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Problems with addiction are rarely something that people ever expect to be dealing with in their own lives. Even those individuals who grew up with substance abuse will usually feel that they will never allow their own alcohol or drug use get out of control. The reality is that this type of problem can impact anyone and nobody is immune from falling into this behaviour.

People in Harfield who find that they are faced with this type of issue will find that there are resources they can turn to for help. Getting over a drug or alcohol addiction can be a real challenge, but it is something that people can do once they feel determined to do so.

Signs That You May Be Ready for Rehab

If you are unsure about your readiness for rehab you might want to think about the following questions:

Do you feel that your life would be better without alcohol or drugs?

If substance abuse is causing problems in your life then this is a sign that you need to stop. If giving up alone is going to be a struggle you will probably need help such as rehab.

Have you previously tried to quit before without help but failed?

If you have previously tried to give up addiction alone but failed then this is usually a sign that you need help. There is no shame in this, and it is usually only the addicted mind that keeps the person from asking for help. It is important to remember the old adage if you keep on doing the same things you will keep on getting the same results. Rehab could be the new approach that will lead you to success.

Do you worry about your ability to cope with living without alcohol or drugs?

The most common reason why people relapse when they try to give up addiction alone is that they feel unable to cope. This happens because the individual has previously relied on alcohol or drugs to help them deal with life and now they have nothing to replace it with.

Life can feel impossible if you do not have a way of dealing with things. One of the real benefits of going to rehab is that the individual will have the opportunity to develop some coping mechanisms for dealing with life, and they will be able to test these out in a controlled environment.

Do you have too much going on in your life to be able to focus on recovery?

If the individual fails to become sober they risk losing everything of value in their life. This means that ending the addiction has to become the person’s priority in life, and they will need to focus all their attention on this if they are going to be successful.

The problem is that people will often have everyday responsibilities and obligations that also demand their attention. By entering rehab the individual will be able to escape all these other responsibilities and put all their focus on getting better.

Do you worry that there will be too much temptation around for you to stay sober?

The first few weeks of recovery are the hardest, and if the individual is surrounded by temptation they will find it difficult to make it through this time. By entering a rehab facility, the individual will be away from the normal temptations and inside a protected environment without access to alcohol or drugs. By the time they leave rehab, they will be ready to deal with temptations so long as they do the necessary work.

Getting Help for Addiction Now

The best time to get help for an addiction is right now. Any attempt to postpone ending the substance abuse just means that the individual will end up losing more. They may eventually reach a stage where a full recovery is no longer possible.

The body can withstand a great deal of abuse but there comes a time when it is unable to recover and any damage that occurs is permanent. The individual can end up dealing with things like permanent alcoholic dementia or a failing liver.

Once the individual has decided that they are ready to stop they will often benefit from spending a period of time in rehab. This will give them the opportunity to develop the skills they are going to need in order to build a new life.

One of the difficulties that people have, when they become sober, is dealing with stress and normal everyday challenges.

For years they will have been using alcohol or drugs to help them cope but now this option will not be open for them. It is therefore vital that they get some new coping strategies or they will be at high risk of relapse.

The great thing about rehab is that it provides a safe and controlled environment in which the individual can experiment with the different coping strategies to see what works and what does not.

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