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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Matlock

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we know it can be a daunting prospect to take the first steps towards reaching out for help, if you’re struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction.

The good news is, if you live in Matlock and are considering addiction recovery treatment, we can help you to find the most suitable local addiction treatment for you.

Contact the Rehab 4 Addiction team on 0800 140 4690 for a free, non-judgemental chat about your recovery options. Our staff are in recovery themselves, so you have nothing to fear when detailing your experience with addiction.

They can help you to determine the severity of your addiction problem and how it can best be addressed.

Our partner rehab facilities tailor each program to the needs of your particular experience of addiction and their holistic approach provides the most sustainable recovery outcome.

We will review needs on an individual basis, taking into account affordability and locality preferences, to ensure that you can find an option that’s affordable to you and in a convenient location.

All of our partner facilities are regulated by the CQC (Care Quality Commission), so provide the same high standards of care whether you opt for high-end rehab facilities or one of the cheaper programmes available.

How can Rehab 4 Addiction help me?

Drug and alcohol addiction is a common problem in the UK and as such, the demand for recovery options is increasing throughout.

Unfortunately, this puts pressure on already underfunded health services and there are not adequate rehab options available to suit the demand, which leads to long waiting lists.

Residential treatment options, which offer the best possible outcome in rehab treatment, are also not widely available on the NHS, with a community-based programme more likely to be offered, and therefore competition for such places is severe.

If you choose to reach out to Rehab 4 Addiction, there will be no GP referral necessary and no long waiting lists. We can assess your needs and recommend a suitable, local rehab programme within the length of a call.

We will need to ask about your drug or alcohol use in order to determine the severity of your addiction and whilst we may recommend outpatient services in a small number of cases, for moderate to severe addiction problems, residential recovery will always be advised.

What will my addiction recovery treatment involve?

We will now discuss what your addiction recovery treatment may look like as a whole.

1. Medically assisted detox

The vast majority of residential rehab programmes will begin with a medically assisted detox. This is key to the success of your recovery, as it removes the toxins from your body, breaking your physical dependence on substances.

This is known to be an uncomfortable part of rehab and is a deterrent to many, although you should understand that this is also a very dangerous process, that is best carried out under the guidance of trained professionals.

At one of our partner rehab facilities you will be monitored for your safety throughout and medication is provided, where possible, to minimise the withdrawal symptoms that may be experienced. This offers the most comfortable and least risky detox method.

Substances are reduced gradually to reduce withdrawal symptoms and allow your body more time to adjust to life without drugs and alcohol. Once complete, you will be in the best possible mental place to remain focussed on your recovery journey.

2. Leading psychological therapy treatments

The remainder of your residential stay will involve working on your psychological dependence on substances. This will address the underlying cause of your addiction, look at replacing your triggers with positive behaviours and formulate a relapse prevention plan for life outside of rehab.

This will be achieved through a number of modern psychotherapy treatments that are commonly used in addiction recovery. This will include a variety of the following options, but will be tailored to your specific needs:

Can I recover locally in Matlock?

If you prefer to recover near to home, then it’s perfectly possible to recover in one of the partner facilities available in the Matlock area.

This can also make it easier to maintain aftercare treatments, which will be available for the year following your discharge.

Some people will find it more beneficial to recover further away from their local area, either for privacy concerns or in order to remove themselves from the triggers and social circumstances of their daily life.

This can help you to avoid negative influences and maintain your focus on recovery throughout your treatment programme.

Whatever your preference, Rehab 4 Addiction can recommend the most appropriate choice of care and recovery services for your needs.

Once you’re committed to your recovery, we can arrange an admission date for your treatment, without delays.

Speak to our friendly team today and begin the journey towards a sober and fulfilling life.

Call us on 0800 140 4690 or complete the form on our contact page for more help.


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