Rehab 4 Addiction

Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Market Warsop

Rehab 4 Addiction is a successful referral service that operates in the UK, helping people in all the major towns and cities, as well as many small villages.

We support people from all backgrounds with all types of addictions, whether that be drugs and alcohol, sex, food, gambling, or another common addiction.

So, how can we support you? When you reach out to us, we locate the best type of treatment for you in Market Warsop by asking you to open up about your addiction and your current situation.

For example, if you are battling a severe addiction, we will recommend residential rehab. However, if you are dealing with mild substance abuse, we may suggest a home detox or a local outpatient programme.

From start to finish, your experience with Rehab 4 Addiction is personalised. We aim to provide you with tailored treatment, so you will get help for your specific addiction, as well as any mental health conditions you are diagnosed with.

This massively reduces your chances of relapse as we will use methods that have been tried and tested over the years.

The Connection Between Mental Health and Addiction

Mental health and addiction often go hand in hand.

Some similarities of the two are: they can be caused by genetics, they can be a result of trauma, they can leave you feeling isolated, and you need professional support to recover from both of them.

There are three main ways that addiction and mental health overlap. The first is that you may suffer from a mental health condition before you develop an addiction.

In other words, your mental health condition is pre-existing, so your addiction did not cause it. In this situation, your addiction is likely to worsen your mental health as it causes chemicals in your brain to fluctuate.

For example, if you have always battled severe anxiety, consuming drugs and alcohol can increase the intensity of this anxiety and leave you feeling paranoid, burnt out, and even depressed.

Mental health conditions can also arise during the withdrawal process of recovery. When you detox from drugs and alcohol, you are likely to experience some psychological symptoms.

This is because you have been relying on substances for so long, and you can no longer use them as a crutch when you are struggling.

In extreme situations, you may develop mental health conditions such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, schizophrenia, and anxiety.

Finally, addiction is a common effect of prolonged substance abuse.

People with no history of mental health disorders can begin to struggle when they are using substances due to the impact drugs and alcohol have on their brain chemistry.

This phenomenon is so common that it has a name – dual diagnosis – and many rehab centres are dedicated to dual diagnosis patients.

As you can see, you can have mental health problems before, during, or after experiencing addiction. If you suffer before, you are likely to carry it with you as you get sober.

You can cope with this by taking medication and having regular therapy sessions. If your mental health issues are a direct result of your addiction, they may subside when you get sober.

Rehab in Market Warsop: Preparation

The first thing you need to do before contacting us is deciding that you are ready to get sober.

This means never touching drugs and alcohol again and replacing your temptation to binge with a healthy coping mechanism such as talking to an accountability partner, going to therapy, or practising mindfulness.

It is also important that you discuss your plans with those around you so that you can see what kind of support you have. For example, if you tell your family about your recovery, they may offer to visit you in rehab.

Telling your employer is also important as you must arrange your work plans before committing to staying at rehab. Some people are unable to get the time off for rehab, so they have to choose an alternative treatment method.

If you would like to see what rehab is like before committing, you can visit some centres in the UK.

Each one will be slightly different, so you can decide which factors are important to you e.g. which facilities you require and which types of therapy you would like to have.

Finally, you need to take the step of contacting us on 0800 140 4690.

This requires a huge amount of bravery for some people, but we can assure you that our lovely advisors will put you at ease immediately with their kind words and helpful advice.

Rehab in Market Warsop: Treatment

Drug and alcohol rehabs in Market Warsop offer 28-day stays, though these are flexible depending on how quickly patients get through treatment.

At rehab, you will have access to wonderful facilities such as communal rooms, ensuite bedrooms, and outdoor activities. Throughout your stay, there will always be a member of staff to talk to as residential rehab promises 24/7 care.

Two main treatment methods are employed at rehab – detox and therapy. Though many patients are hesitant about detoxing and having therapy, they soon realise that this is necessary if they want to recover sustainably.

There are also other important resources that are offered at rehab, from motivational sessions and careers advice to family visits and leisure time.

Rehab in Market Warsop: Aftercare

When you leave rehab, you will be provided with a relapse prevention plan. This is put in place to reduce any risk of relapsing since this is incredibly common in the 12 months following rehab.

You will be able to add to this plan if you have any ideas of how the rehab can support you in times of need.

In terms of how you can avoid relapse, we recommend attending a support group in Market Warsop on a regular basis.

You will have the opportunity to offload your concerns about staying sober, listen to other people’s struggles, and receive advice from addiction specialists.

It is also important to practise healthy habits regularly, such as exercising, meditating, eating healthily, and socialising. At rehab, you will learn how to implement these coping mechanisms into your life in a sustainable way.


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