Rehab 4 Addiction

Situated in the beautiful Midlands countryside, nestled into the Old English urban landscape sits a very exciting, revolutionary drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic. Headed by addiction specialists the treatment centre offers a choice for clients wanting to recover once and for all.

The centre readily acknowledges that any alcohol or drug problem is born from a much deeper routed problem. The centre engages its clients in a transformational, invigorating programme that promises to lend hope when it is needed the most.

Without compromise, the centre mission statement seeks to provide highly effective treatment at lower costing prices, making it accessible to the majority.

What makes us special?

The treatment centre provides treatment for trauma reduction, validating the vital need to address childhood shame as part of any genuine treatment process in the recovery from addictive disorders.

The centre’s treatment for acute mental health disorders helps to treat depression, anxiety and stress.  The rehab offers clients a treatment model which aims to help clients experience both mental and physical wellbeing and enhancement and designed to help develop self-compassion.

The centre aims to provide people with a high level of care that offers an opportunity for restored value in who they are.

Programme Overview

The centre’s treatment model at its core offers a 12 step approach which is cognitively based, enhanced by emotional, experiential processes and workshops to access repressed emotional states and to address addictive disorders.

A.C.T contains 3 main components:

1. Addictions

  • Detoxification: Directed by a multi- clinical team of Doctors & Nurses
  • 12 Step Process: Cognitive & Step programme Work 1-3
  • Emotional, Non-cognitive Therapy Models: Psychodrama, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Music, Art

2. Cross Addictions

The A.C.T learning programme highlights ‘cross addiction’ as a real and dangerous part of the addictive process; clients will be fully versed in the spectrum of both substances and processes.

3. Trauma & Shame

The centre believes that trauma in the form of shame is a major contributory factor to relapse and discord. The centre sees the removal of childhood developmental trauma as a vital component of the A.C.T Treatment Plan.

Facilities and accommodation

The centre provides home from home accommodation just a minutes walking distance from the sea. The centre has 14 bedrooms all tastefully furnished and equipped with their own basin offering a comfortable and private living space which is conducive to therapeutic change.

The building has multiple private bath/shower rooms ensuring private access as required. Alongside the dining and lounge area, there are a number of spacious rooms offering spaces for one to one counselling, family counselling and group therapy.

In the finer weather, the mature English garden and the beach offer the perfect setting for meditative practice or simply taking in some relaxation in the sun.

Contact us today

Rehab 4 Addiction provides expert addictions advice, care planning, treatment & counselling.

We are here to help – call us today on 0800 140 4690 for confidential advice in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

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