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We Have Found Multiple Treatment Facilities In Farnham

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ThisĀ Farnham rehab clinic is a fully residential 18 bed primary care centre that facilitates detox and offers a program of rebalance and restructure to clients’ lives. The centre is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and aims to offer the highest standard of care possible.

What makes us special?

  • The decor of our beautiful modern facility has been finished to a very high standard.
  • All rooms are en-suite and have flat screen TVs for you to wind down after a day of therapy or after having a relaxing massage.
  • We also have a hot tub and steam room for our clients to de-stress as part of their relaxation program.
  • There is a massage chair available to our clients to use at their leisure for further relaxation.
  • Or if you feel more energetic you can feel free to play our grand piano which is situated in our main lounge.

Programme Overview

The structured program would benefit clients coming in for a short 10-14 day detox programme as well as clients staying for the main 28 day program and longer. The centre has a well balanced day starting at 9am and going through to 6pm.

Clients will experience between 5-7 groups a day ranging from holistic treatments through to group therapy or workshops or stress management. The centre offers educational workshops on neurobiology and enhances clients’ diet by introducing a wide range of vitamins.

The program is also structured at weekends. Clients are permitted visits on a Sunday.

Facilities and accommodation

The facility is a modern building with 3 floors. All the rooms are en-suite and there is a mix of single and twin bedrooms.

There are two nice bright group rooms. The group room located on the top floor overlooks the beach and sea offering a stunning view. The facility has an open plan kitchen.

Clients are served a fresh and healthy balanced diet everyday whilst at the centre. The lounge is also open plan and has a lovely grand piano and gas fire which offers a relaxing setting in the evening. The centre also has 1-2-1 rooms and holistic therapy rooms.

At the back of the facility there is a smoking area which is covered.

The centre also has a hot tub and steam room for relaxation.

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