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A person’s mental health can have such a strong effect on how they can live their lives that it can result in their life falling apart when it is terrible.

There was once a time in our history where mental health-related problems were swept under the rug.

But, unfortunately, for many older people, there is still the dangerous mentality that illnesses such as anxiety or depression are just made up.

That they are all in your head.

Well, they are in your head. A mental illness or any form of mental health problem is just as severe and shouldn’t be ignored.

If you would go to the doctor if your chest hurt, then you should go to the appropriate doctor if there is something wrong in your mind.

Attempting to ignore your mental health problems through drastic measures only results in them getting worse.

While it may feel good at the time, substance abuse is not fixing your concerns and is instead just letting them grow worse.

As times have changed, professionals and everyday people alike are now able to see and, more importantly, understand that those living with a drug or alcohol dependency are suffering and need help.

A drug or alcohol dependency is a symptom of an underlying condition that needs treatment just as much as a dependency.

We know substance abuse can feel like the easier option. That you can just use it to ignore your mental health and escape from the reality of whatever your current situation is.

Be we also know that drugs and alcohol don’t really fix anything. All they are doing is pushing your problems away for you to deal with at a later date.

The easy way is unfortunately not ofter the right way.

In this case, the right path for you to choose is the one of recovery. You need to move forwards in your life with the help of drug and alcohol rehab professionals.

They can help you work to overcome your dependency and improve your mental health as you do it.

You don’t have to live this way. You deserve to live a happy and full life that is completely drug and alcohol-free.

You don’t even need to leave the Langport area to do it.

How can a drug and alcohol rehab centre help?

If you had a problem with your eyes, you would go to the opticians, right? Well, think of a drug and alcohol rehab centre as the same thing but for a substance dependency.

It is simply a specialised medical facility designed to cater for those struggling with substance abuse.

In most cases, it is a residential facility that allows you to work through various treatments and live in an environment completely free of all controlled drugs and alcohol.

It allows you to focus on combating the chemical and the mental effects of a drug or alcohol dependency without the distractions that come with everyday life.

The chemical dependency comes from the changed chemistry in your brain that is linked to prolonged substance abuse.

In order for you to safely leave the drug and alcohol rehab centre someday, you need to be weaned off your substance of choice.

This process is known as the detox and usually takes around ten days to complete. During it, you will experience something called withdrawal symptoms.

You can be given medication to relieve them while staying at the rehab centre as they can prove dangerous otherwise.

The detox’s role in a drug and alcohol rehab centre is to allow you to focus on your mental health. It will enable you to act rationally without the need to satisfy your cravings.

Therapy is the most important part of your stay at the rehab centre.

Your mental health is a top priority, and in order for you to live a happier and healthier life, you need professional help to understand yourself.

There are many aspects to therapy that prove helpful in the recovery process.

One role it plays is in helping you understand how your substance abuse started.

For example, was it some kind of trauma that led you to drugs or alcohol as a way to cope? Or maybe you have an undiagnosed mental illness that requires treatment.

Either way, you will be supported and helped by a therapist leading every session.

Once you are able to understand what caused your substance abuse, you will hopefully be able to figure out what triggers your cravings.

For those struggling with their mental health, substance abuse is their crutch to lean on. It may be an unhealthy coping mechanism, but for many, it is the only one they know.

A goal within therapy will be to teach you new coping mechanisms so that in times of stress, you don’t need to resort to drugs or alcohol.

Therapy can continue even after you leave the drug and alcohol rehab centre.

This could be in the form of regular therapy sessions at outpatient facilities or a referral to a local support group in the Langport area.

How a support group can help

Following your stay at the rehab centre, you will be needing people who understand you and can offer the support you would have gotten used to.

Langport based support groups will be able to give this to you. They can monitor your mental health and give you needed accountability for your substance abuse.

They are a friendly face that can be thought of as the next step to long term recovery once you are outside the rehab centre.

How we can help

We are Rehab 4 Addiction, and we are a team of dedicated individuals that want to help you on your journey to long term recovery.

We understand that making the decision to find a rehab centre in the Langport area can be difficult.

And that is actually finding a rehab centre that suits your specific needs can be even more challenging.

So we offer a service that allows you to take a breath and relax. Through our free initial assessment, we aim to get to know about you and your relationship with substance abuse.

We use this to make a profile on you and your needs to see what rehab centres in the Langport area have the best facilities to care for you.

This is going to be a difficult time, but we want to make it just that little bit easier for you. All you have to do is give us a call and give us some trust.

We are ready and waiting to help you improve your mental health and become drug and alcohol-free.

0800 140 4690

We just want you to live the life we know you’re capable of living.


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