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Those individuals who fall into the trap of alcohol or drug addiction will end up suffering a great deal unless they are able to break out of this behaviour quickly. The problem is that the person becomes trapped in a downward spiral, and the longer they remain addicted the more they will end up losing.

The price of addiction can be high not only for the individual but also for their loved ones. This condition destroys family life and steals everything of value from the person’s life.

Luckily there is a solution that will allow the individual to break away from this behaviour. In many instances, a suitable option will be for the individual to enter drug or alcohol rehab.

Becoming Ready to Quit Addiction

When those suffering with alcohol use disorder and substance use disorder reach a point where they comprehend their situation, there will be an opportunity for them to escape. It is denial that keeps people trapped in addiction, but there will be times when this denial is too weak to ignore reality.

Those individuals living in Leamington Spa who recognise that they need to escape their addiction will find that there are support and resources available to help them achieve this goal. There is no magic bullet that ‘cures’ addiction, but if the individual is willing they will find the help they need.

Steps to Breaking Away from Addiction

People are different and so there is no one path away from the addiction that seems to work for everyone. Some people find that a spiritual approach to recovery works well for them, and this could include joining a 12 Step fellowship like AA or NA.

There are other people who find that a more scientific approach to recovery is optimal and they may do better with something like cognitive behavioural therapy or other types of therapy. No programme of recovery is wrong so long as it works for the individual.

While it is important that those who wish to break away from addiction choose an appropriate path the most important thing is going to be a willingness to change. Without this, the individual has no real hope of getting any programme to work.

Those who approach things with an ambivalent attitude will just find it too tempting to return to their addiction. Sobriety only works when people are 100% committed to it.

Alcohol and Drug Clinics for People Living in Leamington Spa

One option to get a start in recovery is to enter rehab. This gives the individual the space they need to fully focus on their difficulties. They will also be away from familiar temptations and daily stresses. There are different types of rehabilitation centres to choose from.

Some of these will have a programme that is based on the 12 Steps while others will focus more on therapy sessions. The most important thing with all of these facilities is that they provide sufficient aftercare. This is because the time when the individual is most at risk of relapse is during the transition from the inpatient programme to home.

Giving up an addiction is no small achievement. Even those individuals who have never been addicted to alcohol or drugs can struggle when it comes to making even small changes to their life.

The fact that substance abuse leads to physical, as well as psychological dependence, means that it can take a huge effort in order to break away from it. Some people do manage to overcome their addiction without help but for most individuals here will be a need to get some support.

Those individuals who are serious about beginning a new life away from alcohol and drugs will be wise to make use of as many resources as possible. The stronger their recovery the less chance there will be of them later relapsing.

A Day in the Life of Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centres

It is often fear of the unknown that convinces people to stay away from getting the help they need by attending rehab.

There are many misconceptions about what is involved in this type of programme, but if the individual can have a clearer idea of what is going to happen their resistance to rehab will usually fall away.

Here are some of the things that people can expect during their stay in this type of facility:

  • On an average day in rehab, the individual will have a number of set activities that they will need to attend to. This treatment programme will be structured, but there will usually be an assessment upon admission to ensure that the person is going to be getting the help they need – this can mean that there will be activities added specifically for their requirements.
  • There will usually be a group therapy session every day in rehab (some facilities will only have this from Monday to Friday). This group work will be supervised by a facilitator, but it will be up to the group members to provide the discussion. What often happens is that each member of the group will discuss their current thoughts and concerns, and this will provoke discussion and feedback from the rest of the group. This is an excellent way for people to delve deeper into their problems and the group will be able to provide better solutions than one individual working alone.
  • It is common for clients to have one to one therapy sessions with a key worker. This will give them a chance to dig deeper into their problems.
  • There will be different workshops scheduled throughout the week. These could be skills or educational in nature. The type of things that people can expect to learn would include; relapse prevention techniques, anger management, avoiding maladaptive behaviours, and assertiveness training.
  • The person will usually have chores that they need to perform within the house.
  • There is usually plenty of time for the individual to relax and socialise with other clients. This can actually be an important aspect of overall therapy.
  • Most rehabs will provide fun activities each day to keep things interesting.

Getting help today

Rehab 4 Addiction is an organisation offering counselling and referral services to addicts and their families in Leamington Spa. We work with private clinics offering drug and alcohol treatment programmes on a residential basis. We also advise clients regarding outpatient rehab services.

Contact us today for more advice on 0800 140 4690. Rehab 4 Addiction officers a range of addiction treatments in Warwickshire, including Leamington Spa, Rugby and Coleshill.

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