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If you, your friends, or your family members are suffering from alcohol or drug addiction in Llandudno, it might be a difficult situation to deal with. Many people might be fed up with the deficiency of support available from the authorities and other similar organisations.

Thus, they do not know where to turn for help when it comes to drug and alcohol rehab.

Fortunately, you can contact us now to get consultation and advice. With a team of knowledgeable and experienced counsellors, we are able to listen and find out what you really need to help you go through the rehab process and speed up your healing procedure in Llandudno.

You would either call us directly via the phone or visit our addiction treatment centres in many areas in Bristol.

What are the available residential treatment options for you in Llandudno?

Llandudno is home to many private alcohol and drug rehab facilities in the United Kingdom. Among these, residential rehab maybe an option to consider. When you select this service, you will get medical attention 24/7 from our experts and counsellors.

All of our staff will give you the most dedicated care so that you can be sure about your rehab process. All withdrawal symptoms will be treated with the most advanced medical methods and modern equipment.

Also, you will be prescribed potent medications that are specially made to lower the risks of discomfort or pain caused by withdrawal symptoms.

How do we treat withdrawal symptoms in drug and alcohol rehab?

Once you participate in drug and alcohol rehab treatment, there will be many withdrawal symptoms occurring due to detoxification. The list includes nausea, delirium, insomnia, tremors, seizures, anxiety, as well as depression. If left untreated, these problems would lead to many mental and physical health issues.

More importantly, they would make you become addictive to drug or alcohol again. Fortunately, our rehab facilities in Llandudno can provide you with 24/7 medical attention to help you deal with these withdrawal symptoms effectively.

What types of therapy and counselling will you receive?

Once all of your withdrawal symptoms are treated, you will go through some therapy and counselling sessions with our licenced experts. All of our drug and alcohol rehab facilities in Llandudno provide these services in either individual or group basis.

During this process, you will be directly supervised and guided by a state-registered therapist or counsellor. They have gained many years of experience, particularly in the substance-misuse field.

In these sessions, you will be encouraged to figure out and challenge some common emotions and thoughts that would result in addictive behaviours. Both modern and traditional holistic methods will be applied, such as aromatherapy, meditation, or Reiki.

The main goal is to help you fight against alcohol and drug cravings more effectively.

What would happen during aftercare sessions?

Once the drug and alcohol rehab process has been completed, you will get a relapse prevention plan and personalised aftercare. These programmes will help you come back to normal life and reduce the risks of getting relapse in the future.

During 12 months after the rehab, you are allowed to come to our rehab facility for additional examination and check. This is called aftercare session.

Most of the rehab centres in Llandudno provide aftercare services on Saturday afternoons or more convenient times for you.

Is there any additional treatment option for drug and alcohol rehab in Llandudno?

In addition to residential treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, there are two other options for you to choose from in Llandudno. These include home-based detoxification and outpatient treatment.

Each of them has its pros and cons. However, they are not as effective as residential treatments because you have to get support from family members or friends for those tasks that can be very time-consuming.

To make an informed choice, visit your nearest centre or call us via our helpline.

Contact us now

To make easier access for everyone, we have created a helpline for those people who are affected by drug and alcohol rehab in Llandudno. No matter if you, your family members or friends are coping with these issues, feel free to call us directly.

Our counsellor can give you a consultation so that you can make an informed decision and choose the treatment options for your needs, preferences, as well as budgets.

Contact us today on 0800 140 4690 or submit an enquiry via our online contact form.

Rehab 4 Addiction officers a range of addiction treatments in Wales, including Monmouthshire, Glamorgan, Cardiff, Swansea, Wrexham, Aberystwyth, Rhyl, Powys, Pembrokeshire, North Wales, Newport, Llandudno, Gwynedd, Conway, Colwyn Bay, Bangor, and Anglesey.


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