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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Leominster

Are you currently living in Leominster and searching for addiction treatment? Are you aware of the local programmes on offer? Get in touch today on 0800 140 4690 to find out more about the benefits treatment can offer you.

Making yourself familiar with the process of residential rehab can be very beneficial before you embark on your journey to recovery. It can help to rid your mind of any misconceptions about rehab and allow you to explore your treatment options before committing to anything.

We understand that new experiences, especially ones as intensive as rehab, can cause anxiety and worry. This is why we advocate for our clients to be fully aware and familiar with the services provided and what we can do to offer support.

To make this time easier for you we can help prepare you for rehab and offer guidance in your selection of an appropriate clinic.

By displaying your local treatment options to you clearly, we can pinpoint the correct facility for you to visit. Our services mean we can provide you with tips and recommendations to help make this tough time a little easier.

Benefit from professional help today by contacting our team or filling in an online enquiry form.

Is finding a drug and alcohol rehab hard?

It can feel very overwhelming and frustrating trying to find what you believe to be the right rehab clinic for yourself.

With our help, we can take away this hardship and recommend the best facility that can cater to your needs and see you succeed.

By calling us today we can begin a pre-admission assessment to determine the right form of treatment and rehabilitation you require to recover.

By gathering information about your addiction, your budget for treatment and your current health condition we can point you in the right direction for a rehab clinic in Leominster.

From this point, we can offer you a referral for your chosen clinic and see you admitted as quickly as possible.

Do I need to go to rehab?

If you are hoping to enter life-long recovery we recommend residential rehab. For those struggling with a mild addiction, you can usually work through this by accessing outpatient treatment.

If you are suffering from the psychological effects of addiction, we always recommend an intensive programme that is easily accessed by entering a facility. Doing this ensures you are engaging in a comprehensive programme.

Rehab will always be recommended as the most effective form of treatment for addiction so whether you acknowledge it now or in the future it may be your only option of recovering fully and for life.

The sooner you visit a rehab clinic in Leominster and the sooner you recognise the severity of your addiction, the easier a rehab programme will be.

Making use of private and professional services can offer you many benefits including:

  • Specialist and intense forms of treatment

Addiction is a physical and psychological illness meaning it needs special care to treat it effectively. We work with only the best rehab clinics in the UK meaning the staff on hand are selected very carefully and are trained to a very high standard.

Private rehab can offer you special treatment in a luxurious clinic with many leisure facilities included too such as saunas and swimming pools.

  • Avoiding long waiting lists for admission to a clinic

Free treatment through services such as the NHS is often very underfunded and results in waiting lists over 12 months long. With addiction, time is of the essence and waiting for a place in rehab can significantly delay your recovery.

  • Tailored programmes suited to your needs

By making use of our services and the pre-admission assessment on offer we can help find a clinic that offers treatment suited to your needs. We want you to feel happy with the choices made surrounding your treatment.

  • Education and workshops

Classes and sessions are often held at many rehab clinics to help you once you return to society. They can help prepare you for your new life and offer skills such as relapse prevention. They can also help you with financial difficulties and employment issues.

  • Help for your family and friends in the form of therapy

If you stay local to friends and family, it could be a good idea for them to access the services provided for addiction treatment. Family therapy is a great way of working through issues together and has been very successful with previous clients.

If you are worried about broken relationships due to your addiction this form of therapy can be very helpful in piecing them back together.

How long does rehab last?

The timescale of rehab varies for each individual. Many factors influence how long you could be in rehab for such as the degree of treatment needed, the severity of your addiction and things such as your physical and mental health.

Rehab usually lasts for around 28 days though it could be shorter or longer depending on the treatment needed. 28-day programmes are encouraged due to the timeframe needed to complete a detox programme and embark on successful rehabilitation.

We like to think of this as the ideal timeframe to help heal your body and mind. 28 days is also a good timeframe to allow old habits to pass and new ones to form.

Achieve your potential, get in touch today

Visiting rehab can allow you to achieve several milestones. Your biggest achievement will be recovery and maintaining your found sobriety for life.

By completing the recommend treatment options you will be in a good place to continue your recovery efforts successfully.

We must also remind you that commitment is needed both inside and outside of treatment.

Recovery is a life-long choice and must be continued post-rehab. For more information and guidance, contact our helpline today on 0800 140 4690, or fill out our online enquiry form.

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