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Prevalent among all social groups, Substance Use Disorder (SUD) affects millions in communities across the globe. New statistics have shown that in the West Midlands, drug deaths have seen a four-fold increase over 10 years.

This points to a rise in addiction cases throughout Shropshire and more victims of SUD in need of professional treatment.

For those seeking to access help, at Rehab 4 Addiction, we offer expert guidance to point you in the right direction. By creating personalised referrals, our goal is to ensure quality treatment is available for those most vulnerable.

If you’re struggling with addiction, or know a loved one who is, we can help find an optimal drug & alcohol rehab in Ludlow.

How does addiction affect someone?

As a complex brain disease of reward and motivation, SUD has a vast array of symptoms, and can appear differently depending on the individual. While some may struggle to uphold responsibilities, others continue to work and complete daily tasks.

Whether someone is high or low functioning in their addiction, there are a variety of physical and mental changes that can manifest. Among these, the easiest to recognise is often related to physical decline.

As the toxins in drugs or alcohol take their toll, someone’s self-care may decline- which often results in changing eating and sleeping patterns. An individual might exhibit dramatic weight loss or gain, sleep at irregular times, or develop insomnia.

These symptoms will eventually have further impacts on their careers, relationships, and other responsibilities.

Even if a victim of SUD is maintaining the facade of a healthy life, psychological symptoms are likely to occur. These include increased anxiety, depressive episodes, drastic mood swings, or psychosis.

With continued use, drugs or alcohol begin to affect cognitive function and will exacerbate any pre-existing mental health conditions.

Seeking professional help

Unfortunately, further problems arise when those suffering from SUD attempt sobriety unaided. Withdrawal symptoms can be difficult to manage alone, meaning a relapse is more likely in a home environment without access to medical attention.

Comparatively, by selecting a drug & alcohol rehab in Ludlow, you’ll receive a supervised detox completed in a safe environment. During a short term residency of between 21-30 days, you’ll have access to a range of outstanding on-site facilities.

Additionally, opting for professional help in the form of rehab guarantees you personalised treatment. With one of our treatment providers, patients receive a comprehensive recovery plan- including psychotherapy, medication, and holistic support.

This combination of treatment methods will allow you to form the coping mechanisms needed for sustainable sobriety. With the help of targeted therapy, you’ll gain new insight into the reasons behind your SUD, and how to prevent relapses moving forward.

Finding a drug & alcohol rehab in Ludlow

For many, the lengthy process of finding a rehab to meet their requirements seems overwhelming. With this keenly in mind, at Rehab 4 Addiction we offer a simplified referral service.

Our clients are presented with a range of treatment providers that meet their unique needs while remaining in the local area. Each partner has been certified by The Care Quality Commission for their commitment to quality treatment and personalised care.

Once you’re ready to find a drug & alcohol rehab in Ludlow, we’ll arrange a free phone consultation with an addiction specialist. To form your bespoke referral, we’ll first complete a swift health assessment, and build a profile of your preferences.

Each step of the process is short, non-invasive, and completely confidential.

During the health assessment, we’ll ask a few simple questions to ascertain your state of wellbeing. By making a note of your physical and mental health, we’ll be able to make key decisions about which treatment options will be most suitable.

Your assigned consultant will also ask about your relationship with a substance prior to seeking treatment, and any pre-existing health conditions we should be aware of.

After the health assessment, we’ll ask about your preferences for choosing a drug & alcohol rehab in Ludlow. We recognize that every recovery journey is different and that it’s important to be placed in a comfortable environment.

It might be that you’d prefer a smaller clinic, a same-sex centre, or somewhere in the centre of Ludlow. Whatever your preferences, we’ll take every possible step to accommodate them where possible.

What can I expect from my stay in rehab?

As a monumental change, the decision to enter rehab often comes with a variety of concerns and queries. While each experience will differ depending on the individual, there are key phases of rehab treatment to expect.

As previously touched on, the first of these will be a medicated detox. Each patient will reduce the levels of toxins in the body by a process of gradual reduction.

For those suffering from alcohol addiction, this usually takes around one week, while for opioid addictions it will be around the 10-day mark. Whatever the length of time taken to detox safely, you’ll do so in a comfortable space with all the modern amenities of a hotel.

There will also be the option for medication to ease any withdrawal symptoms, which usually come in the form of sedatives or low dose opioids such as Subutex.

Following the detox stage, patients progress through their personalised recovery programme- completed within a structured routine. During your stay at a drug & alcohol rehab in Ludlow, you’ll undergo a series of psychotherapy sessions- tailored to suit your needs.

During individual therapy, you’ll work one-to-one with an addiction psychiatrist, and get to the root cause of your SUD.

This is achieved via techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which has seen much success in the field of addiction recovery. Through evaluating one’s thinking patterns, it aims to re-wire the negative thoughts that underpin addiction.

Additionally, patients have the chance to partake in regular holistic workshops. Unlike psychotherapy, holistic therapy aims to heal an individual as a whole: through reuniting mind, body, and soul.

As such, sessions can be on any topic that helps to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Among these are exercise and nutrition, art therapy, mindfulness, and music.

Reach out today for your free consultation

To kickstart your recovery journey, it’s as simple as calling 0800 140 4690 or emailing us at

Together, we can select the perfect drug and alcohol rehab in Ludlow for you or a loved one.


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