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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Immingham

The benefits of entering a drug and alcohol rehab are tenfold. Health, mental health, relationships, finances and living situations all improve.

Many people at the start of the recovery journey might feel as though this is impossible. A life without the substance could fill you with anxiety or perhaps feel pointless.

The side effects of addiction can make it hard to imagine a life without drugs and alcohol. The thing is, the more time you put into healing, the more you create a life about yourself and what you deserve.

Putting yourself first means learning about yourself and developing who you are.

Rehabilitation involves much more than stopping taking a substance.

How does Rehab 4 Addiction support you?

At Rehab 4 Addiction we have a team dedicated to supporting people in drug and alcohol recovery. It’s our passion to help others change their lives and find meaning in activities that aren’t related to a substance.

From the moment you contact us, we are open and encourage you to speak with us honestly. We have years of experience working with people who have addiction problems and are totally open-minded to your story.

An honest and open approach makes recovery a much easier process.

We can discuss the addiction with you and provide advice on your treatment options. We know what’s available throughout the UK so can explain rehabilitation programmes thoroughly.

What’s the best type of rehab programme for you?

Rehab programmes differ according to which private clinic or community centre they’re at. There will be different timetables and some centres might have particular focuses.

For instance, if a specific substance is heavily used in one area then there might be more services around what is needed to treat it.

There might be 12 Step groups focused on alcohol in one town and another town might focus more on narcotics.

As a rule, there is usually a range of options in most areas. Rehab 4 Addiction can talk you through them.

Are you mentally prepared?

It goes without saying that attending rehab isn’t as simple as just walking into the centre and quitting. It will take certain qualities. It will require determination, focus, honesty, and commitment.

To start with, though, you don’t need to worry too much about this. These traits are built the longer you spend on the recovery journey and it gets easier as time goes on.

There will be moments where you feel that you’ve hit rock bottom or that you might feel desperate like you want another drink or hit.

It’s these moments that make a stay at a clinic incredibly effective. You are supported 24/7 by people who have good suggestions and activities to get you through those moments.

Location! Location! Location!

Many people think that a residential stay at rehab involves going to stay at a clinic somewhere far away from where they live. Historically this has been common practice.

Many still prefer to do this. It puts distance between them and the usual haunts, the usual places where dealers are, where the substance is taken, and the usual triggers and memories.

Having distance provides a “clean break” and makes it very difficult to leave the clinic to go pick up or to head to a usual drinking spot. This will be the better option for some.

On the other hand, attending rehab in or near Immingham means that you open up other options. For instance, if you would benefit from couples or family therapy, this option becomes much more achievable.

Also, breaking the habit in the location it often occurs proves that you are able to be in that area without using the substance. This can be incredibly empowering for some.

Either option is effective. It really depends on the individual circumstances.

Should you stay at the clinic?

Rehab programmes can be completed as a resident where you stay up to twenty-eight days, or you might prefer outpatient services. These tend to be more effective for mild substance problems, where the behaviours and consequences haven’t got out of hand.

Outpatient services are more casual. A timetable of sessions is on offer and the person can attend the sessions that suit them around their usual daily schedule.

Inpatient services is a residential stay that includes a programme of treatments throughout the day.

What about the money?

Every person deserves to be treated for addiction. It’s an illness and as such should be treated by a team of experienced professionals with the aim of making you well.

Whatever your financial situation, there will be options for you. It’s best to discuss this with the Rehab 4 Addiction team in further detail.

The safety and security aspects

A stay at a clinic ensures that residents are safe while they’re undergoing treatment. This is especially helpful for those with moderate to severe addictions who struggle particularly around withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

A residential stay means medical staff will be there to support you through difficult symptoms. Medication can be prescribed where necessary, both to ease physical and psychological symptoms.

Are you ready to begin a life of healing?

As the saying goes, “There’s no time like the present”. Never has that been so relevant than for a person living with an addiction.

The urgency is related to the damage that drugs and alcohol cause. The longer a person takes a substance, the more difficult it can be to stop and it also causes more damage to the mind and body.

No matter how long you’ve had problems, though, healing is possible so long as you’re willing to make the changes.

Perhaps it seems impossible, but thousands of people are recovering from drugs and alcohol all the time. You are just as capable as other people of doing so with the right support.

What next?

So, now’s the time to begin a life without taking drugs and drinking. Now’s the time to begin healing and developing a whole new you.

It can be far too easy to listen to doubts and fears, which of course, lead people nowhere. To start to go somewhere, take a step of faith and focus on that.

Focus on trying something new: recovery.

Call Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690 to find out your treatment options.


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