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If drugs and alcohol are dominating your life, you do not have to struggle alone. Rehab 4 Addiction will locate treatment for you in Maghull. Based on your history with addiction, you may benefit from residential rehab, an outpatient programme, or a home detox.

Reach out to us by phone or email to discover which type of treatment would be the most beneficial. You can also have your say regarding the type of facility you want to attend. For example, you can state preferences relating to location, facilities, and cost.

Why You Should Seek Treatment for Addiction

Recovering in a facility is not a quick-fix, so you must commit time and money to make it happen. If you attempt to get sober alone, it is very likely to end in relapse as you will experience strong cravings for drugs and alcohol.

If you do not seek help, any symptoms you already experience will get worse. What starts off as extreme fatigue and nausea turns into an increased risk of a stroke or heart attack. Minor problems in relationships will develop into huge dilemmas. Missing a day of work here and there will turn into unemployment.

You do not have to live a life of destruction. By saying no to substances, you can live in the freedom and joy of sober life. You may experience healthier relationships, improved mental health, stronger relationships, more motivation, and financial freedom.

Attending rehab for treatment gives you the best chances of recovering sustainably. Your treatment will be tailored to you, so specialists will employ successful methods that work with your specific type of addiction, as well as any mental health conditions you have.

Whether you opt for residential rehab, outpatient treatment, or a home detox, seeking professional help will be the best thing you do for yourself and your concerned loved ones.

Opting for Residential Rehab

Rehab 4 Addiction recommends that most patients attend residential rehab, as it provides the intense environment necessary for staying sober on a long term basis.

Residential rehab consists of living in a small facility near Maghull for around 28 days, often surrounded by beautiful countryside. You will have the opportunity to practise new hobbies which could be anything from horse riding and fishing to going to the gym and walking.

When you first arrive at rehab, you will undergo detox to give your body a chance to recover from drugs and alcohol. Your body may have been relying on substances for a long time, so it could take up to 10 days for your body to learn how to cope without the chemicals it is used to.

Unfortunately, during this period, you may have withdrawal symptoms such as headaches and tremors, or in more serious cases, hallucinations and seizures. Staff will always be there to ensure the detox process does not damage your health, providing medications when necessary.

After the detox period, you will enter a time of rehabilitation for the remaining few weeks of rehab. This involves daily therapy sessions, as well as motivational talks and educational workshops.

Part of the rehabilitation is connecting with loved ones, so visits may be allowed on set days. If not, you can always have family therapy sessions where you will learn to better understand each family member. In turn, they will learn all about how to help you through your addiction.

What Kind of Therapy is Offered at Residential Rehab

At residential rehab, there are various types of therapy offered. You could have music therapy, art therapy, psychotherapy, holistic therapies, counselling, and many other wonderful forms of therapy.

During your therapy sessions, you will get to know yourself better, which will help you to understand why you are struggling with addiction. There are some common causes for addiction, and they include:

1. Childhood trauma

Childhood trauma comes in many forms, but it includes neglect, abuse, divorce, grief, and bullying. When you experience a traumatic event as a child, you may adopt unhealthy coping mechanisms to self-medicate. Often, this involves consuming drugs and alcohol as they slow down brain activity, allowing you to feel relaxed and content.

2. Divorce

In a way, divorce is like grief. You lose someone you love and you have to learn how to live without them. This is an incredibly painful process, and many people choose to numb this pain by turning to drink and drugs. In the long run, this only increases pain, as it traps you in a cycle of addiction that is difficult to escape from.

3. Grief

Losing a loved one is traumatic. Whether it occurs unexpectedly or not, it often leaves us in shock. To avoid addressing these feelings, some people decide to consume drugs and alcohol. As these substances are depressants, it leaves them feeling even more down in the long run.

4. Mental Health Conditions

If you suffer from a mental health condition, you are more likely to develop an addiction. When your mood is consistently low or you cannot stop worrying, you may use substances for the high that it produces.

What Does Life Look Like After Rehab?

You are more likely to stay sober if you have a strong support network around you, particularly in the form of professional help. Thus, your chosen rehab centre in Maghull will provide you with an aftercare programme for the year after your treatment.

Often, aftercare programmes include therapy sessions, helplines, and regular check-ups. As well as this, your drug and alcohol rehab will encourage you to pursue a healthy lifestyle that makes sobriety easier. This may include regular exercise, healthy eating, new hobbies, distraction techniques, mindfulness, and support groups in Maghull.

Contact Rehab 4 Addiction Today

If you are experiencing symptoms of addiction and you want to stop before it gets worse, please reach out on 0800 140 4690. A friendly helpline advisor will listen to your story and explain your treatment options.

We cannot make the decision for you, however, we can take responsibility for all of the administrative work that goes into selecting an appropriate form of treatment in Maghull.

If you would rather seek treatment elsewhere, please let us know. We can easily find you a place in rehab in any major city in the UK, as well as many towns and villages.

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