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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Ilkley

If you’re living in or around the Ilkley area and have grown concerned with your substance use, you’re not alone.

Drug and alcohol addiction is common throughout the UK and this serious mental health issue almost always requires medical intervention.

It can be difficult to see a problem in your own behaviour and even more difficult to admit that you have a problem to others, but we understand.

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we specialise in addiction recovery advocacy and referral.

We can help you to determine if a habit has become an addiction and, if you have the desire to recover from this affliction, we can help you find the professional help that you need to do so.

Addiction is a serious disease that has a lasting impact on neural pathways in the brain, which can literally alter the way that your brain functions.

That’s why most people who are struggling with drug or alcohol addictions will need medical intervention in order to overcome their addiction.

How untreated drug and alcohol addictions will affect your body in the long-term

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It can be easy to fall under the misconception that your addiction is not severe enough to need rehabilitation-style intervention.

In fact, many people with drug and alcohol addiction problems delay their recovery until a future point, at which they feel that their problem is serious enough to require help.

The problem with this line of thinking is that addiction intensifies over time, meaning that recovery becomes more and more difficult to achieve, the more control the addiction has over your body and mind.

It’s also, sadly, the case that once addiction takes significant hold, many people no longer wish to recover or deny that they have a problem, as this behaviour is innate with addictive behaviours.

It’s important, therefore, to seek professional help at the earliest time possible when you’ve discovered that you have a problem with addiction.

The other benefit of seeking help early on is to prevent additional damage to your mind and body.

There is a wide range of physical issues that arise from prolonged drug and alcohol abuse, including heart conditions, liver disease, lung and breathing problems and even brain damage.

There is also a wide range of mental health conditions that can result from drug and alcohol addictions, with depression and anxiety amongst the very common side effects, but more serious problems with prolonged use.

If you’re ready to recover from your addiction and live a longer, healthier life, get in touch with us today, here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we’re waiting for your call.

How Rehab 4 Addiction can help you to find a suitable rehab centre

Our call handlers are experienced in the area of drug and alcohol addiction, some of the team are in recovery themselves, so we understand where you are and are keen to help you find the path to your recovery.

A short and simple assessment can help us to determine the severity of your condition and therefore recommend one of our partner drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres.

There is a range of rehab options available, including outpatient care, community-based treatments and residential recovery.

If your addiction is moderate to severe, however, there is a high likelihood that we will recommend residential rehab, which offers the highest success rates for those attempting recovery from drug or alcohol addictions.

Can I recover from my drug or alcohol addiction locally in Ilkley?

Rehab 4 Addiction partners with a large number of renowned drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation facilities across the UK, including in Ilkley and the wider Yorkshire area.

All centres are regulated by the CQC (Care Quality Commission) which holds them to high standards of care and safety. They also have impressive recovery success rates.

Through our assessment and referral process, you will receive immediate pre-admission to the facility of your choice, with no need for a GP referral or to endure NHS waiting times.

Each of our partner addiction recovery centres uses a common structured approach to rehab, which involves addressing both the physical and psychological aspects of your addiction.

As everyone’s experience with addiction is different, your programme will be personalised to target your individual needs.

What will happen at a residential rehab centre?

A full medically assisted detox will be the initial part of your treatment during your stay. Whilst the detox phase can be unpleasant, this environment offers you both the safest and most comfortable detox experience available.

As a risky process, detox is not recommended to be attempted alone, but at a professional clinic, you will receive 24/7 monitoring, ensuring your safety is maintained.

The clinic practitioners will also reduce our substance use very gradually in order to minimise the withdrawal effects experienced.

Medication may also be used to reduce your withdrawal symptoms, where possible.

Once detox is complete you will move on to a range of psychological therapy treatments to address the root cause of your illness, reduce your trigger responses and create a relapse prevention plan.

There is a range of modern psychotherapy options on offer, which will be tailored to your needs and include one to one time with an experienced addiction counsellor.

You will leave rehab sober and newly formed healthy lifestyle habits, along with the ability to maintain your recovery in the long term.

However, you will not be expected to manage your sobriety alone, with a full 12-month aftercare package included in each residential stay, you will continue to receive motivation towards your goal of sustained sobriety.

The Rehab 4 Addiction helpline is available day and night, so reach out now and begin your journey towards a sober life.

Call us today on 0800 140 4690.

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