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Getting help in Gravesend

Drug and alcohol rehabs in Gravesend offer a unique and holistic approach to treating a range of conditions including substance abuse, alcohol dependency, various behavioural addictions, anxiety, mood disorders, video game addiction, gambling and eating disorders.

Our approach is unique and encompasses therapies aimed at healing the body, mind, soul and heart. Our programmes are tailored to each individual with equal emphasis placed on physical health, mental well-being and emotional connection.

We pride ourselves on being flexible in our approach. We offer detoxification and comprehensive medical services, intensive inpatient rehabilitation, one-to-one counselling, complementary therapies and continuing aftercare services.

We resist the usual urge to categorise people in diagnostic ‘boxes’. We realise that what works for someone may not be as appropriate for another. Our programmes are therefore never pre-designed and are specifically customised and developed only after thorough assessments from a range of clinical perspectives.

We also understand that although our clients are here to change and to heal, they need not compromise on the comfort and responsiveness they expect from their environments. The centre offers a warm, protected, gracious home with a nurturing treatment team exclusively at your service.

What makes us special?

  • We listen to our clients when designing their unique programme. This individualised approach ensures the most effective mix of therapies for the fastest possible recovery
  • We offer privacy & confidentiality. Our employees and contractors are all bound by strict confidentiality agreements
  • Our properties are located in a beautiful, safe and discrete environment with no obvious links to a treatment facility
  • Family members and loved ones are also invited to participate in the programme when it is considered beneficial to the client. The treatment centre’s family counselling can be very healing for both the addict and their loved ones

Programme Overview

After our client is thoroughly, clinically and medically assessed by the admissions staff, we commence with one of our intensive treatment programmes.

The intensive treatment programmes are carefully constructed to set the foundations for a successful long-term recovery. The therapeutic team works with the client to examine the underlying issues causing the addiction to persist. They carefully examine their psychological profile, physical conditions and substance abuse history in order to determine what would be the most effective treatments to use in their programme. They also design activities to address any personal issues, relationship difficulties, and self-destructive patterns of behaviour.

Every day will be highly structured, supportive and challenging. A typical day will include carefully coordinated appointments and group work, with selected members of their recovery team, such as counsellors, personal therapists, nutritional consultant, acupuncturist, meditation teacher, medical staff, carers and other trainers and teachers as required. The programme will be reviewed on a regular basis to remain responsive to the changing requirements of our client.

Family members, friends, and in particular the client’s partner are valuable resources of information and support for the client. Our therapists encourage the client’s significant others to participate in their intensive programme if desired.

The last stage of the programme is to prepare the next stage of their recovery, whether this may be returning home, moving on to a transitional programme or aftercare.

Facilities and accommodation

The treatment centre in Gravesend is located in a rural location hidden away from the outside world.

Clients are chauffeured to and from one of our comfortable residences, in a safe and secure residential area. All our properties are located in beautiful, discrete environments with no obvious links to a treatment facility.

Our accommodation centres are tastefully decorated to a high standard and each client has the privacy and safety of their own room. There are large living areas with TV/DVD, and gardens to the rear. All meals are prepared by our in-house chefs and cater to a variety of diets. There is also 24hr support at all premises.

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