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Our rehab in Mallorca has an excellent record in getting people clean. As soon as you walk through our doors, we will give you the best care possible. Going to drug and alcohol rehab in Spain has become a popular choice for people living in the UK.

Not only do we have the best medical staff and therapists, we also have great facilities. There’s a gym, a swimming pool, meditation rooms and more.

When you come to rehab in Mallorca, you want to be able to enjoy the sun. We encourage our guests to spend lots of time outside. Sunshine is great for the skin, for relaxing and for mental health.

There are other benefits to drug and alcohol rehab in Mallorca, too. The food here is great. It’s very healthy, and delicious. You can eat paella, gambas al alioli, and other local dishes.

As well as this, you get the other advantages of going to rehab abroad. Our clients enjoy the privacy they get from coming here. You won’t know anyone, and you can tell your family you’re on holiday if you don’t want them to know.

Also, going to inpatient rehab in Mallorca gives you a chance to explore a different culture. Mallorca is a beautiful island with lots of history. You can go on long walks, sit by the beach and relax while you recover.

What kinds of therapy can you get in our drug and alcohol rehab?

At our alcohol rehab in Mallorca, you can benefit from a range of therapies. We offer lots of different kinds of therapy, from CBT to holistic therapy.

Below, we’ve included a list of the main kinds of therapy you can get:

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): ACT is a form of therapy which trains people to accept their thoughts. It tries to prevent people from blaming themselves and feeling guilty about things. This helps people to move forward with their lives
  • Biofeedback therapy: This is a modern form of therapy which involves teaching people how to control some of the body’s functions, such as breathing and heart rate. By learning how to control these things, people can get a handle on stress and anxiety
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): A familiar term in addiction therapy, CBT is one of the most common and most effective forms of therapy. It teaches you tricks for keeping tabs on your thoughts. Negative thoughts lead to negative actions: by controlling your thoughts, you can prevent relapses
  • Holistic therapy: Holistic therapy takes an ‘holistic’ approach to the individual. It tries to treat the person as a whole, rather than focussing on specific things. In practice, this means the use of techniques like yoga, meditation, Reiki and tai chi. Holistic therapy can be a great thing to go alongside more traditional talking therapy, such as CBT
  • Motivational Interviewing: In this form of therapy, the therapist tries to pin down the patient’s motivations. They then use these motivations to inspire them to get clean. One advantage of this form of therapy is that it focuses on people’s values. This means that therapy can be tailored to what the patient feels is important

What are the benefits of inpatient rehab?

Outpatient rehab can be effective for some, but we recommend inpatient rehab for those with more severe substance use disorders. That’s because inpatient rehab has been proven to deliver safe and reliable recovery. It also comes with a whole host of benefits.

Here is a list of some advantages of inpatient rehab.

  • Access to great medical care: One of the best things about inpatient rehab is the 24/7 access to medical care. In residential rehab, professional medical staff look after you all the time. So you can feel sure that they’ll help you through any withdrawal symptoms
  • Excellent therapy: The amount and quality of therapy you can get in inpatient rehab is fantastic. Not only that, but there is a huge range of types of therapy you can access
  • Less temptation: Being away from home, and from the temptation that home brings, will help you to avoid relapses. In inpatient rehab, you are far away from dealers, friends you used to abuse substances with, and places that you associate with drug abuse
  • Freedom from responsibility: Stress and anxiety play a big role in substance abuse. Residential rehab allows you to leave behind your responsibilities for a little while. It gives you a chance to focus on yourself. That can be very beneficial
  • A new place, a new perspective: Sometimes people get stuck in a rut. Living in the same place for a while can do that to you. Especially if you have negative associations with certain places or toxic relationships. Getting away for a little while can give you the boost you need to get back on top of your life

What’s the average length of stay in our alcohol and drug rehab?

Rehab is all about you. You choose how long you stay in our drug and alcohol rehab in Mallorca. Our staff will help you make that decision, but it’s your decision at the end of the day.

On average, people stay in residential rehab for around 4 weeks. Some choose to stay longer, and some for a shorter period.

Although it may sometimes be possible to stay longer than you planned, we don’t recommend leaving early. That’s because it can endanger your recovery. The most important thing is getting you clean, and helping you stay that way.

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