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Addictions develop for many reasons. For the majority, there are factors that lead to a person using a substance. Nobody sets out to become addicted to drugs or alcohol.

However, for some, the chances are much higher of this occurring.

What causes addiction?

When a person first tries drink or drugs, it’s often in an exploratory way.

Many try it in their teens with their friends. There are social factors, like parties and certain lifestyles that mean access to substances and the way they’re viewed make them more approachable.

It’s interesting that in a group of friends, some will be able to keep a social use of drugs and alcohol while others develop an addiction. Those with problematic way of using substances often share common factors in their lives.

It’s widely accepted that people who have addiction in the family will be at a higher risk, as well as some being more genetically predisposed.

There are personality differences that influence this, such as a person with lower self-confidence being more inclined to use substances unhealthily.

Finally, many who develop drug and alcohol problems will have a history of trauma or might be experiencing distressing life events.

How long is a residential stay at rehab?

A residential stay is where people stay overnight at a clinic in order to be treated for addiction. The length of the stay really differs for each resident. This will be influenced by a variety of factors.

The substance itself will affect how long a stay is. Some substances require longer periods of treatment in order to both rid the body of the toxins as well as to begin the psychological treatments.

The latter can only occur in any serious way after the substances have been removed.

The severity of the addiction will be considered as the more impact it’s having on a person’s life, the more time it will need to be treated.

For people with severe addictions, there are more implications around physical and mental health. In these cases, it’s important that treatments are given time to have an effect on the person, their mind, and their body.

The goals of the individual will be thought about. Some people will also need more encouragement around their progression through their specific programme.

It’s natural that individual differences will impact how long a person will benefit from treatment.

Generally stays are around twenty-eight days, but many have shorter stays, some as little as seven days.

What a tailored treatment plan means for you

Every person is different despite how addictions might have similar traits. What this means is that each person entering treatment needs to be respected as and treated as an individual.

Addiction is an illness that affects every part of society. Private clinics welcome people from all backgrounds.

Some people might have an alcohol or drug problem that is visibly affecting all areas of their lives, whereas others might be seen as “functioning” and maintaining usual daily activities like going to work.

Whatever a person’s situation, goals, and personality, there are treatment plans to suit that is individualised.

When you contact Rehab 4 Addiction, you’ll be led through a pre-assessment. This is a short set of questions that enables us to get a picture of your life and to understand your treatment needs.

From this, we can gather the information required to match you with the most appropriate rehab providers in the North Petherton area.

The rehab clinic you opt for will, on your arrival, hold a psychiatric assessment.

This is so the team can understand how the addiction is affecting you and make decisions around the best treatments that will support you to recover.

What types of treatment can you expect from a rehab facility in North Petherton?

There are a wide variety of treatments available privately when you access support for drug and alcohol recovery.

Private clinics have specialist doctors and therapists who are trained and experienced in a variety of treatments and methods. Each practitioner will react to your needs to give you a unique treatment.

Addiction affects the mind and body. It’s therefore imperative that rehabilitation centres treat both parts of the person. A holistic approach is essential.

Residents will undergo a detox phase. At the start of a stay, people need the drugs and alcohol removed from their bodies. This is usually quite a challenge, especially when withdrawal symptoms begin.

A medical team supports each person through this and ensures health and safety procedures are kept in order to keep the person safe.

Medications are prescribed and appropriate nourishment is provided to help replenish the person in terms of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, dehydration, etc.

The detox period can last up to ten days. It really depends on the substance and severity of use.

Psychological therapies are provided in order to begin healing the mind. Residents will start to understand what makes them use drugs and alcohol and what they can do to stop themselves from doing so.

Alternative therapies then provide a healing space where people can explore relaxing activities.

This is important in terms of learning how to become comfortable at the moment and helping to let go of the idea that you think you need the substance.

What makes private clinics so beneficial?

Private clinics offer the ultimate level of treatment. Staff are invested in supporting people to begin a solid and structured life of abstinence.

The most appropriate and helpful medications and therapies are available and accessible through private clinics.

Staff are on hand throughout the day and night. This ensures residents’ safety and supports people through difficult moments.

There is also the bonus of a much shorter waiting list than what’s available through the NHS. People are able to enter rehab within days where that’s needed.

What do you need to recover from an addiction?

Along with the determination and willpower, you’ll benefit from the top level of care provided through a rehab programme.

To find out what options are most suitable for you, contact Rehab 4 Addiction. We can run you through these as well as refer you. This makes your admission to rehab much easier to approach.

Call us today on 0800 140 4690.

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