Rehab 4 Addiction

Drug and alcohol addictions aren’t minor or easily solvable issues. They wreck lives, on both a psychological and physical level.

Admitting that you need help is one of the most important steps in the road to recovery. Following on from this, it’s also just as important to get expert help for your recovery process. This isn’t just because of dangerous withdrawal symptoms, although that’s also something vital to consider as those can become extremely serious.

Without support and guidance from professionals, it could also be all to easy to fail and fall back into dangerous addiction cycles. A full treatment programme will most likely be the key to fully healing.

The recovery process

It’s often said and has been specifically stated in the Harvard Medical Journal, that addiction presents in three different ways: loss of control overuse of a substance, intensely craving whatever you’re addicted to and continuing to take a substance or complete addictive action in spite of adverse consequences.

All three of these cycles need to be fully broken for the addict to recover, which is another reason why it can be such a long and hard road.

There are many ways you can take the first steps onto it: the first is seeking help on the NHS. They have many great resources, but if you’re looking for inpatient treatment for a more serious issue, then this might not be the option for you, as NHS run residential treatment centres are hard to find and it can be a long wait to get into the ones that are there.

It’s a good idea to look into it and find out for yourself, but they might not have the resources for your specific needs.

The second option is private rehab: although this is a more costly choice, you’re likely to get a more specified plan and you’ll be able to gain access to treatment much faster, especially if you’re looking for more specialised help.

In addition, staying in a private rehab facility can take you away from distractions and temptations, allowing you to fully focus on healing.

As you can tell from these options, many places will have different processes, but speaking about Rehab 4 Addiction specifically, the first step will be talking to one of our professionals about your specific circumstances, most likely in a phone call (our number is below).

After a discussion where your specific needs will likely be more clearly laid out, you could be recommended a variety of treatments. In an inpatient rehab facility, treatments may include cognitive behavioural therapy, holistic therapies and relapse prevention strategies.

Finding the right rehab in Nuneaton

If you’re specifically looking for alcohol rehab in Nuneaton, Rehab 4 Addiction’s Warwickshire Rehab Centres have a variety of services available. These include relapse prevention strategies, holistic therapies and cognitive behavioural therapies.

Depending on the rehab centre you choose, other treatments available to you may include group counselling, addiction workshops, diet and health workshops, physical therapy, meditation and mindfulness, plus a 12-step programme.

Many treatment programmes will also include detoxes, designed to fully cleanse your body of whatever you’re addicted to (and again, as a side note, that’s where the seclusion of private treatment could come in handy).

This can be incredibly dangerous to pursue alone, due to the variety of withdrawal symptoms that may occur. Even outside of how extreme these symptoms can become, you’re much more likely to fail if you’re going it alone, without any expert or professional help.

Even if your issues are more minor and therefore don’t necessarily require a stay in a residential facility, you might also benefit from any of the various Alcoholic’s Anonymous meetings Rehab 4 Addiction runs in the Warwickshire area.

These provide an (aforementioned) 12-step recovery programme. This could also suit people who’ve already been through addiction treatment, who are looking for continued support.

Information for family and friends

Drug and alcohol addiction and the recovery process isn’t just hard on the person trying to get help. It can also be incredibly difficult for family and friends.

You might think that everything is focused on the patient, but support is available if someone you care about is going through these issues. Like the person who needs help themselves, all you need to do is reach out.

Whether you’re seeking help for yourself or for a loved one, get in touch at 0800 140 4690 if you’d like to chat to our experts about rehab local to Nuneaton.


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