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Once people are able to recognise that they have a problem with alcohol or drugs it is vital that they quit this behaviour as soon as possible.

There is help available for people in Andover who find themselves in this situation, but they will need to make use of these resources in order to benefit.

The dangers of delaying taking advantage of such help will include:

  • Over any significant period of time the person’s situation will deteriorate even though they might not be able to recognise this. The longer the individual remains addicted the more they will end up losing. It is therefore vital that the individual stops the behaviour as soon as possible – it will save them a lot of pain
  • If the individual continues with the behaviour they will eventually reach a point where a full recovery is no longer possible. This means that the individual has been so physically or mentally damaged by the abuse that their body is unable to recover fully. Examples of this would be people who develop liver cirrhosis or alcohol use disorder dementia (wet brain syndrome)
  • The longer the person remains addicted the more they are going to end up hurting other people. This is not fair. Eventually, the individual will harm their relationships so much that they become unsalvageable. This means that even if the person manages to become sober and change their life, their relationships will be so damaged that starting again will be difficult
  • It does not make sense that people should want to delay living a better life
  • There is no guarantee that the person will be able to summon the motivation to quit in the future. The only time that the person will be able to quit is right now

Hitting Rock Bottom in Addiction

It is often claimed that in order for people to be able to break away from addiction they will need to hit rock bottom. This is a claim that has substance, but there is a great deal of misunderstanding about what rock bottom actually means.

It is important that those people in Andover who are dealing with an addiction have a realistic understanding of rock bottom so that they can get the help they need sooner rather than later.

Entering Rehab in Andover after a High or Low Rock Bottom

It does not matter if the individual enters rehab after a high or low rock bottom – the experience can still be equally rewarding and important. The whole point of this facility is not so much to end the symptoms of addiction but to remove the causes of this behaviour.

This is vital because if the reasons why the individual turned to alcohol or drug abuse are still there, they will either relapse or turn to new maladaptive behaviours. The reason then for why a high rock bottom substance abuser might enter rehab is to prevent them from becoming a low rock bottom substance abuser.

Once the individual has passed through an alcohol or drug rehabilitation facility they will be in a great position to live a new and better life going forward. Of course, it will be up to the individual to make the most of their time in rehab. If they are diligent though, they will have all the tools they need for a new and better way of living.

Sobriety is not about returning to how things were before the substance abuse – it is about finding a new and far more satisfying way of life.

Getting help now

Rehab 4 Addiction is an organisation offering counselling and referral services to addicts and their families in Andover. We work with private clinics offering drug and alcohol treatment programmes on a residential basis. We also advise clients regarding outpatient rehab services.

Contact us today for more advice on 0800 140 4690. Rehab 4 Addiction officers a range of addiction treatments in Hampshire, including Southampton, Basingstoke, Portsmouth, Winchester, Andover, Petersfield, Isle Of Wight and Aldershot.

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