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Do you live in the Keighley area and struggle with drug and alcohol addiction? If you’re wondering about the most efficient way to rehabilitate with the help of a local rehab treatment facility, we can provide the guidance and support that you need to find the treatment programme in the area that will suit you best.

Taking the decision to recover is the first, and in many ways, the most important step that you can take towards your sobriety. Whilst you may be keen to begin a life without drugs and alcohol, short-term treatment programmes don’t offer the best chance of recovery for many people.

Those with long-term addiction problems often need a longer and more thorough treatment programme in order to rehabilitate and maintain that recovery for a long duration.

The vast majority of those affected by substance abuse have developed both physical and psychological dependencies and recovery is a long-term commitment.

A personalised treatment plan which addresses every aspect of your addictive behaviour will give you the best start to your recovery, but efforts will need to be maintained post-rehab and for the rest of your life, as recovery is an ongoing experience.

We can recommend drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Keighley and the surrounding areas that offer a wide-range of trusted recovery treatments and will personalise a plan to your specific needs. Our partner facilities experience great success rates, with their focus on health, wellbeing and rehabilitation being a key part of the process.

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we can create referrals to your chosen drug and alcohol rehab facility, which will advance the timescale of your desired admission date.

How do I find a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Keighley?

If you’re hoping to recover locally to Keighley, our friendly advisers here at Rehab 4 Addiction can help you to secure an admission into the drug and alcohol rehab centre in Keighley or the surrounding area that’s most suitable for you.

Suitability of treatment is a critical consideration when choosing a rehab facility, so we can help you to establish your budget and the level of intervention, treatment and care you require in order to recover.

We’ll provide you with an initial assessment to determine this information, as well as looking at how your addiction affects you and any side effects that you might be experiencing.

This will put us in a good position to make recommendations for those treatment centres that offer the type of treatment programme that will best serve you, as well as one that you are happy with and is affordable to you.

Once we’ve provided a recommendation for Keighley based treatment centres and rehabilitation programmes and you’ve made your selection, we can fast-track a referral in order to kickstart the admissions process for you.

As with any important decision, you’ll want to be certain that you’re choosing the best option for you, so we will be available throughout the referral process to answer any questions and concerns that you may have about beginning your journey to recovery.

How does a long-term recovery programme compare to shorter-term recovery treatments?

There are quick-fix addiction treatments available, such as home-detox kits and understandably, if you’re looking to get your life back on track in the quickest time possible, it can be tempting to attempt to rehabilitate independently.

Unfortunately, rapid addiction treatment is very rarely successful and often increases the physical and psychological dependence of your substance use. Home-detox kits can actually be dangerous to use and detoxification is a process that should be medically administered and monitored.

There are short-term treatment options available at rehab centres, however, the success rates for shorter-term care are reduced, as there is no adequate time to deal with the underlying causes of addiction effectively, and therefore it’s common to revert to drug and alcohol abuse following this type of treatment plan. The important thing to acknowledge is that, in order to benefit from long-lasting sobriety, rehab treatment needs to be thorough and comprehensive.

The minimum recommended timescale to overcome drug and alcohol addiction is 28 days. This gives the opportunity for the physical and psychological changes caused by addictive behaviours to be reversed, and sufficient mental health support to take place. In order to achieve long-term recovery, a long-term commitment is needed and this will need to continue beyond the initial 28-day rehab programme.

Personalised rehab treatment programmes will be supported by an experienced team of medical professionals using modern and varied treatment options, which are consistent with the level of care that can be expected from any of our partner rehab facilities. Whilst you may have to set aside longer than you’d hoped to recover successfully, this will put you in the absolute best position to recover independently in the long term.

What sort of treatment options will be offered?

A full and medical detox is a very important part of the rehabilitation process. This aids in breaking the physical dependency that your body has built up to drugs and alcohol, as well as improving the potential for further psychological and social treatments to succeed.

The psychological aspect of your addiction will also be assessed and necessary mental health treatments will be put in place. Emotional and social triggers will be addressed and coping mechanisms put in place to reduce their impact. This combination of physical and psychological treatments offers the best long-term recovery rates and is used as standard in the rehab field.

A range of therapy sessions is likely ranging from independent sessions with a counsellor through to cognitive behavioural therapy, exposure therapy and group therapy. As each programme is personalised, there will be some variance in the structure of treatment programmes, however, the majority of treatment centres in the Keighley area will use a similar approach to this.

Will I be able to easily maintain sobriety after rehab?

All comprehensive rehabilitation plans will include personalised relapse prevention guidance intended to help you maintain sobriety outside your rehab programme. You will work with an experienced therapist looking at ways that you can avoid triggers and remove yourself from social situations that may lead to addictive behaviours.

Once you return home to Keighley, you will have learnt coping strategies and breathing techniques to help you manage any temptations, however, there will also be steps in place to navigate and cravings that do occur. You will also have access to support services to encourage and motivate you, long after your initial rehab has taken place.

Aftercare support availability

Although residential rehab treatment gives you the best opportunity to recover and begin a life free from the influence and impact of drugs and alcohol, addiction is a lifelong illness and there is always a chance that you could struggle with your sobriety further down the line.

The good news is, the relapse prevention plan will be supported by free aftercare services, which will be accessible to you whenever you feel the need for more support in maintaining your sobriety.

The success of your recovery is largely dependent on your own personal drive and efforts to recover, however, you are in no way alone in your recovery and choosing a drug and alcohol rehab in Keighley is the first step towards your new life.

If you’ve made the commitment to your family and to yourself, then reach out to our team today, and we will start the admissions process and set you up on the path to recovery.

Call Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690 or fill in the enquiry form. We offer help in Keighley and across the Yorkshire area.

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