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If you’re struggling with drug addiction or alcohol abuse and you live in the Mayfair area, you’ve come to the right place. Rehab 4 Addiction has decades of experience in helping people afflicted with addiction find the treatments for their needs.

Working with hundreds of rehab facilities across the UK, we are committed to helping you achieve long-lasting sobriety and living the life you deserve. Read on to find out more about how you can access, and benefit from, our rehab in Mayfair services.

Do I Need To Go To Rehab?

Trying to determine if you need to go to rehab for a drug or alcohol addiction can be very stressful and filled with a lot of uncertainties. The biggest pointer that rehab is necessary is if you are even thinking about it.

If a drug or alcohol addiction has become severe enough for rehab to be considered, then it is most likely the right decision to go. There are other ways that the severity of addiction can be determined to help decide if rehab is needed.

If you feel like your use of alcohol or another substance has caused you to have a lack of control in your life, problems with relationships, spending a lot of your time either using the substance or trying to attain the substance, or you notice withdrawal symptoms when stop using the substance, then rehab is going to be necessary in order to recover from your addiction.

How To Get Into Rehab In Mayfair

If you are in Mayfair and need to get admitted into a rehab centre, it is not a difficult process. The first step to getting into rehab is to call a rehab centre and have an assessment done.

Our admissions team will ask you a set of questions and evaluate you over the phone and then tell you if they believe you should or should not come in. It is important to be as honest as possible during this assessment, even if it feels slightly invasive. Our staff needs to know a good deal of information before we can admit you to one of our programmes.

The types of questions you can expect relate to:

  • The nature of your addiction
  • The intensity and severity of your addiction
  • Your gender, medical history, and any disability requirements
  • Your financial abilities

What Are The Stages of Treatment?

When you go to a rehab centre in Mayfair there will be three stages of treatment. The first stage is the assessment and evaluation stage. Part of this stage is completed over the phone when you call, but once you arrive the physicians will perform an in-depth assessment so that they can come up with a personalised plan for you.

The next step of the treatment process is detox. Before any therapy can happen, you must first be completely detoxed of the substance. The detox stage is a medical detox and patients are given medicine to help ease any withdrawal symptoms.

The last stage is the therapy stage. This is the point in treatment where patients will work through the psychological factors that led to them abusing drugs or alcohol. There will be both individual and group therapy available for the patient.

What Happens After Rehab In Mayfair?

After you have completed the treatment plan in rehab you will return to your home in Mayfair. There will be outpatient services available to you such as therapy, AA meetings, and motivation groups you can attend.

It is important during this time period to surround yourself with friends and family who will help you and encourage you to stay on track and not use any substances.

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