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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Malmesbury

If you’re ready and determined to overcome your drug or alcohol-related addiction, you’ve come to the right place. Rehab 4 Addiction in Malmesbury creates personalised treatment programmes for those suffering from addiction.

With a number of treatment options available, it can oftentimes be hard to know where to go, but our team of specialists can pinpoint the areas you need help with and get you on a pathway to successful recovery.

We’re here to get you into a new way of life without the use of substances. We can give you the tools you need to avoid future relapse and offer aftercare options to keep you on track and motivated in your journey.

While suffering from an addiction can become isolating and make you feel hopeless, we know that it’s not the end and there’s still time to turn things around.

We don’t only eradicate the substance from your system through detoxification but pinpoint the real underlying issues that got you where you are now.

We’re there for you every step of the way. Whether that’s coming to terms with your drug or alcohol-related problems, the ways in which it may be affecting your daily or familial life, or how it’s taking a toll on your physically. We’ve got you.

Acceptance, acknowledgement and reaching out

One of the hardest steps in the recovery journey is accepting the problem is present. Many people suffering from drug or alcohol-related issues can live in denial for a long time before coming to terms with the problem at hand.

At Rehab 4 Addiction in Malmesbury, we have staff on hand every hour of the day to answer your questions by phone call.

Denial can be visible in many different ways. Whether that’s through blaming others or situations for your consumption, avoiding conversations about consumption, to defensiveness such as stating your habit is a choice and not an addiction.

All of which are signs you’re denying the dependency you have on the substance.

Accepting you have a drug or alcohol problem can be scary. Many people feel hesitant to open up through fear of judgment or shame, but at Rehab 4 Addiction in Malmesbury we have no judgement.

No matter how severe your addiction, or the reasons that lead you there, we only care about getting you to a better place in life.

Reaching out can be hard. But once you’ve accepted an addiction is present, you must seek professional help.

By leaning on loved ones for help, you’ll have a better support system during your journey, and they can be involved in your recovery through family therapy sessions and visitation.

Looking for the right treatment plans, or the nearest drug & alcohol rehab in Malmesbury shouldn’t be an added stressor to your journey. That’s why Rehab 4 Addiction aims to take this added pressure away from you by offering phone call assessments any time of day.

If we can get to know you, your addiction and how it’s affecting you or your loved ones, then we can pinpoint exactly what help you need and when.

By experiencing a personalised rehabilitation programme you’ll get what you’ll get the help you need in the right way, at the right time.

Detoxification and rehabilitation

Recovery is different for everyone. Much like addiction, this is why we tailor all of our programmes to the specific individual. One misconception about rehab is that it’s a one-stop fix. However, to reach a full recovery, rehabilitation is your first step.

By detoxing the body from the substance of choice, working through the psychological side of the addiction, giving you tools to implement in the future and offering aftercare guidance, rehabilitation is about getting you on the path you want to be on in life.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all programme and detoxification can be very different to everyone depending on the substance and severity. For people suffering with acute alcoholism, you may expect a five-day detox process.

However, for those addicted to stronger drugs you may need over a week.

We’ll always recommend residential rehabilitation when it comes to a stronger and successful recovery. The withdrawal process can be a difficult time and to go it alone or at home can be hard.

By choosing an inpatient option for your rehabilitation you’ll benefit from around the clock care, with our medical professionals available to offer you guidance, support and prescribed medications for the harder withdrawal symptoms.

Our drug & alcohol rehab in Malmesbury is designed with you in mind. We don’t only want to relieve your body of the substance but to heal the mind as well.

That’s why we have a number of one-to-one counselling options as well as group support sessions available.

Many of our patients have praised the group support sessions for a greater connection and stronger recovery. By sharing your experiences and listening to others you’re able to learn more about yourself and how your addiction affects not only yourself but those around you.

Creating a bond with the people within your group can lead to a much stronger support system post-rehab, meaning you’ll have more motivation and people to lean on when you need it most.

Confidential consultations

Our friendly staff are available for initial assessments around the clock, so you can come to us exactly when you’re ready.

Assessments are quick and easy to do, take only five minutes of your time and can give you a better understanding of what treatment options we have available at our drug & alcohol rehab in Malmesbury.

By calling 0800 140 4690 today, you’ll speak with one of our friendly team who is ready to help you every step of the way. Because no one should go it alone, and everyone deserves a brighter future.


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