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Do you feel like you’ve lost control of your life due to alcohol or drug use? Have your habits gotten out of hand where all you can think about is drinking or getting your next lot of drugs?

An addiction overrides almost all aspects of a person’s life at its worst. Some people might have a handle on their jobs and responsibilities but still, find that they can’t go a day or two without the substance.

Whatever your personal situation, the truth is that drugs and alcohol introduce toxins into the body.

This means that even during the earlier phases when side-effects aren’t that visible, the substances are putting a huge strain on your vital organs and bodily functions.

For thousands of people, taking control of addiction is a huge challenge. However, many are accessing treatment in the UK every year and are recreating their lives.

When you get hold of the Rehab 4 Addiction team, you make the first step towards improving your future and your health. A successful recovery is possible with the right support.

How do I tell someone I have an addiction?

When a person is addicted to alcohol or drugs, they will initially go through a period of denial of the problem.

There are various reasons for this, two of the most common being that it can be incredibly difficult to admit this to themselves and secondly because there’s a stigma attached to addiction.

Also, with the admission of a problem, there comes a choice which is whether to “solve” the problem or not. “Solving” addiction isn’t easy, though.

Substance abuse is a multi-layered condition that affects every part of who a person is and what their life looks like.

For a problem of this magnitude, honesty is essential. A person has to admit the problem and has to admit that it’s an illness that they’re living with.

When people are ill, they need support. There is absolutely no shame in admitting that you need support in order to recover from an illness.

It’s important to choose someone who you trust when you first admit that you have an addiction. A close family member or friend might be a good idea for some.

On the other hand, for many others, it might be someone who there’s no emotional attachment to, for instance, a doctor. The Rehab 4 Addiction team are also available for you to have this discussion with.

When you have identified the person you want to tell, make sure you’re both in a relaxed environment, that there are no distractions and that the person is ready to listen.

Be direct and explain simply that you have a problem with whichever substance it is and that you needed to tell someone you could trust.

In terms of recovery, honesty is the best policy with yourself and with others.

What types of therapeutic treatments are there for substance misuse?

Drug and alcohol treatment is most effective when it includes therapies. This is to ensure that long-term recovery is built on a strong foundation and has the largest chance of success.

Therapy comes in many different forms and each individual will have particular preferences. It’s important, however, for people to access all the therapies recommended.

Each therapy exists to treat a different aspect of the addiction. Together they offer a comprehensive structure to heal from.

There are both psychological therapies and alternative therapies.

The structure of therapies

When you attend a therapy session they’ll usually follow one of these formats:

1. One-to-ones

This will be led by a therapist (or sometimes a counsellor). These are usually where deeper issues around causes are explored. It’s a very personal type of therapy.

2. Group therapy

Within addiction treatment, peer support is essential in providing consistency as groups are regular and people can access them every week into the future. This is also a space where people make positive new connections with others in similar positions. Group therapy provides a network of support and demonstrates what can be achieved through an abstinent lifestyle.

3. Family and couple therapy

Addiction usually has a damaging effect on close relationships. For many, it can become impossible to find a safe space to talk around this due to high emotions. A therapist can facilitate a comfortable environment with boundaries and lead people through healing conversation.

The types of therapies

Alternative therapies provide an “alternative” way of approaching thoughts, feelings, and communication. Art and music therapy are very common when completing treatment.

Sometimes they’ll happen within a one-to-one, or they might happen in a group context.

Evidence-based therapies are what you might immediately think of when you first consider therapy. This is when people are treated by a highly trained and experienced therapist with who you will build a professional and open relationship with where you’ll be able to say the deepest things.

These are psychological treatments which mean they treat the mind. They’re called evidence-based because they have been proven to help heal people with addictions. Cognitive Behavioural and Dialectical Behavioural Therapies are the most commonly used.

This type of treatment helps you to discover the underlying causes of the addiction, how you currently think and live with the addiction, and how you can reframe your thinking and the way you live with it.

Do I need therapy to treat addiction?

You might be concerned about talking about difficult memories or current issues you have. Therapy can seem intimidating, especially when the usual way to cope is with drinking or taking drugs (which avoids these conversations).

It’s not for you to worry about therapy. It’s the therapist’s job to guide you in a way that is comfortable. It’s essential that you’re willing to participate and are honest in order to gain the full effects, but it’s up to you when you share what.

In the lead up to treatment, Rehab 4 Addiction will hold a pre-assessment and a clinic will hold a psychiatric assessment. This will inform what therapies will suit you.

How do I find drug and alcohol services in Kearsley?

All you need to do to find out what drug and alcohol rehabilitation services are available in Kearsley is contact Rehab 4 Addiction. Our team is friendly and compassionate and will happily explain your local options.

Call us today on 0800 140 4690.

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