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Addiction can affect anyone, anywhere, at any time of life. It has a hugely damaging effect on communities throughout the country and can tear families apart. Despite the misery that addiction causes, recovery is always a possibility.

The best possible chance you have of achieving recovery is in a dedicated rehab facility. Still, there are an awful lot of different rehab centres out there to choose from, and each of them has its own way of operating. This is where the experts at Rehab 4 Addiction can help.

Rehab 4 Addiction can help anyone suffering from addiction to get into a rehab facility that is right for them. We have the ability to refer people to centres all around the UK, including here in the Middleton area. If you’re ready to begin the referral process, you can give us a call on 0800 140 4690.

Our trained advisors will conduct an initial telephone assessment to find out a little more about you as an individual, and how rehab has impacted your life. Any information you give us will be treated with strict confidence.

Once we have enough information about the specific characteristics of your substance abuse problem, we will be able to recommend the right rehab location for you.

How does referral work?

First of all, you need to take the crucial first step to recover from addiction – accepting that there is a problem. Then, when you’re ready, call us on 0800 140 4690 to begin your assessment. This conversation will necessarily involve asking some personal questions regarding your addiction and how it has impacted your life, specifically.

Although this might be slightly uncomfortable for some, we do this purely because we want to get it right. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the different rehabs on our books, in terms of what they offer and which kinds of treatment they emphasise. We correlate that with your needs in order to make the right decision.

Once we have determined the right rehab for you, we can discuss practicalities, such as timeframe, costing, and suggestions on arranging care for any dependents while you’re away at rehab.

Once that is taken care of, we can refer you to rehab as soon as practically possible. Once you arrive, you can focus exclusively on your own recovery, away from the stresses of modern life.

Please note that at present we only offer referral to private rehab facilities, all of which will need to be paid for. The Rehab 4 Addiction advisor you speak to on the phone will be able to provide full transparency on how much your rehab stay will cost and any options you might have for financing.

Why should I choose rehab?

We understand that staying in a private rehab is a big commitment, both in terms of time and money. However, we encourage you to think of the rewards that rehab can provide – namely, a new life without the misery of substance abuse.

While you may be able to access some helpful therapies outside of rehab, there is no way of getting the comprehensive treatment that rehab offers.

Rehab is the most effective treatment for anyone in addiction, and with good reason. It combines every aspect of the recovery process, from detox through to relapse prevention training, within the same facility.

It treats addiction as the multi-faceted disease that it is – physical, psychological, and spiritual. Rehab also provides a haven away from the stresses of home life – a place where you can focus on getting better.

What can I expect from rehab in Middleton?

Once you have arrived and settled in, one of the first things you will need to do is undergo a detox. This will be supervised and managed by the medical professionals on-site, who will ensure that you are able to detox safely. Do not under any circumstances try to detox by yourself – this is very dangerous, and can even be fatal in some cases.

Detox in the safe environment of rehab is likely to involve reducing your substance consumption gradually over several days. This is especially true with alcohol, where stopping suddenly can be very dangerous.

As you consume less and less, you will probably experience some of the undesirable effects of withdrawal, which can be both mental and physical. On the physical side of things, you might experience headaches, muscle pain, sweating, and other fever-like symptoms.

On the mental side, you could have to endure bouts of anxiety, irritability, and maybe even hallucinations. The severity of these symptoms will vary, but the medical staff will be there to help you through these difficulties no matter how unpleasant they are.

Once you have been through detox, the real treatment of rehab can begin – your therapy sessions. You will have a personalised schedule of treatments, which is likely to include cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy, counselling, stress management, relapse prevention awareness, motivational therapy, and others.

You may also be encouraged to engage in activities such as meditation, yoga, and mindful activities such as gardening. The goal of your therapy plan will be to give you a better understanding of your addiction, to address the psychological issues that lie beneath it, and to give you the psychological tools that you need to stay in recovery.

This is a big part of the treatment programme at rehab – preparing you for life once you leave the facility. Finishing rehab is a wonderful achievement, but it is only beginning – your new life in recovery starts once you leave the building.

This is why, towards the end of your stay, you will put together a detailed relapse prevention plan, with the help of one of the team. This will take into account your triggers and other specifics of your addiction, and layout how best to maximise your chances of staying in recovery.

You may also be encouraged to attend group therapy meetings, whether 12-step or otherwise. This is something you can discuss with your care professional.

Get addiction help in Middleton

Hopefully, the above information has been useful to you, and you now have a better understanding of how rehab can help you, and what to expect from your time there. If you are ready to begin your telephone consultation, please call us on 0800 140 4690 and one of our friendly advisors can start the process.

If you have any questions or concerns, our advisors will be happy to talk you through them. No matter how you feel right now, recovery from addiction is always achievable. It starts with an acceptance of your addiction, and a commitment to change for the better.

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