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Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Normanton

Are you suffering from drug or alcohol addiction? Are you unsure of the services available? Are you hesitant to try detoxification due to fear of relapse?

Rehab 4 Addiction is here for exactly those reasons. We’re ready, any time of day to help you get to a better lifestyle without fear of relapse in the future.

We want all of our patients to feel safe in the knowledge the services we provide are not only to relieve the body from the substance but to also alter the mindset around the substance, ensuring long-term recovery.

Our drug & alcohol rehab in Normanton has a wide range of treatments available to those suffering from substance abuse, drug addiction or alcoholism, no matter their severity.

We cater to those suffering from substance abuse, a way of using alcohol or drugs to escape from the struggles of your usual reality. As well as long-term addicts who have become dependent on their substance of choice.

What Does Substance Abuse Look Like?

Substance abuse can often go undetected as the drug of choice is used in a way that oftentimes doesn’t seem excessive but the way in which it is used as an underlying problem.

For those who find professional hardship or stress pulling them down, using drugs recreationally can feel like a release from their daily struggles whilst pushing aside the problem at hand.

Abusing substances isn’t always overconsumption of alcohol or using drugs recreationally. Substance abuse can also be overtaking prescribed medications such as painkillers for the immediate high and change in feeling.

Taking higher doses of medications prescribed to you or buying over-the-counter pain relief when no pain is present can have damaging effects.

Taking other people’s prescribed medications for the ‘high’ is also a form of substance misuse and should be addressed.

However, a lot of people suffering from substance misuse can downplay the behaviours or justify the meaning, which is a form of denial and a tall hurdle to pass when accepting there is a problem.

What Does Addiction Look Like?

Addiction is a disease that can spiral into a fatality. What may start as a one-off use can slowly become a misuse and further develop into a dependency, both physically and mentally.

This is why, when reaching out for help surrounding addiction, we will always offer a dual diagnosis for those who may also suffer from a mental health condition. Whether it be as a result of the addiction or the catalyst for the addiction in the first place.

There are a number of stages in which addiction develops. The first is known as experimentation or voluntary, this is where the body has no physical need for the drug, but a person may use it due to peer pressure, curiosity or coercion.

After which, a person may feel inclined to use regularly as they will enjoy the ‘high’ received from the drug of choice. Regular use can then lead to problem use, where overconsumption occurs, regardless of the drug is legal or illegal.

This then leads to dependency and full addiction. The body now needs that drug to feel at a ‘normal level’.

Compared to chasing a high for escape, the body now needs the drug to function ‘normally’ and thus tolerance is high, meaning overconsumption of a regular dose doesn’t even scratch the surface of a real ‘high’.

Signs of addiction can be unexpected weight loss or loss of appetite, change in demeanour or appearances such as bloodshot eyes, frequent nose bleeds or itchy, reddened skin.

Slurred speech, frequent shakes or tremors can also be massive indicators of addiction, alongside irritability and agitation.

If a loved one has developed these physical changes, you can call our drug & alcohol rehab in Normanton for professional advice before reaching out to them.

For those suffering from addiction, it may not always be as visible to them as it is to those around them. There are often changes in personality and usual behaviours, including decreased socialisation, ignoring relationships and lack of motivation.

It doesn’t take long for an addiction to really take over someone’s life, and losing important aspects such as friendships, relationships or professional opportunities can soon spiral into despair.

Make A Change

At Rehab 4 Addiction, we believe that all addictions and substance abuse levels can be cured. The most important part is that you need to be ready to make that change.

Through our completely free and confidential consultation process, we can get to know your struggles and map out a pathway programme tailored to your individual needs.

While we recommend a residential stay at our drug & alcohol rehab in Normanton, there are also outpatient services we offer to help you on your way.

However, we believe that by committing to a 28-day residential stay in our welcoming drug & alcohol rehab can boost your road to recovery and ensure relapse prevention along the way.

Staying at our safe and comforting facility means that you’ll have medical professionals on hand every hour of the day, whether that be during the detoxification process or when suffering from withdrawal symptoms. We want you to feel secure and in safe hands.

We know that recovering from addiction is different for everyone and we want to make it the smoothest transition possible.

Not only by eradicating the substance from your body, but by working through the underlying root of the problem and any mental health conditions that may have resulted from your affliction.

Get in Touch

For your free, confidential and no-obligation assessment, all you need to do is offer us five minutes of your time.

We can chat about your problems, the network of family and friends who surround you and any other queries you may have about our drug & alcohol rehab in Normanton.

We’ll discuss therapy options, whether that be group therapy or one-to-one and we’ll set out a programmed specifically designed for you and your experience.

Call us today on 0800 140 4690 for your first assessment with one of our friendly staff and let’s get you on the road to recovery, in safe hands and with support all along the way.

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