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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Newent

Across the UK there are a substantial and growing number of people who are experiencing drug and/or alcohol addiction. Although there is still a degree of stigma attached to this illness, there is really nothing to be ashamed of.

Addiction is a disease that does not discriminate, so anyone can be affected at any time.

Admitting that you have an addiction that requires professional intervention is the first major step towards your recovery. Even before you pick up the phone, the decision to attempt to face your illness and overcome it is admirable.

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, our addiction recovery specialists want to help you along your journey to sobriety.

Our friendly and non-judgmental team are available day and night on 0800 140 4690, to take your call. You can also request a callback through our online contact form.

All calls are free of charge and completely confidential.

How to find professional addiction recovery assistance in Newent

When seeking recovery options, we understand that not everyone will want to attend rehab in their hometown. Whilst there is certainly nothing to feel embarrassed about, some people can be small-minded about drug and alcohol addiction.

Of course, attending addiction recovery facilities that are based in and around Newent offers convenience, however, if anonymity is preferred, we can also help.

We aim to make drug and alcohol rehab services easy to access, and we work with a large network of partners across the UK who provide high standards of addiction treatment.

So no matter where you’re based, or where you would prefer to undergo your recovery, we can help you find the right facility.

A short telephone assessment will help us to determine the severity of your addiction, which then allows us to recommend the best course of treatment for you.

As addiction affects people differently, it’s important to enrol into a programme that has the best opportunity of aiding your recovery.

What are the benefits of attending residential rehab?

Addictions are lifelong illnesses, which requires continued motivation and determination to keep in check. Residential rehab provides the best-proven route to long term recovery for those with moderate to severe drug or alcohol addictions.

It also usually entails investigating the reasons behind your addiction, and this, in itself, can be therapeutic to attendees.

Perhaps you will uncover a past trauma or mental health condition that needs attention. In most cases, receiving proper mental health support to overcome these past issues will make your recovery an easier path to follow.

Aside from these very valid reasons, there are many less obvious benefits to recovery that you may not have considered:

Mend your broken relationships

The side effects of drug and alcohol addiction can have a detrimental effect on your relationships. Personality changes that result from ongoing substance abuse will often put romantic, family and friendship-based relationships at risk.

Aside from your words and actions having the ability to cause issues, the experience of watching you damage your body and mind can be too much for those who love you to deal with, especially in longer-term addictions.

A part of the rehab process will consist of a range of psychotherapy sessions.

These aim to teach you about yourself and your changing behaviours and personality, as well as teaching you how to rediscover the old you, and rebuild trust in your broken relationships.

Many people who attend rehab find the family counselling sessions to be hugely beneficial.

Financial Control

Those with long term and/or severe addiction problems will often experience money issues. Daily consumption, not to mention the potential for borrowing high-interest loans, can result in serious financial difficulties.

Combine this with the risk addiction puts on your ability to earn a stable income, and the result can be a complete loss of financial control.

The majority of rehab programmes offered by our partner addiction recovery centres offer educational seminars, which will teach skills such as money management and how to re-adjust into society, with regards to finding work and making yourself as employable as possible.

There are also alternative educational programmes, such as music, arts and yoga, which could lead to a new passion in life, either in terms of a career, or even a positive hobby.

Create a lasting support network

Many of those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction are hindered in their recovery efforts by the social contacts that they develop through sourcing and using substances.

One of the major benefits of residential rehab is that it lifts you up and out of this environment. You will enter an environment whereby you are surrounded only by others who are looking to recover from their addiction.

Far removed from the triggers of your usual daily life, rehab offers you the opportunity to turn over a new page.

You also have the opportunity to develop friendships and a long term support network with like-minded individuals, who are looking forward to a new start when they are discharged.

Many friendships developed at this time of emotional and physical vulnerability will be forged for life, and become mutually beneficial.

Often if you are from the same town, you will also enjoy the benefits of attending the same aftercare services, such as local Newent based abstinence groups, like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Don’t delay your treatment, call today

Reaching out to Rehab 4 Addiction provides you with an efficient referral route into your addiction recovery programme of choice. For more serious or urgent cases, it may even be possible to begin your treatment within days.

Delaying your recovery will only give your addiction the chance to intensify, so it’s important to act now, whilst you’re motivated.

Unfortunately, those who sit on long waiting lists often miss out on their rehab place when it finally becomes available, due to losing the determination required to recover.

We don’t need a GP referral and there is no lengthy list to obtain a place.

Call us now on 0800 140 4690. All calls are entirely free and confidential.

We can help you to avoid any delays in your treatment and begin your new, sober life, free from the constraints of addiction.



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