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Every year, thousands of people attempt to rid themselves of drink or drugs. Many do not have the proper knowledge, space or time to do so successfully, and therefore unfortunately, many fail.

Sometimes resulting in individuals falling even further into drugs and alcohol abuse, this trying and failing that happens all too often can go on to create the belief that recovery from an addiction is impossible.

The simple reason for these failures are not faults of the people that try to quit, in fact trying at all to abstain from drugs and alcohol is a brave and challenging act in itself. It is instead the fact that most of the time, they are trying to quit alone.

Many factors that go into creating an addiction are at home, whether that be family dysfunction, the wrong circle of friends, a stressful job (or lack of a job), and many other triggers of general day-to-day life.

When you try to quit in this home environment, surrounded by the very things that may have led you to drug and alcohol abuse, it becomes that much harder to do so.

If this sounds like something you or a loved one have experienced when struggling to quit, we can help.

Here at Rehab 4 Addiction, we specialise in residential rehabilitation and placing our patients in the best care possible, detached from the possible triggers at home.

Finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Pontefract

If you are ready to face the long-term commitment of recovery, now is the time to find a suitable drug and alcohol rehab for you in Pontefract.

Once you’ve called us, we will begin your assessment straight away. We may discuss your relationship with drugs and alcohol, what substances, in particular, you have used, how long you have been using for, the severity of your mental and physical condition and any other factors that may help us decide how to proceed with your treatment.

We will also assess any withdrawal symptoms you may be experiencing and any side effects because of this. Your personal budget and any special requirements you may have is also taken into consideration.

Once we have a clear image of you and your addiction, we can begin to search for the most appropriate rehabilitation centre for you, whether this be in Pontefract or a location further afield. Treatments and any necessary medication will also be discussed and recommended to you at this time, as well as options for the perfect delivery of such treatment.

This will mark the start of your personal drug and alcohol rehab journey.

Make sure to reach out to us today on 0800 140 4690 if this sounds like the right process for you, or if you would like to discuss localised recovery options rather than residential.

Why use our services here at Rehab 4 Addiction?

The main benefit linked to our excellent advisory and referral services at Rehab 4 Addiction is suitability, and tailored treatment. For a successful recovery, no blanket, one-size-fits-all treatment can be applied to every patient, so our early assessments make sure that we receive all the necessary data to give you the safest and most suitable care, for you.

We are certain that with our vast network of rehabilitation centres and outpatient clinics we will find you the perfect place to start your treatment, and will assure that only the best staff will be on hand to assist you throughout your stay.

Rehab 4 Addiction also works quickly. Quitting and detoxing from drugs and alcohol is an unpredictable time for anyone, so we work with urgency to get you where you need to be and fast, ensuring none of your precious time is spent on a waiting list.

We never abandon you on your journey, and Rehab 4 Addiction will provide you with constant support from the offset. We understand this time is difficult, and we do our very best to ease you into any unfamiliar or overwhelming situations. Some of our own staff have previously been addicts themselves, making them better equipped than anyone to lead you through our processes and answer any questions you may have.

Even when you eventually leave our facility, you won’t be leaving our care. Our 24/7 helpline will always have a team member on the other end ready and willing to help.

Treatments we offer

The centres we may refer to you all offer a huge range of modern treatments and approaches to drug and alcohol abuse that has proven to be highly effective. These include the well-known 12-step programme, psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and many other types of holistic therapies.

During your stay with us, we make sure to cover all bases of addiction treatment. Drug and alcohol abuse is as much of a mental and emotional problem as it is physical, which is why we strive to treat both the brain, and the body.

Your body will experience detox and withdrawal symptoms which you will have to push through physically, whilst your mind may experience art therapy and addiction counselling, which you will have to be open to partaking in.

When put together, the multiple treatments you undergo for both your body and brain will support each other, and therefore support you, on your journey to a sober life.

Potential results via rehab

We have already spoken of some benefits you can enjoy when choosing our services, but what results do these benefits produce?

Alone, any attempt of recovery is difficult and almost impossible. With free treatment services, it still remains tough to quit because they usually lack the range of treatments we offer.

However, through our rehabilitation services, many have already returned to a normal, drug and alcohol-free life, and you can get there too.

Everything we do goes towards helping you reach a full recovery. Getting you placed into rehab as quick as possible, assessing your personal information before we do so, discovering which treatments would work best with you, providing constant in-house support, and continuing to assist you when needed even outside our care.

All this ensures that even when you leave our facility, you possess the necessary information, encouragement, and coping techniques to remain committed.

Find help and support in West Yorkshire today. Call Rehab 4 Addiction today on 0800 140 4690 or fill in the enquiry form.


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