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Drug or alcohol addiction is psychological disorder. It can spread through your life and infect relationships, work life, families and circle of friends, and it can leave you feeling alone, and helpless.

If you have noticed an addiction taking over your life in this way, if may be time to consider seeking help, and a drug and alcohol rehab in Staffordshire.

You may feel as if this is a topic you cannot discuss with friends or family, and may feel isolated, ashamed, or embarrassed. Rest assured you do not have to feel this way. Rehab 4 Addiction can help.

All you have to do is make a call to  0800 140 4690, and we can answer any questions you have. We can break down what your options are at this time and explain how a local drug and alcohol rehab could benefit you significantly.

We will ensure you are fully prepared to embark on this next phase of your addiction – recovery.

How a drug or alcohol addiction can begin

As you come to terms with your situation, you may be feeling confused as to how you got to this stage in the first place.

You are not alone. Every year, thousands of people across the UK drink and use drugs recreationally. It has become a part of British culture to drink; one drink with each meal, a few pints at the pub every weekend, a new pack of cigarettes every few days.

This recreational use of drugs and alcohol is relatively normal and can become a small part of a healthy lifestyle if maintained at the right levels.

However, this innocent habit can become a dangerous addiction.

It is usually a long, gradual process that you may not notice at first, which is why it cannot be fixed overnight.

Dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction requires time, patience, and determination, and cannot be done by simply and suddenly withdrawing from the substance. This may actually cause more harm than good.

An addiction is a complex illness – a disorder of the mind that heavily affects the body too – and can go deeper than you may realise.

Drugs and alcohol, especially when consumed in large quantities, distribute chemicals that penetrate the brain and travel through the bloodstream. When released, these chemicals can lead to all sorts of side effects, but mostly they make the user feel less stressed, more relaxed, and carefree in the face of their anxieties.

This is down to these substances acting as sedatives, but as this sedative vanishes from the body, so do the pleasant feelings that came with it.

This can then lead to the user entering the vicious cycle of continuing to take drugs or drink copious amounts of alcohol, in order to chase that high they felt before.

When this becomes a very frequent coping mechanism to deal with all stressful situations, any negative emotions, or certain traumatic events, it becomes an addiction.

Figuring out whether you have an addiction

As discussed already, addiction can easily happen to anyone. It may be a harmless drink or two at first but can quickly turn into something much more dangerous, and even fatal.

If you notice that you are reaching for drugs or alcohol in order to cope with daily tasks, friends or family, relationship troubles, your work, or any other difficult aspects of day-to-day life, it may be time to seek help.

Now is the best time to do so, as the earlier we catch an addiction, the less likely it is to have already caused long-term effects. An addiction or drug and alcohol abuse problem can spiral out of control faster than you are sometimes able to comprehend, so as soon as you recognise the signs mentioned above in yourself, pick up the phone and give us a call.

Without medical intervention, or professional help, your situation could only worsen, and if left unchecked, drugs and alcohol can leave lasting and sometimes irreversible impressions on you, mentally and physically.

What type of treatment will I be given?

The treatment you receive at a drug and alcohol rehab in Kidsgrove will vary, depending entirely on you and the condition you are in.

We want to make sure you obtain treatment and take part in therapies that will directly benefit you and help you towards recovery, so we take time to factor in a number of things. These deciding factors can include your age, weight, personality, the length and severity of your addiction or abuse problem, and the type of substances you have been using.

We gather this information through two assessments and use all the data to ensure you receive the most appropriate treatment and therapies. We consistently monitor your progress and responses to all treatments during your stay with us, so what you undergo can change slightly if you do not respond well at first.

It is important when discussing these factors that you remain 100% honest with us, as any false information could lead to you not getting the best care possible.

Getting in contact

If you require any more information about our advisory and referral services, or wish to discuss getting yourself placed in a drug and alcohol rehab in Kidsgrove, please call us today on  0800 140 4690.


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