance abuse to provide it with dopamine.

As dopamine is the chemical responsible for causing you to experience pleasure, your brain reacts violently when it is denied it.

However, once it is weaned off, so long as you avoid a relapse, you should be able to avoid the withdrawal symptoms too.


More often than not, you will be sent to therapy following your detox.

In most rehab centres, the therapy will take the form of group sessions. This allows those staying at the centre at the time to interact with each other and offer support.

Seeking treatment for a drug or alcohol dependency can be a very lonely and isolating time. So group therapy is a wonderful opportunity to show you and others that you aren’t alone. That anyone can struggle, and everyone deserves the chance to work towards long term recovery.

However, the main goal of group therapy is to get to the reason behind your substance abuse.

It is very rare for substance abuse to just happen. While some people are genetically more likely to develop a dependency, there still needs to be a catalyst for substance abuse in the first place.

The most common reason is trauma.

Trauma tends to cause those dealing with it to seek out ways to numb the pain. However, to ignore it for a little bit even if by doing so they are only making it become worse.

Through therapy, you will be able to understand what causes the triggers for your substance abuse and how to avoid them. In addition, you will be introduced to healthier coping mechanisms to replace your bad habits as well.

These can range from breathing exercises and basic mindfulness techniques to something that may seem silly right now but could prove helpful such as dancing or taking up a new hobby.

This is designed to centre you and allow you to think rationally at the moment so you can avoid relapsing.

Aftercare services:

Just because your time at the rehab centre has finished doesn’t mean your recovery journey has also reached its end.

In order to achieve long term recovery, you need to continue to work towards your goal even without the constant supervision and support available in rehab.

Every rehab centre provides aftercare services which you should take full advantage of.

This includes something called a relapse prevention plan which is designed specifically for you. It contains tools to avoid triggers for your cravings and a referral to a rehab centre in the Ibstock area.

A support group is a great way to have your progress monitored and supported. As it gives you the freedom to make your own decisions but is still there for when you need help.

It also helps you build friendships with others working towards the same goal as you. Letting them support you while you support them.

Finding a rehab centre

The best thing you can do now gives us a call at:

0800 140 4690

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we take the hard work out of finding the perfect rehab centre. With our years of experience, we are able to make the best possible referral for you.

We make sure any rehab centres we may send you to are clean, safe and have the facilities necessary to help you achieve long term recovery.

If you are ready to start your new life and check into the perfect rehab centre in the Ibstock area, then please give us a call.

We are ready and waiting to help you.



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