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After months or years of addiction taking over your life you might have decided enough is enough. The stress and worry of the next drink or fix coupled with the mental and physical impact on you might have taken you to the edge.

This isn’t to mention all the other areas of your life that have spiralled out of control. Perhaps your family and friends are worried or have given up trying because they can’t cope any more either.

When you feel like there’s nothing left but the bottle or the drugs, there is another option that can completely change everything in your life. By choosing to go to rehab, you can create a positive future of recovery.

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we can explain your recovery options within Kingswinford and around Dudley so you can choose a healthy life and leave the drink and drugs behind.

Two types of rehab for you to know about

Whichever type of rehabilitation you decide to undergo, Rehab 4 Addiction explains the options that are available. It’s vital that when a person starts recovering from addiction that they receive an individualised treatment programme. This needs to be based on an assessment. Only then can the person, the addiction, and all the other aspects of a person’s life be treated in all areas.

Addiction is linked to many aspects of a person’s body and mind. This is why a holistic approach is critical. After an assessment, Rehab 4 Addiction can decipher the programme most appropriate for your level of needs and also your preferences.

The two types of rehabilitation treatments on offer include:

  1. Residential rehab is the total package. It’s most suited to people who have long-term addictions. It’s also suited to those who have developed physical dependencies to drugs and alcohol.  Staying at a rehab centre provides total psychological support after receiving a safe and monitored detox often including medication.
  2. Community based programmes are more suited to people who have been drinking or taking drugs for a shorter period of time. It can also be beneficial to those who need to keep up with everyday life activities. There are usually group timetables and one-to-one slots given to people who attend community based treatments.

By speaking to Rehab 4 Addiction, we can help you decide which option is better for you.

What happens at drug and alcohol rehab in Kingswinford?

When you attend drug and alcohol rehab, you are making the choice to be fully open to the treatments on offer. Through the treatments you give your recovery the most solid foundation for success.

There are two areas that are covered when you attend rehab:

  1. Medical treatment. Rehab is a type of clinic. There are doctors on hand to prescribe medications that support your body physically through the withdrawal process. Medications such as Subutex and Librium are used to help ease the uncomfortable physical symptoms of withdrawal. Undertaking medical detox is how rehabilitation stays begin
  2. Psychological treatment – for the mind. All behaviours come from conscious and subconscious thoughts. When experiencing an addiction, it’s easy for a person to lose control of these thoughts and behaviours because the drink and drugs have taken control. However, psychological treatment is the way to bring long-term self-control through becoming aware of your thoughts and then using the strategies provided

At the end of a stay in rehab, people discuss with doctors and therapists what the best plan of action is to stay on the road to recovery in the future. This aftercare programme is essential to maintaining a drug and alcohol-free life in the long-term.

What you gain from choosing a private rehab in Kingswinford

The initial thought of attending rehab in Kingswinford might be taken over by the idea of how much the stay might cost. Money might be a difficult thing to think about. At Rehab 4 Addiction, there are always options.

Different aspects of a rehabilitation stay will influence the cost. The treatments you access as well as the length of the stay will influence the overall price. Some people might only require a 7 day residential stay, whereas others might prefer a 28 day stay.

Whether you live in Kingswinford or its surrounding areas there are options for you. It’s worth calling us at Rehab 4 Addiction to discuss this.

Ultimately, the cost of getting your life back is priceless. Staying at a private rehab centre is a way to invest in a healed future full of new possibilities. People never regret quitting an addiction. It’s not quitting that causes regret.

Is rehab right for you?

Interestingly, it’s reported that in 1975, there were only 5000 users of heroin in the UK. It’s thought that the increasing unemployment and availability of drugs in the 80s made this number rapidly climb into the hundreds of thousands.

Addiction can be common in families, it can also be caused when something traumatic has happened like bereavement or abuse. Finally, drinking or taking drugs can be a way of self-medicating. This can be linked to having mental health problems.

With the rise of people struggling with addictions, there has also been a rise in treatment options and centres offering support. There are an abundance of treatments, centres, and professionals that can help.

The issue is finding the best environment and programme to suit you. If you’re ready to fully commit yourself to making the changes to improve your life and health, then Rehab 4 Addiction can support you in doing this.

Attending rehab in Kingswinford not only helps you to kick the habit, it also equips you with the tools to improve your overall well-being. Rehab prepares you for a future that you can look forward to where life belongs to you rather than the substance.

Next steps

To start to change your life it takes one phone call to us at Rehab 4 Addiction. On the call, you’ll be asked questions in order to assess the best treatments available for you in Kingswinford.

Call us now to have your questions answered. We’ll guide you through options in a friendly and professional manner so you can choose the right rehab programme for you.

Call Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690 or fill in the enquiry form.

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