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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Marlow

If you live in Marlow or the wider Buckinghamshire area and are experiencing the effects of a drug or alcohol addiction problem, it can be difficult to know where to go for help.

Although the NHS is an obvious choice for most people, unfortunately, due to high demand and underfunding in the area of addiction recovery, it can be incredibly difficult to secure a place.

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we can help you to find leading addiction recovery programmes across the UK, through our network of partner facilities.

Whether you would prefer to stay close to home in Marlow, go a bit further afield into the wider Buckinghamshire area or anywhere across the UK, we can recommend the most renowned treatment facilities in your local area.

There’s no need for a GP referral and we can complete your pre-admission to have you begin an addiction recovery programme as soon as you’re ready to commit.

Contact us today on 0800 140 4690 today for a confidential chat about your options.

Where to find drug and alcohol rehab centres in Marlow

When faced with choosing your own rehabilitation facility, the choice can be daunting. It’s difficult to know which addiction recovery facilities offer the best treatments for you.

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we only partner with reputable rehab centres that are governed by the CQC (Care Quality Commission) regulations. We also generally recommend residential this type of rehab over outpatient treatment programmes.

Whilst outpatient addiction recovery treatments can offer some benefits to those with very new or minimal addiction issues, residential rehab will be recommended to anyone experiencing a moderate to severe addiction.

This is proven to offer people in these circumstances the absolute best opportunity to make a sustained recovery.

There are residential rehab facilities available in Marlow and across Buckinghamshire, so if you would prefer to recover locally, we will refer you to one of these centres.

Some people prefer to remove themselves entirely from their usual environment, either due to shame or for enhanced focus, so if you would prefer to recover elsewhere, we can help you find a partner centre in the location of your choice.

After a short assessment, we will be able to determine the severity of your addiction and take it from there.

We will always take your personal needs and preferences into consideration when making our recommendations and you are not under any obligation to accept them.

What to expect from a residential rehab stay in Marlow

Residential rehab programmes offered by all of our partner centres are personalised to the individual, so there will be a degree of difference for each resident, based on their own needs and experience of addiction.

An overall structured approach that addresses both the psychological and physical elements of addiction.

Most people will undergo a full medically assisted detox as the initial part of their treatment programme. Whilst a difficult part of rehabilitation, attending a professional detox clinic offers both the safest and most effective method of detox.

Substance use will be reduced gradually whilst you are monitored closely, in an attempt to reduce your withdrawal symptoms. Prescribed medications can also be offered for this purpose when detoxing from certain substances.

The next stage of rehab is the mental health aspect, where you will tackle the deeper reason for your addiction problem as well as looking at your triggers and how to overcome them.

Throughout a series of therapy sessions that are widely acknowledged to help with addiction, you will develop new healthy lifestyle habits and draw up a relapse prevention plan.

This will be in continuous support of your one to one counsellor, although you are also likely to attend a range of group-based therapy sessions.

The facilities at private residential clinics in Marlow and the surrounding areas will vary in quality, based on cost, however, all will be at a higher standard of comfort than would be provided through community-based programmes.

Ensuite private rooms are common and all centres will include relaxing communal areas and outdoor spaces. All of your daily needs, such as dietary needs, are taken care of, allowing you to focus entirely on your recovery.

A typical rehab programme is around 28 days, although this will vary depending on your own individual needs. We often recommend 28 days as a minimum, however, as this length is proven to be an effective length of time to achieve a long term sustainable recovery.

What happens when I leave rehab?

When you’ve received 24-hour support for a prolonged period of time, it can be an intimidating prospect to leave rehab and maintain your recovery alone.

The good news is, all of our partner residential rehab courses are served with 12 months of continued aftercare, following your stay.

You will be provided with recommendations and contact details for local group based abstinence groups in the local Marlow area, such as Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous.

This can help you stay motivated and maintain your long term sobriety, which will grow easier over time.

When you’ve made the life-changing decision to reach out and get help to take control of your addiction, contact our friendly team at Rehab 4 Addiction.

You can call on 0800 140 4690 or fill in the contact form online.


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